Professional Carpet Cleaning for Colorado Businesses and Professionals

Office spaces see a considerable amount of foot traffic, and before long, you’ll notice that your carpeting begins to look stained, dusty, and dirty. However, that isn’t the only thing that happens. Dirty carpets affect the appearance of the indoor spaces and the overall health of the indoor environment.

Carpet Cleaning Services
Professional carpet cleaning is more efficient and cost-effective than having to replace your carpets prematurely.

More moisture and dirt are dragged in during the winter months, which leaves the carpet noticeably stained and dirty, especially in high traffic areas. Dirt, mold, bacteria, and germs accumulating on your carpet can result in breathing problems and other health issues in staff as well as visitors, clients, and customers. A good way to avoid these problems is by enlisting the help of our specialty floor cleaning services

Why Hire Skilled Professionals for Carpet Cleaning?

Many property owners wonder whether it’s a good idea to hire professionals for this task. The common belief is that internal cleaning staff can do an equally good job by vacuuming these surfaces. However, the fact is that just vacuuming is insufficient to get the carpets very clean.

Dust, dirt, grime, food, liquid spills, microscopic organisms, etc., can sink deep into the carpet fibers, creating an unsanitary environment and affecting the condition and integrity of the carpets. Over time, it becomes increasingly difficult to get these stains out. Sometimes, you may have to replace the carpeting, which can add a considerable expense. It’s much more cost-effective to work with our team to schedule professional carpet cleaning periodically throughout the year to maintain a healthy work environment and keep your carpets looking great.

What’s Included in Carpet Cleaning Services?

Professional carpet cleaning is very different from just vacuuming. When it comes to deep cleaning, you have to approach each carpet separately. Not every material is the same, nor is every stain. We have the experience and most advanced commercial-grade equipment to tackle any carpet cleaning need. We use hot-water extraction and steam cleaning methods depending on the carpet material and cleaning need. Hot-water extraction combines hot-water with specialized cleaning agents to lift and remove any stain from the carpet fibers; it then gets sucked up by a strong vacuum. Steam cleaning sanitizes the carpet by using high temperature steam to kill microscopic organisms and remove stains, leaving your carpet disinfected and looking new without the use of chemicals. This level of care with your carpets is part of our service to always keep your building spotless from top to bottom.

KG Facility Solutions is a leading company in this industry, providing customized, professional carpet cleaning services to commercial clients. Our team is skilled and highly experienced in all aspects of carpet and specialty floor cleaning services. We will come up with a plan and solution, according to your needs and budget, to keep all of your floors clean, carpeted, or not.