The Challenges of Cleaning Fitness and Rec Centers

Cleaning Fitness and Rec Centers

It happens every year. Between the cold weather and New Year’s resolutions, everyone flocks to fitness, sport, and rec centers. The constant turnaround of people all sharing equipment and facilities means that keeping up with proper sanitization and cleaning protocols can be a challenge. Cleaning fitness and rec centers require a dedicated person who can keep up with demand at all times.

Cleaning Fitness and Rec Centers

Even before the pandemic, keeping a fitness center clean and disinfected was a never-ending job.

Cleaning Fitness and Rec Centers Day and Night
Your dedicated onsite porter will find the right solutions and methods to keep your fitness facility clean and disinfected at all times.

The very nature of people being highly active, sweating, and touching everything all the time means you need a dedicated cleaner to ensure that your facility is at an optimal cleanliness level at all times of the day. 

Our day and night time porters clean:

  • Bathrooms
  • Showers
  • Changing Rooms
  • Equipment
  • Machines
  • Receptions Area
  • All Surfaces
  • Hard to Reach Places
  • More

Disinfecting Fitness and Rec Centers

Cleanliness has always been a priority at gyms, fitness, sports, or rec centers. Every member should experience the same level of cleanliness when they come to work out, take classes, and participate in sports. It’s not always enough to have someone come at the beginning and end of the day. You need someone who is there to clean and disinfect consistently. 

While you rely on your members to take on some responsibility by providing cleaning solutions and paper towels to wipe down machines and equipment after use, this is not a reliable long-term solution. 

Proper disinfection requires patience. For a product to work, it needs to dwell on the surface. You can’t just spray and wipe in quick succession and expect the surface to be disinfected. Our team knows how products need to be used to properly disinfect and give you the level of cleanliness that everyone expects.

The Challenges of Cleaning Fitness and Rec Centers

A fitness, sports, and rec center have many challenges. Rubber, wood, and synthetic sports floors, bathroom tiles, showers, carpet, glass, mirrors, climbing walls, and more require professional knowledge of the best ways to clean and disinfect each type of surface and material.

Rec Center Locker Room
Our team will utilize the right products and equipment for every type of surface, from bathrooms to multiple types of flooring. 

The products you use should be tough enough to get rid of all sweat, dirt, bacteria, and contaminants but gentle enough for people to work out without being irritated by cleaning products and solutions or breathing in chemicals. 

KGFS uses EPA-approved disinfectants and products that are people and planet friendly while still exceeding your expectations for clean. 

Cleaning Under Fitness Equipment and Machines

We don’t just focus on the visible areas of the gym, shared spaces, and high-touch surface areas. We also find solutions for those hard-to-reach places, like under machines and equipment. Unfortunately, sliding a treadmill over to the side to clean and vacuum underneath is not always possible. Gym equipment is heavy, but our team finds a way. 

We don’t want to give away all of our trade secrets, but some innovative indoor cleaning solutions may or may not involve a leaf blower! 

The point is, we find solutions to clean every area of your facility, even the hard-to-reach out-of-sight places. 

Day and Night Janitorial Services in Denver

Put the cleanliness of your business into the hands of passionate and experienced professionals. Our janitorial services include a dedicated onsite porter to oversee cleaning and disinfecting, utilizing the right tools, equipment, and products. 

Your day and nighttime porter will become a part of your team, getting to know the unique needs of your facility. They ensure a consistent and professional level of cleanliness by scaling services to peak times and high seasons. 

Talk to us about your needs, and we’ll find the right commercial cleaning solutions

Pressure Washing Exterior Surfaces That Are Often Overlooked

Exterior Specialty Cleaning Services

Every business owner or property manager needs to ensure that their premises are pristine and well maintained at all times. The appearance of your building will have a big impact on how the public perceives you. Pressure washing exterior surfaces will make your building a shining landmark in the local landscape. Most building managers will pay attention to the area immediately surrounding the entrance. Still, there are plenty of overlooked exterior surfaces that need a good cleaning now and then.

The Benefits of Pressure Washing Exterior Surfaces

While most interior spaces are well maintained and on a tight cleaning schedule, many business owners tend to forget to pay the same level of attention to the exterior areas as well. A clean and well-maintained exterior can prevent slips and falls, but the results of pressure washing will also make your exterior more inviting and attractive. If your building has an exterior courtyard area where people will gather, hang out, mingle, and network, make sure you keep it in great condition. Encouraging people to hang out on your premises can boost your ratings amongst building tenants, employees, vendors, and guests.

Pressure Washing  Services
Parking lots and parking structures are often overlooked. A good pressure washing will make a great impression on your clients.

The most forgotten exterior areas that are often overlooked:

  • Parking structures or parking lots that belong to your building
  • Sidewalks and pathways
  • Exterior courtyard seating areas
  • Awnings and other exterior fabrics

Pressure washing exterior surfaces will lend a more professional look to the outdoor spaces of your property and increase your property’s curb appeal. A well-maintained building tells passersby’s that you are serious about the way you run your business and that you take pride in the way your building is presented to the community. Pressure washing can remove stains, markings, spills, graffiti, and general dirt and grime. We can also remove debris, cigarette butts, and trash from landscaping that accumulates as more people come around your building.

Professional Exterior Commercial Cleaning

We offer a full suite of commercial cleaning solutions, including pressure washing exterior surfaces. Our team can work with you to create a step-by-step plan to keep your facility in pristine condition, inside and out. By seamlessly integrating our services into your schedule, we at KG Facility Solutions are able to stay on top of all of your exterior cleaning needs, including when to add pressure washing services, window washing, or other specialty cleaning solutions.

For more information on our professional cleaning services, contact us today!

Dependable, Health Conscious Commercial Janitorial Services

COVID Protocols at Work

We’re starting to see some light at the end of the COVID tunnel, and businesses are starting to open up to normal operations. While getting back to normal may require some changes in daily routines, we mustn’t forget about simple, everyday solutions that will keep us healthy in the workplace, like regular commercial janitorial services

Trust Our Commercial Janitorial Services to Protect Your Business

While we have extensive experience with infectious diseases, from Ebola to COVID-19, and do offer some aggressive pathogen mitigation services, we can’t stress enough the importance of daily and nightly cleaning. Our day and night janitorial services are dependable and health-conscious, so in these times when we’re all frantically washing our hands, staying 6’ apart, and feeling a jolt of panic every time someone coughs, you can trust our ongoing services to keep your premises clean, sanitized, and disinfected, at all times. 

Commercial Janitorial Services
Don’t underestimate the power of regular janitorial services that keep your office and conference rooms sparkling.

Our commercial janitorial services keep your building spotless. We have implemented healthcare cleaning protocols in our regular scope of services for years prior to the current pandemic, and have always added new services and products as needs arise. Our daily and nightly cleaning services leave your building looking immaculate, in addition to enhancing the wellbeing of your building, staff, vendors, and guests. We work to customize our service to each client’s needs, setting up a step-by-step approach for all areas and fixtures of your building that require disinfecting. 

Customized Janitorial Services That Focus on Health and Cleanliness

We tailor all services to your industry, whether you’re a small office building, educational institution, healthcare facility, or government building. Regardless of your business, we work diligently to find the most innovative cleaning solutions so that employees, teachers, students, essential workers, and government officials feel safe and confident in returning to work. 

It’s time to return to our normal professional lives and routines, while never forgetting what we have learned over the past year. With our professional janitorial staff, you’ll not only signal to your staff and customers that you care about their wellbeing, but your building will look more impressive. You’ll also be interested to learn that we can maintain the highest standards of cleanliness, while using products and equipment that are pet, people, and planet-friendly. 

To talk to someone about creating a plan to keep your building clean and inspire trust, confidence, and care in the day-to-day health of your business, contact KG Facility Solutions.