How to Remove Stains From Your Building Windows

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Commercial properties are regularly exposed to dirt and debris, which results in stains on the exterior and interior of windows. The mineral salts that are present in rainwater also cause white stains on the window. These stains are incredibly persistent and cannot be cleaned using standard window cleaners.

Since the exterior of a building is the first thing a person sees, it is important to make a good first impression by keeping the windows clean. You can either opt for acid to dissolve these stains, or use a mild abrasive that won’t damage the glass.  You can also hire experts to carry out window cleaning services. They have the skill and the knowledge to effectively eliminate all exterior and interior window stains on your property.

Common Causes That Cloud Up Windows

1. Airborne Contaminants

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Even interior office windows can get stained if they are not properly maintained.

One of the most common issues that result in stained windows is airborne contaminants. Dirt is kicked up in the air throughout the day, especially if your building is located by a busy road. Besides dirtying your windows from the outside, this windswept dirt also gets sucked into your heating and air condition system, so it is essential to change the filters frequently as well.

2. Grease and Steam

Kitchen windows are arguably the dirtiest. Grease, steam, and other particles slowly build up over time on windows in commercial kitchens. These harsh stains are incredibly difficult to get rid of.

3. Handprints

People tend to touch glass doors while walking in and out of a premise. The same can happen with window panes, and that’s when they become smudgy. Our hands leave behind residues that ultimately stain the windows if they aren’t cleaned regularly.

4. Waterborne Minerals

You might be tempted to wash your windows using hose water, however, you should avoid doing this. The water that comes out the faucet is groundwater, which contains sediments and minerals. While it’s harmless to drink, you will notice these leftover particles once you clean the glass. Persistent streaks and spots are left behind, which have to be cleaned thoroughly.

Hire professionals for Window Cleaning

In–house staff might not be able to tackle these jobs skillfully as they do not have the necessary solutions and training to handle the task. They also may not have specialized equipment needed to take care of the hard stains, especially if the windows are very tall or high off the ground. While your regular janitorial service can carry out some standard cleaning between routine service, it is crucial to ensure that it is done the right way, and that even the highest windows in your building are reached. If your windows are cracked, foggy, or stained, consider hiring window washing professionals like KG Facility Solutions to take care of the job.