Restore Your Building’s Appearance With Professional Tile Cleaning

Tile being cleaned

Many commercial structures have tiled surfaces in various areas of the premises. The tiles could be on the floors and walls in the indoor and outdoor spaces too. While tiles are resilient and long-lasting, they too need regular cleaning to keep them disinfected, in good condition, and looking clean.

Most businesses have in-house cleaning staff that tackle day-to-day cleaning of various features, installations and surfaces. But some jobs like tile and grout cleaning are best left to professionals. This job requires skill, knowledge about different types of tile materials and the right tools and techniques. Only experienced and well-established professionals like KG Facility Solutions would have all these things.

How Tiles Deteriorate Over Time

Grit, dirt and dust tend to settle on the tile surfaces marring their appearance and creating an unhygienic environment in that space. The tiles in washroom and restroom areas or even in commercial kitchens see significant exposure to water, moisture grease and steam.  This can result in black stains in the grout and moss and mildew buildup as well.

If you neglect to clean these surfaces regularly, that can create a very poor impression on customers, clients, visitors and even your own employees. Just as you maintain all the other features on your commercial premises, cleaning the tiles is crucial too.

But just basic cleaning isn’t sufficient to keep the tiles and especially the grout free of this buildup. Hiring KG Facility Solutions for this job is a better option as we have 25 years of experience in a wide range of services including specialty floor care, health conscious janitorial services, and commercial building infection control services.

How Professionals Handle Tile and Grout Cleaning

As mentioned, KG Facility Services has the experience, the necessary tile cleaning products, the tools and knowledge needed to get your tiles sparkling clean. The products we use are effective in getting rid of stains, debris, dirt etc. We will also clean the grout lines carefully using specialized equipment and solutions that will remove all the dirt without affecting the grouting itself.

Getting your tiles cleaned by KG Facility Solutions will not only improve the appearance of the tiles, but the hygiene levels of the spaces. You can opt for this as part of an overall commercial cleaning package or as one-off tile and grout cleaning service. Our skilled professionals will make sure that the appearance of the tiles are restored and this also helps enhance the overall appearance of your building. While there would be many companies in the field that provide these services, look for an experienced company that will customize solutions and provide you good value for money.

Maintain A Sanitized Office And Keep A COVID-19 Free Environment For Your Staff

While many offices now follow social distancing norms by allowing their employees to work from home, that is also slowly changing. Some businesses have started on-premises work as before, and ultimately most others will follow suit.

But medical experts and virologists have been saying all along that the COVID-19 crisis isn’t going away anytime soon. It’s something we are going to have to live with. One way to fight it is to follow social distancing in work and public places, diligently.

How To Fight COVID-19

Keeping a hygienic, tidy, healthy environment will keep the Covid19 away, and your staff safe.

Another important aspect of creating safer spaces for employees and staff is to opt for consistent commercial building COVID-19 disinfection services. While maintaining hygienic and germ-free office spaces have always been important, this has now become an essential part of everyday business operations. No business can afford to neglect or overlook this aspect and must disinfect the entire office environment.

KG Facility Solutions has a proven three-step disinfection process to eliminate harmful contaminants in your workplace. 

  • Create a careful step-by-step approach for how to efficiently disinfect your spaces.
  • Implement a recurring disinfection approach that specifically targets high touch areas. Your current service frequency can be increased, and a day porter can be provided to you during business hours. We also provide the appropriate EPA approved chemicals, tools, and equipment for disinfection. 
  • Sanitize your entire facility with our disinfection fogging system. Through electrostatic spraying, the cleaning chemical particles are shrunk to microns and then sprayed methodically to evenly coat every inch of your space for a complete clean. 

Benefits of a Healthy Environment

In the New Normal of the current pandemic and even in the future, you must create a healthy environment in your office building. There are numerous benefits to this, such as:

  • It positions you as a responsible business that cares for its employees, and you can ensure that all the areas of your office are clean and safe for work.
  • You will not have employees falling ill; that will improve staff productivity and your business profitability.
  • Your employees will feel encouraged to come into work as they know that they have a safe environment.
  • The government will surely set some basic hygiene norms for all commercial settings. KG Facility Solutions commercial building COVID-19 disinfection services will help you be in line with those requirements.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to opting for disinfection solutions, and these need to become the New Normal of your regular business building maintenance services. KG Facility Solutions has been instrumental over the years in implementing Healthcare Cleaning Protocols. We have been on the frontlines when it comes to responsive and responsible infection control long before the COVID-19 outbreak, including cleaning the Frontier Airlines headquarters and Aircraft during the Ebola outbreak. If you’re looking for infection control services that will be properly equipped to handle the ongoing pandemic, then look no further than KG Facility Solutions. 

Discuss your requirements for disinfection services with our team of professionals today. We can guide you about the frequency at which you need to get the sanitization done to maintain hygienic and germ-free office spaces, and can update or create a custom cleaning package for your building. To keep your facilities properly disinfected on an ongoing basis, make sure to contact our team of professionals at KG Facility Solutions today.

Avoid COVID-19 Contagious Risks By Sanitizing Your Business Building

men in protective suits disinfecting

While the coronavirus pandemic threat still exists, many businesses and offices are trying to open up and get back to normal operations. However, when you open up your business building, you now need to make specific changes so that the spaces are safe for your employees. Just as you maintain cleanliness and hygiene, commercial building COVID-19 virus control has become the need of the hour.

Why is Sanitization Important?

man with suit and mask disinfecting outside
Sanatizing your building will provide a healthy and Covid free environment for your staff and visitors.

Only when your employees feel safe at work will they be inclined to come in regularly. If you want to maintain the productivity of your team and the profitability of your business, you should consider getting your business building sanitized. Commercial building COVID-19 virus control is a specialized job and not something you can entrust to an internal housekeeping team. 

Not only does it require select products but the right knowledge and training as well. You should be sure that all the areas and surfaces in your business premises are thoroughly sanitized. Commercial building disinfection services have to be carried out multiple times during the day and are not something that inexperienced or untrained professionals can handle. 

KG Facility Solutions has been instrumental over the years in implementing Healthcare Cleaning Protocols and being on the frontlines when it comes to responsive and responsible infection control (including Ebola). If there is an outbreak at your facility, or if you are preparing to welcome employees and customers back into the office, our team’s focus on rapid response allows us to be on-site quickly. We minimize disruption to your facility and increase our ability to service all of our customers.

The Commercial Building COVID-19 Virus Rapid Response Process

KG Facility Solutions experienced rapid response disinfecting services include deep cleaning for COVID-19 virus control and electrostatic spraying. Our rapid response team allows for quick, fast-acting spraying that will limit exposure. Our spraying can cover, on average, 20,000 square feet per hour, enabling us to disinfect multiple areas quickly and safely.

All disinfectant chemicals used must be from an EPA approved list. Through our supplier relationships, we can stock and deep clean your facility using only approved chemicals. Along with high-quality equipment and proper chemicals, we use a comprehensive measuring tool to evaluate if the surfaces are truly being disinfected.

We have devised a pricing structure that allows complete and frequent service. By charging hourly versus per square foot, we can cover the same space for a much lower cost compared to competitors. There are multiple pricing packages to meet your needs and budget. As a responsible business, you should hire the services of a company that provides commercial building disinfection services regularly. Discuss what your specific requirements are, and we will visit your property to offer you a detailed plan about the method and schedule we will use and follow.