Avoid COVID-19 Contagious Risks By Sanitizing Your Business Building

men in protective suits disinfecting

While the coronavirus pandemic threat still exists, many businesses and offices are trying to open up and get back to normal operations. However, when you open up your business building, you now need to make specific changes so that the spaces are safe for your employees. Just as you maintain cleanliness and hygiene, commercial building COVID-19 virus control has become the need of the hour.

Why is Sanitization Important?

man with suit and mask disinfecting outside
Sanatizing your building will provide a healthy and Covid free environment for your staff and visitors.

Only when your employees feel safe at work will they be inclined to come in regularly. If you want to maintain the productivity of your team and the profitability of your business, you should consider getting your business building sanitized. Commercial building COVID-19 virus control is a specialized job and not something you can entrust to an internal housekeeping team. 

Not only does it require select products but the right knowledge and training as well. You should be sure that all the areas and surfaces in your business premises are thoroughly sanitized. Commercial building disinfection services have to be carried out multiple times during the day and are not something that inexperienced or untrained professionals can handle. 

KG Facility Solutions has been instrumental over the years in implementing Healthcare Cleaning Protocols and being on the frontlines when it comes to responsive and responsible infection control (including Ebola). If there is an outbreak at your facility, or if you are preparing to welcome employees and customers back into the office, our team’s focus on rapid response allows us to be on-site quickly. We minimize disruption to your facility and increase our ability to service all of our customers.

The Commercial Building COVID-19 Virus Rapid Response Process

KG Facility Solutions experienced rapid response disinfecting services include deep cleaning for COVID-19 virus control and electrostatic spraying. Our rapid response team allows for quick, fast-acting spraying that will limit exposure. Our spraying can cover, on average, 20,000 square feet per hour, enabling us to disinfect multiple areas quickly and safely.

All disinfectant chemicals used must be from an EPA approved list. Through our supplier relationships, we can stock and deep clean your facility using only approved chemicals. Along with high-quality equipment and proper chemicals, we use a comprehensive measuring tool to evaluate if the surfaces are truly being disinfected.

We have devised a pricing structure that allows complete and frequent service. By charging hourly versus per square foot, we can cover the same space for a much lower cost compared to competitors. There are multiple pricing packages to meet your needs and budget. As a responsible business, you should hire the services of a company that provides commercial building disinfection services regularly. Discuss what your specific requirements are, and we will visit your property to offer you a detailed plan about the method and schedule we will use and follow.