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The new normal requires an experienced company that cleans for health, not only appearance.

ActivePure Technology
Proven to Kill 99.98% of COVID 19 in the
AIR and SURFACES in 3 Minutes. 24/7 - 365
Innovative Technology
Pure Air, Clean Surface
Innovative Technology
Pure Air,
Clean Surface
Unique Solutions for Those Who Clean Outside the Box

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We at KG Facility Solutions now have a more efficient way to keep your building sanitary, secure, sustainable, and prosperous.

KG Facility Solutions offerings include a robust Quality Assurance Program, healthcare cleaning protocols, proven management, administrative support experience, qualified workers, along with competitive pricing for services.  Also, KG Facility Solutions’ corporate environmental awareness, coupled with our healthcare cleaning protocols, has allowed us to achieve a high standard of cleaning.

We understand that having an open two-way communication, and a pledge to address all aspects of service with ‘a sense of urgency’, helps our clients achieve the level of results they expect.

With over 25 years of experience that can help you

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Specialized Cleaning Services

Specialized Cleaning Services to Keep Our Denver Public Spaces Beautiful

We all brag about Denver, the city, mountains, and the unmatched 360 degrees of scenic beauty. However, often overlooked are the efforts and coordination of professional and specialized cleaning services
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Professional Cleaning Services for Schools

Cleaning Services for Schools to Comply With COVID Protocols

Keeping schools open and getting back to a normal curriculum with in-person classes has been one of the biggest challenges for everyone involved, from school boards, teachers, parents, the CDC,
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Pet-Friendly Cleaning Solutions for Pet-Friendly Offices

It’s hard to imagine how much things are going to change in the workplace post-pandemic, but there are two trends that many expect to be on the rise: a hybrid
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Infection Control Solutions

Infection Control Solutions for Your Facility

We’re paying more attention to cleanliness and hygiene wherever we go. In turn, commercial facilities are seeking out more aggressive solutions to add to their regular cleaning and maintenance routines
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Green Commercial Cleaning Services

It is possible to keep a high level of cleanliness in a commercial building and still be environmentally friendly with green commercial cleaning services.
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Exterior Power Washing Services

Get Rid of Mold, Mildew, and Discoloration on Exterior Surfaces

Just as you keep the indoor areas of your commercial premises clean and well maintained at all times, you also need to do the same for your outdoor areas. The
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Clean for health, not appearance

Know for implementing the latest in cleaning protocols and procedures KG Clean says goodby to the days of dirty loop mops, filthy rags, and vacuums that spread dirt and debris. The KG Clean Difference brings you a proven cross-contamination avoidance process with our color-coded micro-fiber cloth system.

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