4 Ways a Clean Office Improves Productivity and Creativity

A clean office improves productivity

The workplace can be a volatile and uncertain space these days, but even before the days of COVID-19, a clean office has been the silent partner behind any successful office. A clean office improves productivity, boosts creativity, and inspires employee loyalty and enthusiasm for your brand. Don’t underestimate how professional cleaning services can impact your bottom line.

Clean Office Improves Productivity

Here are four ways that our janitorial services can improve your business by providing a clean office that will boost both creativity and productivity within your workplace. 


This is a big one. If your employees are concerned about their health and safety in the office, they’re not concentrating on work. If they’re not concentrating on work, mistakes are made, deadlines are missed, the products suffer, and so do your profit margins.

A clean office improves productivity


A clean office improves productivity, creativity, and morale.

A clean office is a healthy office. Reducing the number of bacteria, viruses, allergens, and germs within your office with strict health and cleanliness protocols will lead to fewer people getting sick; in turn, this will lead to fewer sick days used by staff. A workforce that uses fewer sick days is more productive and generally in better spirits than a workplace where employees are constantly sick. 

Reduce Stress

A cluttered, dirty, and unsanitary work environment can be stressful. A stressful workplace is never good for business. With regular professional day and night janitorial services, you can keep your workplace sparkling and create an environment that is stress, worry, and anxiety-free. Without worrying about their health or feeling bogged down mentally by an unkempt workspace, you are freeing up your employees to be more creative and innovative.

Prevent Injuries

A dirty workplace with spills or loose particles on the floor can increase the chances of people slipping and falling. Proper cleaning protocols can effectively prevent these types of injuries. Injuries that result from a dirty or messy workplace lead to lowered productivity and have a negative impact on employee morale. 

Boost Morale

Speaking of employee morale, a clean business is an enjoyable place to work. Walking into a clean workplace each day will help to boost employee morale and make them feel good about coming to work. This improved morale will, in turn, lead to increased productivity, creativity, and employee loyalty.

Professional Cleaning Solutions for Your Office

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Keeping Up With Cleanliness and COVID Protocols at Work

COVID Protocols at Work

Are we wearing masks again, are we working remotely, is it safe to return to work? With so many variables (and variants) and ever-changing protocols from local authorities and the CDC, there has been one constant – everyone wants the office to be proactively cleaned and sanitized, regardless of the latest guidelines. Maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness has been the driving force behind KG Facility Solutions since long before the pandemic. We feel confident in our abilities to handle cleanliness and the latest COVID protocols at work.

COVID Protocols at Work

We’ve already talked about employees prioritizing their health and safety above all else. Many have said they will look for other work if their employer cannot provide a healthy work environment. It’s not just about keeping your employees happy and productive at work and no longer about how a clean and organized office will unclutter the mind and boost creativity. In the age of COVID, it’s about keeping your employees, period.

Standard COVID protocols at work include:

COVID Protocols at Work
Our janitorial services are customizable to meet the latest COVID protocols at work and make employees feel safe and protected.
  • Round the clock sanitation and disinfection
  • Specialized cleaning solutions for every surface
  • Continuous cleaning and disinfection of high-touch areas
  • Clean air

Keep Employees Happy and Healthy

Putting strict and professional cleaning and sanitizing protocols in place will make your employees feel confident about returning to work. Show employees that you care, and you will be rewarded with loyalty and productivity. Employee loyalty and satisfaction will make you more attractive to future employees and set you apart as a company that prioritizes your employees, clients, and vendors. Finding, recruiting, and retaining qualified candidates will improve your brand, products, and services. However, before you can start to reap the benefits, you need to implement the right COVID cleaning protocols.

The cleanliness of your office is an important selling point these days, and your best chance at staying competitive.

Professional Cleaning Services

The best way to get a clean work environment is to hire professional cleaners. KG Facility Solutions can put together cleaning and disinfection protocols to meet the high standards that employees expect. Even with a hybrid work model, make sure that employees feel safe and confident about the environment when they choose to return.

We use cleaning solutions that are strong enough to tackle germs and bacteria without causing irritation or environmental damage. It is possible to be tough on dirt without damaging surface areas and materials or feeling like you’re inhaling disinfectants. We are fully transparent and can share our processes so that you can assure employees that you are taking every precaution necessary.

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Maintain Interior Surfaces with Regular Janitorial Services

Maintaining cleanliness and an infection free environment on your commercial premises is a tried and true method of creating a good impression on your clients, customers, and employees. Every business from every industry has to be consistent with maintaining their property well. Clean interior spaces and surfaces help keep your staff healthier and productive.

Why You Need Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

A shiny, tidy work space interior is a healthy and productive business.

Although it is crucial to maintain cleanliness in commercial settings, these tasks can be quite time-consuming and tedious. While internal housekeeping staff can handle some aspects of the job, only a company that offers professional janitorial services can stay on top of your high-touch surface areas day and night, to ensure that all surfaces, features, and installations are thoroughly cleaned, and stay clean, at all times.

Some commercial buildings can be expansive and spread across multiple stories or buildings. It means there could be some areas with higher traffic and hard to reach areas, making it even more important to use a commercial janitorial service with the man power, experience, and equipment necessary to clean everything regularly. Clean commercial settings are more comfortable to use, and create a better impression, making it easier for you to maintain a professional image. Dirt-free, dust-free, and disinfected surfaces also help improve indoor air quality, which helps to improve the overall health of your staff, boosting their morale and productivity.

Benefits of Commercial Maintenance Solutions

Sometimes, property owners wonder whether it’s a good idea to hire professionals for cleaning their premises and whether there are any advantages to it. There are several benefits to hiring professionals for your janitorial service, such as:

  • They have the expertise, experience, skills, and cleaning products and equipment to handle these tasks to industry standards.
  • They will conduct the job thoroughly and manage everything from cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection of all interior surfaces.
  • A professional commercial maintenance company will be fully insured and bonded, as well as have specialized cleaning and safety certifications to meet any need that arises.
  • A clean facility inspires confidence in your business, improving your overall brand.
  • They will cover all spaces, ensuring that no area is left unclean.
  • A professional will be assigned to your building and implement the most efficient process of maintaining the building to the highest standards

Maintaining your standing in a crowded marketplace is about creating the best customer experiences. A lot of this comes from ensuring that your premises reflects your professionalism. Discuss your requirements with the experts at KG Facility Solutions and they will create a detailed plan that covers all your needs. They will deploy experienced and reliable staff members to tackle all these jobs at specific intervals, with 24/7 availability. Opting for contractual janitorial services is a good way to get cost-effective solutions, with no compromise on quality. Look for a company like KG Facility Solutions that specializes in corporate cleaning services and has a good reputation in the market as they will be particular about the quality and spectrum of services they offer.

Your Office Is A Reflection Of You & Your Services. Keep It Clean!

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Several different aspects have to be taken care of to maintain the professional image of your business — one of them is making sure that every single area of your property is clean and hygienic. Similar to how you maintain the indoor spaces of your property, you have to see to it that other areas are well maintained also.

Keep in mind that modern structures have several installations and features, which makes it all the more important to opt for commercial maintenance services. Maintaining the overall appearance of your commercial property will have a positive impact on the reputation and image of your business.

Hire Professional Office Cleaners

While looking for a company that offers janitorial services, ensure that you hire experienced professionals that have the necessary training to tackle such jobs. You can also carry out an online search, which will eventually lead you to multiple operators. Here are a few essential aspects to keep in mind while selecting one:

  • Opt for a company that has years of experience. See how long they have been operational. Companies who have been around for many years have most likely remained successful for good reason.
shiny clean floor
An impeccable office space will project a confident, solid image of your business.
  • See what kind of projects they tackle. A professional commercial maintenance service should not only offer great quality day and night cleaning service, they should also offer a wide variety of other services, such as specialty floor care, window washing, and infection control services, to name a few. Commercial structures vary from residential properties, which makes it essential to hire the services of an operator who can tackle a multitude of large scale jobs.
  • Another essential aspect to take into consideration is the reputation of the company. You should visit their website to determine whether it’s designed professionally and if they have all the necessary information listed. Browse their website for online reviews and customer testimonials. This will give you an idea of the type of service quality they offer.
  • When searching for a janitorial service, it is important to find one who understands the importance of staying up to date with new advances and improvements in the cleaning industry. They should utilize the most current equipment, products, and techniques in their cleaning service. The janitorial company should offer a robust infection control program, corporate environmental awareness, and solutions to improve the overall well being of your business building.
  • Another critical factor is whether or not they offer customized, cost-friendly solutions for commercial maintenance services. Every property owner has a list of requirements, and a well-established and reputable operator will meet them. See whether the packages they offer provide excellent value for money.

Benefits of Commercial Janitorial Services

As mentioned earlier, it’s crucial to maintain every single aspect of your commercial property, as it has a direct impact on the image of your business. Competition levels are incredibly high in today’s market, which makes it necessary for companies to stay ahead of the curve.  Regardless of the quality of your products and services, you need to ensure that your physical location lives up to high standards. Hiring an experienced, professional janitorial company like KG Facility Solutions, is one way to ensure that your office stays clean, healthy, and reflects your standing in the market.