Holiday Party Tips From Your Commercial Cleaning Company

Post-Corporate Holiday Party Cleaning

This year, many companies are making up for lost time and doubling down on holiday parties and festivities. While you’re focused on making the party special for all of your employees, we have a few party suggestions to show appreciation for your day, night, and post-corporate holiday party cleaning company. 

How to Thank Your Commercial Cleaning Company

Following are a few friendly suggestions to make the post-holiday party clean-up a bit easier. Of course, should you go all out, we won’t hold it against you. We’ve got the services and solutions to return your building to a professional and presentable state.

Friendly Corporate Holiday Party Suggestions

  1. Clear Liquor and White Wine Only

The worst stains we face the morning after a corporate holiday party are drink and cocktail stains. May we suggest a holiday party theme with only clear liquids? 

Red wine, coffee, and soda stains will discolor upholstery and carpets, leaving behind a sticky and unsightly mess. While the old “salt and club soda” trick has its merits, it is temporary.

Commercial Cleaning Company
Eat, drink, and be merry! Our team is standing by with the right tools and equipment to clean up after your corporate holiday parties and festivities.

Of course, just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean that it’s not there. We know that better than anyone. Even spills from clear liquids, like vodka and white wine, should be treated professionally to not damage or discolor furniture and carpets.

  1. No Confetti Cannons or Glitter Bombs

We all know how persistent glitter can be to get rid of, even with industrial vacuum cleaners. Long after the party has ended, glitter continues to show up in nooks and crannies, deep in your carpets, hair, and clothing. 

We can’t do anything about glitter in your favorite holiday sweater. However, we have methods and equipment that will suck out those tiny specks of glitter and pieces of confetti. Our crew will wipe away any signs of a holiday party and leave your building and office clean, professional, and ready for business.

  1. No Sticky Finger Foods and Appetizers

You’ll be amazed at where sticky residue from finger foods and appetizers will end up. While covering tables in a decorative tablecloth and using napkins will help, food messes, and therefore germs, can spread to all surfaces, handles, or elevator buttons. 

  1. No Indoor Smoking or Vaping – Of Any Kind 😉

Workplaces have long instituted a “no smoking” policy inside the building, but people tend to skirt the rules when there’s a party. Even e-cigarettes and vapes will affect the indoor air quality and atmosphere. Our Air Purifiers will purify the air at your party, decreasing the spread of germs and pathogens and keeping the air smelling fresh. 

  1. Invite Your Janitors and On-Site Managers to the Party!

Hiring one of our Porters for your party is a good option to stay on top of the mess, promptly take care of all trash, wipe up spills, attend to the restrooms, and make sure that at the end of the night, the room is returned to its original state. We want you to have a happy and merry holiday season and celebrate as much as the current COVID protocols and restrictions will allow. Eat, drink, and be merry! 

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From holiday parties, construction, and pet-friendly offices, we’ve seen it all. Our commercial cleaning solutions can handle any cleaning challenge, inside and outside of your building. We have the right tools and equipment to clean and sanitize any surface, remove stains and odors, and improve indoor air quality. 

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It’s been a pleasure to partner with you in ensuring that your building, school, office, warehouse, and facilities are all clean, safe, and healthy.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!