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The Benefits of a LEED Certification for Your Building

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A lot of pressure is being put on building owners, managers, and tenants to assure consumers and employees that it is safe to come back to work and visit your facility. Besides keeping a clean and well-maintained building, there are numerous benefits of a LEED certification for building owners, managers, employers, and employees.

Assuring Tenants, Employees, and Consumers 

It’s hard to assure people that the health and safety protocols you have implemented live up to the highest standards of cleanliness, while also being environmentally friendly. Short of your regular janitorial staff wearing signs that say “ask us about our cleaning and sanitation methods,” how do you give people assurance that the building is safe, sanitary, and healthy? 

Benefits of a LEED certified building


LEED certified buildings lead to happier and healthier employees.

We are more than happy to be completely transparent about our methods of keeping your building clean, from the products and chemicals we use to our air purification systems. Many of our cleaning protocols can help improving your LEED score. A LEED certification shows accountability and that you have taken extra steps to allow third-party oversight to measure and evaluate the cleaning protocols you have implemented.

A LEED plaque proudly displayed in your building is a symbol of trust and instantly lets everyone know that your building is safe, sanitary, and sustainable.

Benefits of a LEED Certification

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the most widely used rating system for private and public buildings worldwide. A universally recognized symbol of a healthy, safe, clean, and sustainable building. Improving your LEED score shows people that you prioritize the health and wellbeing of your occupants, while also being thoughtful about the impact your building has on the environment. Still, as an extra incentive, there are economic benefits for you to get your building LEED-certified:

  • Lower vacancy rates in LEED-certified buildings versus non-green properties
  • Sustainable LEED-certified buildings save on energy, water, maintenance, and waste
  • Increased employee productivity, retention, and recruitment rates
  • Healthier workspaces that improve the indoor environment of your building, leading to fewer sick days

Happier and Healthier Employees

While economic benefits are great for you, your occupants and employees want to know that it’s safe to come back to work, and their wellbeing is prioritized. LEED-certified buildings ensure that health and safety comes first, creating green spaces, cleaner indoor environments, reduced pollution, and overall happier and healthier employees.

Contact KG Facility Solutions to start implementing cleaning protocols to get your business LEED-certified. We can can improve your LEED score by 9 points!