Specialty Floor Care Services for Commercial Facilities and Buildings

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The floors are the largest and most used surface in commercial buildings. Keeping your floors clean is a sign to visitors, employees, and vendors that you are taking care to keep a clean and sanitized building. At KGFS, we have specialty floor care services for every flooring surface. We use professional cleaning methods and equipment to ensure your building is clean from the ground up. 

Specialty Floor Care Services

Floors are a major part of your interior design and the ambiance of your building. You’ve taken the time to choose the style and material of the floor to enhance the building’s interior style. You should be taking equally methodical and thoughtful care to keep them looking great at all times. 

A dirty floor reflects on the rest of your building and brand, making specialty floor care services an essential part of your cleaning protocol. Without specialty floor care services, your floors may also suffer unnecessary and premature wear and tear.

Specialty Floor Care Services
We find the right specialty floor care techniques and professional equipment to clean any flooring surface.

These are some of the most common types of floors and surfaces we clean:

  • Carpet
  • VCT
  • Linoleum
  • Epoxy
  • Acrylic
  • Concrete
  • Tile and Grout

Carpet Cleaning Solutions and Hot Water Extraction

In a busy building, simply vacuuming the carpets is not good enough. With a lot of foot traffic at all hours, you need to go deeper to ensure that the carpets are clean and presentable. We combine a strong vacuum with a high-pressure hot water extraction method to lift dirt, soil, and other hazardous contaminants from the fibers to deliver an unprecedented level of cleanliness. We can also steam clean your carpets, which provides a quicker drying time and disinfects due to the high steam temperature. 

Stripping and Waxing

Due to high-foot traffic in a commercial building, the top layer of VCT, linoleum, epoxy, and vinyl floors will get worn and lose their shine. Our specialty flooring services include stripping the old wax and replacing it with a brand new coat. We bring the shine back to your floors for an impressive appearance that reflects well on your building. 

Extra Layer of Vinyl Floor Protection

Our services extend beyond the cleaning itself. Besides a deep scrub removing all dirt and harmful particles, we offer a recoat for vinyl flooring, adding an extra layer of protection. 

High-speed buffering service is also available, removing all dirt and debris that may have gotten lodged inside seams and scratches, leaving your floors flawless. This service is particularly useful after remodeling and construction projects that can impact the state of your floors. 

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Restrooms, kitchens, and entry areas that have tile and grout flooring will need special care to remain clean and sanitary. We get deep into the grout to clean up your tile, making it look as good as new.  

Concrete Polishing

Warehouses, auto dealerships, and other commercial buildings with concrete flooring get heavy duty use. These types of floors are also often susceptible to stains from harsh materials and chemicals. The surface of the concrete is ground to a finish that removes stains and leaves a high-gloss, professional looking floor. Our concrete polishing services are a great way to spruce up even these heavy duty floors. 

Regardless of your flooring surface, KGFS has the experience, equipment, and cleaning solutions to keep all surfaces in your building, from floor to ceiling, clean and sanitized. 

Schedule Specialty Floor Care Services For Your Building or Facility

Our commercial cleaning solutions include both interior and exterior cleaning solutions.

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Post-Renovation Office Cleanup is the Final Step in Remodeling

Office Renovation for Social Distancing

Have you remodeled the office to accommodate COVID protocols and social distancing guidelines, or have you taken advantage of remote working and empty office space to renovate? Don’t forget about the post-renovation office cleanup. It’s not enough to send in your regular office cleaning crew. Post-renovation cleanups require some additional tools, techniques, and certified technicians. 

Cleaning Up After Renovating the Office

Most of us are getting back on our feet, and offices are resuming their normal workdays. Suppose you’re one of the many employers who have adopted a hybrid work model, and business has more or less resumed to normal. In that case, you may have recognized this as the prime opportunity to renovate and remodel without disrupting office productivity. 

Post-Renovation Office Cleanup


Our crew is OSHA-certified and will ensure it’s safe to return to the office after a renovation.

Now that the renovations are done, you need to ensure that the space is safe for employees to return. After all, the new changes most likely had to do with employee health and safety, so the final step is important. 

Post-Renovation Office Cleanup

We customize our services to meet the needs and requirements of every post-renovation cleanup. Our services include:

  • Tailoring the cleaning process to your needs
  • OSHA-certified technicians
  • Daily progress reports
  • Quick and timely completion

Our team has decades of experience cleaning up and making an office space clean and healthy. We will make sure to remove all construction dust from all surfaces, provide interior and exterior window cleaning, and disinfect all areas for your new and/or improved space. Your employees can feel confident about coming back to work, knowing that proper safety and cleanliness protocols have been utilized. 

Full-Service Office Cleaning Solutions

Post-construction cleanup, infection control, and COVID-mitigation protocols are just a few of our specialized services. However, we are a full-service commercial cleaning company. Regular day and night janitorial services are part of keeping your facility clean, sanitized, and healthy beyond the construction. 

These days, employees require extra attention and efforts to keep the air and office space not only clean, but sanitized, and our team has the experience and the knowledge to handle the task. 

Our team becomes a part of your team. Together, we’ll implement the best services and schedules to improve the cleanliness of your facility and gain the confidence of your employees. 

Day and Night Commercial Cleaning Solutions

We’ll be happy to start with a thorough and professional post-construction cleanup and talk about how we can partner with you to continue to keep your facility as clean as possible. 

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Improving Indoor Air Quality Without Opening a Window

Improve Indoor Air Quallty

We don’t consider the air we share until it starts to affect our physical and mental health. Poor indoor air can cause irritation, headaches, exacerbate allergies, and spread disease more easily. Feeling physically under the weather will lead to poor job performance, fatigue, and even depression. The air we breathe is a major factor in our physical and mental wellbeing and vital to our job performance. While “open a window” tends to be the go-to solution, it’s not always possible in large commercial buildings. If your indoor air quality isn’t as good as it could be, and bringing in outside air isn’t an option, improving indoor air quality without opening a window is not only doable, but should be prioritized.  

Identify the Source

The first task is to identify the source of pollutants. Every part of your building could be contributing to poor indoor air quality, like:

Improving indoor air quality


Improving indoor air quality combines a good air purification system and regular professional cleaning and maintenance.

  • New construction
  • Unclean floors, upholstery, carpets
  • Dust
  • HVAC systems
  • Moisture and humidity
  • Cleaning and maintenance products and solutions
  • Office pets
  • Smokers
  • External factors

Eliminating the Source

You’re probably tempted to go straight to an industrial-strength air purification system, but before we get to that, there are a few cleaning and maintenance steps that need to happen.

Sometimes the source of the air pollution is obvious, like with new construction, including new floors, upholstery, and carpets. It’s important to have a professional post-construction clean-up crew that will work safely following all OSHA protocols while getting your building ready for occupants and business to resume.

Specialty floor care, where each type of upholstery, carpet, or flooring material is handled correctly to get rid of any irritants or pollutants that are degrading the indoor air quality, is another necessary step to improving the quality of the air.

Regular Cleaning Services

Dirt, dust, mildew, and mold are all sources of poor air quality, and they will continue to be a problem until the end of time. Unlike post-construction cleaning, carpet cleaning, and even window cleaning, you need a professional janitorial crew to stay on top of every surface and high-touch area in your building. Employees, building managers, vendors, clients, and guests are continuously tracking in dirt and other pollutants on their shoes and clothing, touching everything as they go. It’s a never-ending cycle; fortunately, so are our day and night janitorial services.

Working day and night to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness throughout your building is only as good as the equipment, products, and cleaning solutions. Using harsh chemicals may ensure proper sanitation and sterilization but can lead to more irritation. At KGFS, we take great care to use the most efficient methods to clean a building, from using the proper equipment for each task, surface, and material and using eco-friendly, pet-friendly, and people-friendly products to avoid causing more air pollution but create a clean, healthy, and harmonious atmosphere.

Commercial Office Cleaning


We use green cleaning solutions and product options so that our regular janitorial services aren’t causing poor indoor air quality.

Air Purification Systems

Good indoor air is as much about planning and implementing strict cleaning protocols as installing air purification systems. So, let’s talk about the air purification systems that we recommend.

Our team services and maintains numerous commercial and public buildings in the Denver area, including warehouses, schools, businesses, and corporations. Knowing how vital indoor air quality is to the health of a building and the occupants, we stand behind the proprietary ActivePure® Technology system that:

  • Destroys over 99% of all surface and airborne contaminants
  • Eliminates over 99% of airborne SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) viral particles within 3 minutes
  • Reduces viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants
  • Provides a better-than-HEPA air filtration system
  • Is based on NASA technology and recognized worldwide as Certified Space Technology

We have several small stand-alone plug-in units designed to remove contaminants in small areas, and systems intended to attach directly to your HVAC systems.

Improving Indoor Air Quality in Your Building

We customize our commercial cleaning services to meet the needs of every client and building, from regular cleaning and maintenance to specialty cleaning services, to our proprietary air purification system to improve the quality of indoor air and help prevent the spread of disease.

KG Facility Solutions has a full suite of services; contact us today to raise the bar on a clean and healthy work environment.

How Professional Window Cleaning for Commercial Buildings Can Benefit Your Business

Professional Window Cleaning

Commercial windows can quickly get dirty if not regularly maintained. You can avoid this with services from a company that offers professional window cleaning for commercial buildings. Not only will you have clean windows, but you’ll also improve your building’s curb appeal and reputation. How? Because clean windows make a building look more professional. 

Professional Window Cleaning for Commercial Buildings

Using a professional window cleaning service has several advantages. 


A professional team has the proper training and know-how to handle tall buildings without the risk of injury. Utilizing the best cleaning and protective equipment and following safety measures ensure they are prepared to tackle the task with care. A professional company will also have appropriate liability insurance, protecting both themselves and your business.

Professional Window Cleaning
Sparkling windows make a great impression on pedestrians and commuters and make you look more professional.


Skilled workers armed with the right equipment guarantee a job well done. Experienced workers know how to use their equipment to thoroughly and efficiently provide window cleaning service with spectacular results. 


When you hire professionals, you get professional results inside and out. You can be sure that your job will be completed with a focus on quality results, affordable solutions, and minimal disruption for your business, even on hard-to-reach windows. 

No Micro-Managing

When you hire a crew to do professional window cleaning for commercial buildings, you also buy the peace of mind that comes with knowing the job will be done right. You won’t have to micromanage the workers, as they’re trained and experienced professionals. Building managers have plenty of responsibilities without having to add managing contractors to their list. We know that, which is why we work extra hard to make sure you have nothing to worry about. You’ll get your windows cleaned with very little effort on your end. 

KGFS has a complete suite of commercial cleaning solutions, including window washing. Coordinate with our team on bi-annual or quarterly window cleaning, and it will get done without you having to think about it; it will simply be a part of our seamless service of maintaining and cleaning every area of your building, inside and out.

Give us a call today to talk about our commercial cleaning solutions. 

Commercial Cleaning Solutions to Minimize Springtime Allergens

Springtime brings about an extra set of challenges when it comes to commercial cleaning solutions. We are, of course, talking about allergy season. As everything begins to bloom and the windows open up to let in the clean, fresh springtime air, you need to take extra steps to minimize springtime allergens in your building. While sunshine and fresh air are great for productivity and office morale, those pesky allergens can quickly turn your office into a sniffling, sneezing, headache-inducing environment.

Why You Need to Minimize Springtime Allergens in the Office

Tens of millions of people in the United States alone are affected by seasonal allergies. With that many people affected, taking extra precautions to keep your office clean and sanitized will keep allergy-prone employees from suffering during work hours. It’s almost impossible to avoid pollen and allergens that are flying through the air. Still, you can work with your KG Facility Solutions team to add or increase some of our cleaning solutions to help maintain a cleaner indoor environment and reduce allergy symptoms. By taking extra steps with your office cleaning minimizes indoor allergens and also improve productivity in your workplace.

Minimize Springtime Allergens
Our team will keep all high-touch surface areas clean and improve indoor air-quality to minimize allergens in the building.

Allergens and pollen don’t just travel through the air; they can stick to clothing and other surfaces in the office. In a busy commercial building with a steady flow of traffic and doors swinging open and closed, the pollen has plenty of avenues to enter your building and offices and wreak havoc. You always want your building to be clean and comfortable for everyone. Considering springtime allergies and incorporating a plan to improve the indoor climate is a signal to your guests and tenants that you care about their well-being and help solidify long-lasting relationships with tenants of the building. Office managers will have an easier time retaining high-quality employees by having a clean and sanitized office space and reducing employee’s exposure to allergens and irritants.

Reducing Exposure to Allergens and Irritants

With an increase in sniffling, sneezing, and coughing, it’s vital to have a full-time janitorial staff that is always cleaning, wiping, and sanitizing high-touch surface areas, like doorknobs and handles, elevator buttons, handrails, etc. You also need to pay special attention to your carpets and other upholstery in the office, as they can hold on to allergens and irritants. Vacuuming often, as well as sanitizing your carpets by hiring us for a professional steam cleaning treatment, will help remove these allergens and other contaminants. Be sure to include regular carpet cleaning services throughout your building and offices.

Proper ventilation and indoor air quality will be your biggest weapons in the fight to reduce allergen exposure. You should consider solutions that are tough on allergens and germs, but gentle on the lungs. Our ActivePure® air purification products work to sanitize both air and surfaces without the use of any chemicals, and many of those products do not emit our ozone. It’s a solution that is tailor-made to minimize springtime allergens in the office.

We offer reliable general maintenance services to commercial clients in every industry. Work with our team to find the best commercial cleaning solutions for your building or office. We even offer infection control solutions, as well as all interior and exterior cleaning services.