Dependable, Health Conscious Commercial Janitorial Services

COVID Protocols at Work

We’re starting to see some light at the end of the COVID tunnel, and businesses are starting to open up to normal operations. While getting back to normal may require some changes in daily routines, we mustn’t forget about simple, everyday solutions that will keep us healthy in the workplace, like regular commercial janitorial services

Trust Our Commercial Janitorial Services to Protect Your Business

While we have extensive experience with infectious diseases, from Ebola to COVID-19, and do offer some aggressive pathogen mitigation services, we can’t stress enough the importance of daily and nightly cleaning. Our day and night janitorial services are dependable and health-conscious, so in these times when we’re all frantically washing our hands, staying 6’ apart, and feeling a jolt of panic every time someone coughs, you can trust our ongoing services to keep your premises clean, sanitized, and disinfected, at all times. 

Commercial Janitorial Services
Don’t underestimate the power of regular janitorial services that keep your office and conference rooms sparkling.

Our commercial janitorial services keep your building spotless. We have implemented healthcare cleaning protocols in our regular scope of services for years prior to the current pandemic, and have always added new services and products as needs arise. Our daily and nightly cleaning services leave your building looking immaculate, in addition to enhancing the wellbeing of your building, staff, vendors, and guests. We work to customize our service to each client’s needs, setting up a step-by-step approach for all areas and fixtures of your building that require disinfecting. 

Customized Janitorial Services That Focus on Health and Cleanliness

We tailor all services to your industry, whether you’re a small office building, educational institution, healthcare facility, or government building. Regardless of your business, we work diligently to find the most innovative cleaning solutions so that employees, teachers, students, essential workers, and government officials feel safe and confident in returning to work. 

It’s time to return to our normal professional lives and routines, while never forgetting what we have learned over the past year. With our professional janitorial staff, you’ll not only signal to your staff and customers that you care about their wellbeing, but your building will look more impressive. You’ll also be interested to learn that we can maintain the highest standards of cleanliness, while using products and equipment that are pet, people, and planet-friendly. 

To talk to someone about creating a plan to keep your building clean and inspire trust, confidence, and care in the day-to-day health of your business, contact KG Facility Solutions. 

Your Office Is A Reflection Of You & Your Services. Keep It Clean!

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Several different aspects have to be taken care of to maintain the professional image of your business — one of them is making sure that every single area of your property is clean and hygienic. Similar to how you maintain the indoor spaces of your property, you have to see to it that other areas are well maintained also.

Keep in mind that modern structures have several installations and features, which makes it all the more important to opt for commercial maintenance services. Maintaining the overall appearance of your commercial property will have a positive impact on the reputation and image of your business.

Hire Professional Office Cleaners

While looking for a company that offers janitorial services, ensure that you hire experienced professionals that have the necessary training to tackle such jobs. You can also carry out an online search, which will eventually lead you to multiple operators. Here are a few essential aspects to keep in mind while selecting one:

  • Opt for a company that has years of experience. See how long they have been operational. Companies who have been around for many years have most likely remained successful for good reason.
shiny clean floor
An impeccable office space will project a confident, solid image of your business.
  • See what kind of projects they tackle. A professional commercial maintenance service should not only offer great quality day and night cleaning service, they should also offer a wide variety of other services, such as specialty floor care, window washing, and infection control services, to name a few. Commercial structures vary from residential properties, which makes it essential to hire the services of an operator who can tackle a multitude of large scale jobs.
  • Another essential aspect to take into consideration is the reputation of the company. You should visit their website to determine whether it’s designed professionally and if they have all the necessary information listed. Browse their website for online reviews and customer testimonials. This will give you an idea of the type of service quality they offer.
  • When searching for a janitorial service, it is important to find one who understands the importance of staying up to date with new advances and improvements in the cleaning industry. They should utilize the most current equipment, products, and techniques in their cleaning service. The janitorial company should offer a robust infection control program, corporate environmental awareness, and solutions to improve the overall well being of your business building.
  • Another critical factor is whether or not they offer customized, cost-friendly solutions for commercial maintenance services. Every property owner has a list of requirements, and a well-established and reputable operator will meet them. See whether the packages they offer provide excellent value for money.

Benefits of Commercial Janitorial Services

As mentioned earlier, it’s crucial to maintain every single aspect of your commercial property, as it has a direct impact on the image of your business. Competition levels are incredibly high in today’s market, which makes it necessary for companies to stay ahead of the curve.  Regardless of the quality of your products and services, you need to ensure that your physical location lives up to high standards. Hiring an experienced, professional janitorial company like KG Facility Solutions, is one way to ensure that your office stays clean, healthy, and reflects your standing in the market.