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Specialty Floor Care

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Maintain Clean Commercial Building


While you mistakenly might think that you can get away with a dirty ceiling or wall structures, there is no possible way to have a dirty floor go unnoticed. This is because it is often the very first thing that people see when they enter the building. So if you’re not taking expert care of your floors, then this is something that the occupants are going to notice, which will inevitably make them question the cleanliness of the rest of the building as well. 

That’s why you need to help ensure that this doesn’t happen, which can be done by enlisting the help of our specialty floor care services. 

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Why Choose the KG Facility Solutions Way for Specialty Floor Care

Carpet Cleaning

Vacuuming up the surface dirt from a carpet isn’t good enough. With our detailed carpet cleaning process, we work to get deep down in the fibers of the carpet to deliver a level of cleanliness that is unprecedented.

Bonnet, Hot Water Extraction

One of the ways we manage to get your carpeted areas so clean is through the use of our hot water extraction method. The specialized cleaning agents combine with the high-pressure hot water to effectively lift any soil from the carpet and then have it sucked up by a strong vacuum.

Stripping and Waxing Restoration

For your VCT, linoleum, epoxy, acrylic, or other similar flooring types, we provide a strategic stripping and waxing restoration service. This allows us to completely remove any lingering wax and then replace it with a fresh new coat, which helps your floors shimmer and shine like never before.

Scrub and Recoat Vinyl Flooring

When the top layer of the floor’s finish has become infused with dirt or other harmful particles, it will need to be replaced. That’s why we offer our deep scrub and recoat routine for vinyl flooring that helps provide it with an additional layer of protection.

High-Speed Buffing

After the completion of a construction project, your flooring is likely going to have some scratches and other debris negatively impacting it. But after doing our high-speed buffering service, all of these issues will be removed, leaving the floor looking flawless.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

The cleanliness of the grout and tile is not only an issue of appearance but also of safety. Let us keep your facility safe and sparkling clean by completing our tile and grout cleaning.


To get your post-construction facility ready for occupancy, make sure to contact us at KG Facility Solutions today.

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