Proper Janitorial Protocols: Are These Surfaces Really Disinfected?

Maintain a Clean Commercial Building

Two questions that are asked a lot by employees these days are: Is it safe to come to work? Are these surfaces really disinfected?  Every employer, building manager, and business owner has made significant changes to their cleaning protocols. However, despite seeing a busy cleaning crew with industrial equipment and bottles full of cleaning solutions, it’s hard to know if the methods used effectively eliminate contaminants, bacteria, and viruses and properly disinfect high-touch surfaces. 

Creating a Healthy Environment for Employees

There are two types of health concerns for our employees: physical health and mental health. Believe it or not, commercial janitorial practices play a part in both. An unclean office space or building leads to physical health problems as contaminants, bacteria, and viruses flourish. Mental health consequences arise due to the anxiety employees experience worrying about the health and safety of their office space. 

Are These Surfaces Really Disinfected?

Are These Surfaces Really Disinfected?


A reception desk is one of the most highly touched surfaces. Our methods ensure proper disinfection to keep guests, tenants, and employees safe and healthy.

We’ve been cleaning and disinfecting buildings, warehouses, businesses, schools, airplanes, and public transportation depots and facilities for a long time. We have tried and tested disinfection protocols that apply to every situation. 

Well Trained Janitorial Staff 

When it comes to disinfection, we’ve trained, evaluated, upgraded, and re-trained to ensure that our practices will properly disinfect and protect your employees and tenants from bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants.

Simply spraying disinfectants on a surface area is not enough; you have to allow for appropriate dwell times. Different products and solutions take different times to work effectively. We’ve done extensive research and testing to ensure our products have enough time to activate and eliminate contaminants and pathogens, and we have trained our staff on these protocols. 

Proper Testing

We utilize ATP cleaning verification to objectively measure the cleanliness of the surfaces we clean on the spot. We only use the most effective products and equipment that have been tested and proven to work. It’s common practice to test cleaning products and solutions on proxy viruses and pathogens. KGFS takes it one step further. Our ActivePure® air purification solution has been tested on the actual COVID-19 virus, so we know for sure that our products are effective. 

Frequency of Cleaning

To account for the new normal and prioritize the health and safety of employees, we work with clients to increase the number of times we disinfect high-touch surface areas daily, and continually re-evaluate other cleaning procedures to accommodate our new normal. 

Ensure the Latest Disinfection and Cleaning Protocols With Our Professional Janitorial Services

We employ methods that both disinfect and eliminate cross-contamination between surfaces as we clean your building. The KG team is on top of the latest methods and protocols for disinfection and cleanliness. 

Contact us to hear more about how we can keep your building or facility clean and safe for everyone.