Three Essential Cleaning Services For An Efficient Commercial Building

Maintaining Clean Commercial Facility

The reputation of your company greatly relies on the cleanliness of your building. Well-maintained buildings aren’t just appealing to the eye, they also improve office morale and productivity, keep the entire building healthy and pristine, impress visitors, and enhance your overall reputation. While every building will have unique cleaning requirements, there are three essential cleaning services that every commercial building should have.

Three Essential Cleaning Services

Efficient cleaning solutions will heighten functionality and streamline cleanliness so that your company is always making the best impression. The three essential cleaning services that we recommend are:

Three Essential Cleaning Services
Combine janitorial, porter, and general maintenance services to maintain a clean commercial building around the clock.
  • Janitorial Services
  • Porter Services
  • General Maintenance

While they may seem similar on the surface, we’ve developed these three distinct services to cover all essential areas of cleaning and maintenance that a company will need.

Janitorial Services

Our day and night janitorial services include a dedicated staff that will go above and beyond to ensure that all areas are always maintained and spotless. We stay on top of smudges, spills, dirty floors, and get deep into the corners to create shimmering workspaces. You may not notice dusty vents or greasy smudges on the glass office room doors, but your clients will. Our team will tackle all issues before anyone notices. We cover all janitorial details required on a regular basis, including disinfecting your facility to create a healthy space for all staff and patrons.

Benefits of a Porter Service

Porter services are essential for companies, office complexes, and commercial lobbies that require a bit of customer service to go along with the cleaning services of your custodial team. Some of the items on-site porters will be responsible for include general cleaning, disinfecting of high touch areas, and restocking toilet paper, paper towels, and other refillable items. When there is a constant flow of traffic in your building, having a porter is going to greatly improve customer relations and maintain a highly functional and hygienic building.

General Maintenance Manager

Hiring a janitorial company to clean still won’t restore a building that needs repair, or take care of a water leak, and that’s where our general maintenance services come into play. Hiring KG Facility Solutions means you can have all janitorial services, floor care, infection control services, and general maintenance repairs taken care of by one company. We take great pride in delivering impeccable results to our clients, and our general maintenance services round out our list of three essential cleaning services. Together, these three services will enhance your company’s reputation, providing a clean, bright, healthy, and productive workspace.

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