Exterior Specialty Cleaning Services for Your Building and Property

Exterior Specialty Cleaning Services

With the new season comes new weather conditions and your cleaning services need to keep up. Some things need to be taken care of in preparation for the winter to keep your property and building in pristine condition. We have a full suite of exterior specialty cleaning services that will help your building and surrounding property transition seamlessly into the new season.

Exterior Specialty Cleaning Services

We recommend scheduling the following exterior cleaning services for your facility:

  • Window Washing
  • Pressure Washing
  • Exterior Maintenance

Window Washing

Exterior Specialty Cleaning Services
Pressure washing and exterior maintenance will get your property and building ready for a new season.

Clean off all the summer dirt from your windows and get ready to take on another season. 

With more moisture in the air and on the ground, your windows, especially street-level ones, will see an excess of dirty water and residue. Professional window washing for your entire facility will quickly and efficiently get all windows sparkling so that your building keeps looking great, even when the skies are grey. 

Our team uses professional equipment and products, ensuring a cleaner finish and proper safety. 

Pressure Washing

Now is the perfect time to pressure wash your exterior and get rid of any accumulated buildup or dirt, while the weather still permits. When the air is moister, the conditions are primed for mold to grow. Exterior pressure washing can be done on all exterior surfaces, including sidewalks, building walls, and parking lots and garages. 

Mold and mildew aren’t just aesthetic problems; they can cause damage to your building. Mold and mildew can create a slippery surface and cause slips and falls. Our winter months are slippery enough as it is. Clean all exterior surfaces to keep everyone safe and surefooted on your property. 

Exterior Maintenance

Exterior maintenance and preparation are essential if you want your grounds to look great during all seasons. Our team can make sure all exterior trash, cigarette butts, and debris are removed. It would also be a good idea to have your parking lots and parking garages swept and cleaned before the snow comes. We have specialized training and years of experience in exterior stain and graffiti removal as well, to keep your building looking professional.   

Exterior maintenance will also improve safety on your property, protecting people and your building.

If you’re interested in interior cleaning services, like specialty floor cleaning, we’ve got that, as well!

Schedule Exterior Specialty Cleaning Services in Denver

Need to schedule exterior specialty cleaning services, like pressure washing, window washing, and other exterior maintenance? The KG Facility team can help.