Removing Graffiti From Public and Private Property

No matter where you live, in a small town or a major city, there will always be people who want to immortalize their name by tagging a concrete wall, street sign, building façade, bus stop, and bathroom wall. You name it; someone has tagged it. Unfortunately, graffiti vandalism is a major problem, not just in Denver, but everywhere. There are a few ways that we can prevent and minimize graffiti vandalism. The best way is by graffiti removal quickly, safely, and efficiently.

What is Graffiti Vandalism?

Graffiti is any writing or drawing on properties and structures that the city or a private owner hasn’t specifically commissioned. When we talk about graffiti removal, we’re not talking about street art and murals that add to our culture and city ambiance; we’re talking about quick tags and logos scrawled with spray paint, markers, or etched into surfaces. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. It should come as no surprise that tagging makes up 80% of graffiti vandalism nationwide.

Removing Graffiti
Removing graffiti quickly and safely takes expertise and professional equipment.

While tagging and graffiti vandalism is a public nuisance to most of us, to the tagging crews, this is a game. Unfortunately, this means that one tag leads to more tags, like a snowball effect. The only way to stop the spread is to remove the graffiti as quickly as possible. 

Removing Graffiti Prevents More Graffiti

Quick graffiti removal is the only way to prevent more taggers from tagging your property. What a tagger is looking for is recognition and street cred from other taggers. The biggest punishment is to take away that recognition and prevent their tag from being seen. The quicker you can remove the graffiti, the better. 

Removing any graffiti fast will also make your business look better and be more cost-effective and less time-consuming than having to remove a whole wall covered in multi-colored spray paint. 

Quick Tip Before Removing Graffiti

Judging by the amount of graffiti we see everywhere, it may feel like there’s nothing to be done, but Denver has several graffiti prevention campaigns and programs in place. Even the Denver police are tracking and tracing taggers and tagging crews to try to stop graffiti vandalism. 

Before you hire a crew to come and remove the graffiti, take a photo and report it to the police so they can have it on file. Helping document the problem is just a small step we can all take to help our city remain beautiful and graffiti-free.

Professional Graffiti Removal

We’ve worked with citywide public transportation systems, local government agencies, and private business owners to safely and quickly remove graffiti from various materials and surfaces. It is very important to use a company like ours who is experienced in graffiti removal, as there are certain chemicals and processes that work on different types of surfaces. For instance, some chemicals may be effective in removing graffiti from concrete, but if used on a sign, will remove the paint and finish that is supposed to remain. The removal procedure depends on the surface and material where the tag is placed and the method used to create the tag.

Pressure washing is also very effective to remove most graffiti that has been resistant to chemicals and other methods. We use professional equipment and effective graffiti removing chemicals and solutions to remove the graffiti without any damage to the property or structure. This process is part of our everyday scope at some of our facilities, so we have countless hours of experience to provide the best solution for you. 

Need graffiti removed from public or private properties? Give us a call, and we’ll find a solution.