Pathogen Mitigation Program To Keep Your Office Building Healthy

Janitors Are Underappreciated

A professional, deep disinfection is crucial to keep your workspace healthy.

The need of the hour is to maintain clean and germ-free office interiors. This step is critical for reducing the chances of your staff and customers catching infections and suffering from health complications. Doing the bare minimum in terms of hygiene is no longer enough, and you need to take some extra steps to create more hygienic and well-sanitized spaces.

The Best Pathogen Mitigation Strategy

Just as you ensure that all the surfaces in your commercial space are clean and disinfected, making sure the indoor air is healthy is crucial as well. This is where our pathogen mitigation program comes in.

While we offer the best in business sanitization and cleaning services, we are also infection control experts. We have a specialized air purification system that offers surface protection and excellent pathogen mitigation effects. This full-coverage disinfection process helps to keep your customers and employees safe.

Our air purification system utilizes a unique ActivePure® Technology, proven to kill 99.8% of COVID-19 viruses in the air as well as on surfaces. This amazing system safely eliminates airborne pathogens, bacteria such as C-diff and MRSA, viruses, fungi, mold, sick building syndrome, and impressively has been shown to kill the COVID-19 virus in the air in just three minutes. It is one of the fastest and most effective ways to fight the possibility of infection spread in your office or commercial setting. We are committed to providing our clients with services that will be right in line with your needs. Our customized and personalized approach and use of the latest technology are just some of the things that set us apart from the competition.

Other Pathogen Mitigation Strategies

In addition to our cleaning and monitoring protocols, we also recommend to our customers that they should follow some basic mitigation strategies to protect against harmful pathogens like COVID-19 themselves as well, such as:

  • Social distancing
  • Ensuring that all employees are wearing masks
  • Making sure that visitors and customers are also using masks
  • Regular disinfecting of all surfaces, especially high touch areas
  • Washing hands regularly
  • Frequent deep cleaning of all the surfaces

We are here to help with all your cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection requirements on an ongoing basis. For any more information on our services, please contact us and we will design the perfect solutions for you. We can help improve the indoor air quality and overall wellness on your premises.

Our infection control services were developed long before the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, and we are the experts in this field. With over 25 years of experience, we can handle all big and small commercial cleaning jobs.

Maintain A Sanitized Office And Keep A COVID-19 Free Environment For Your Staff

While many offices now follow social distancing norms by allowing their employees to work from home, that is also slowly changing. Some businesses have started on-premises work as before, and ultimately most others will follow suit.

But medical experts and virologists have been saying all along that the COVID-19 crisis isn’t going away anytime soon. It’s something we are going to have to live with. One way to fight it is to follow social distancing in work and public places, diligently.

How To Fight COVID-19

Keeping a hygienic, tidy, healthy environment will keep the Covid19 away, and your staff safe.

Another important aspect of creating safer spaces for employees and staff is to opt for consistent commercial building COVID-19 disinfection services. While maintaining hygienic and germ-free office spaces have always been important, this has now become an essential part of everyday business operations. No business can afford to neglect or overlook this aspect and must disinfect the entire office environment.

KG Facility Solutions has a proven three-step disinfection process to eliminate harmful contaminants in your workplace. 

  • Create a careful step-by-step approach for how to efficiently disinfect your spaces.
  • Implement a recurring disinfection approach that specifically targets high touch areas. Your current service frequency can be increased, and a day porter can be provided to you during business hours. We also provide the appropriate EPA approved chemicals, tools, and equipment for disinfection. 
  • Sanitize your entire facility with our disinfection fogging system. Through electrostatic spraying, the cleaning chemical particles are shrunk to microns and then sprayed methodically to evenly coat every inch of your space for a complete clean. 

Benefits of a Healthy Environment

In the New Normal of the current pandemic and even in the future, you must create a healthy environment in your office building. There are numerous benefits to this, such as:

  • It positions you as a responsible business that cares for its employees, and you can ensure that all the areas of your office are clean and safe for work.
  • You will not have employees falling ill; that will improve staff productivity and your business profitability.
  • Your employees will feel encouraged to come into work as they know that they have a safe environment.
  • The government will surely set some basic hygiene norms for all commercial settings. KG Facility Solutions commercial building COVID-19 disinfection services will help you be in line with those requirements.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to opting for disinfection solutions, and these need to become the New Normal of your regular business building maintenance services. KG Facility Solutions has been instrumental over the years in implementing Healthcare Cleaning Protocols. We have been on the frontlines when it comes to responsive and responsible infection control long before the COVID-19 outbreak, including cleaning the Frontier Airlines headquarters and Aircraft during the Ebola outbreak. If you’re looking for infection control services that will be properly equipped to handle the ongoing pandemic, then look no further than KG Facility Solutions. 

Discuss your requirements for disinfection services with our team of professionals today. We can guide you about the frequency at which you need to get the sanitization done to maintain hygienic and germ-free office spaces, and can update or create a custom cleaning package for your building. To keep your facilities properly disinfected on an ongoing basis, make sure to contact our team of professionals at KG Facility Solutions today.