Pathogen Mitigation Program To Keep Your Office Building Healthy

Janitors Are Underappreciated

A professional, deep disinfection is crucial to keep your workspace healthy.

The need of the hour is to maintain clean and germ-free office interiors. This step is critical for reducing the chances of your staff and customers catching infections and suffering from health complications. Doing the bare minimum in terms of hygiene is no longer enough, and you need to take some extra steps to create more hygienic and well-sanitized spaces.

The Best Pathogen Mitigation Strategy

Just as you ensure that all the surfaces in your commercial space are clean and disinfected, making sure the indoor air is healthy is crucial as well. This is where our pathogen mitigation program comes in.

While we offer the best in business sanitization and cleaning services, we are also infection control experts. We have a specialized air purification system that offers surface protection and excellent pathogen mitigation effects. This full-coverage disinfection process helps to keep your customers and employees safe.

Our air purification system utilizes a unique ActivePure® Technology, proven to kill 99.8% of COVID-19 viruses in the air as well as on surfaces. This amazing system safely eliminates airborne pathogens, bacteria such as C-diff and MRSA, viruses, fungi, mold, sick building syndrome, and impressively has been shown to kill the COVID-19 virus in the air in just three minutes. It is one of the fastest and most effective ways to fight the possibility of infection spread in your office or commercial setting. We are committed to providing our clients with services that will be right in line with your needs. Our customized and personalized approach and use of the latest technology are just some of the things that set us apart from the competition.

Other Pathogen Mitigation Strategies

In addition to our cleaning and monitoring protocols, we also recommend to our customers that they should follow some basic mitigation strategies to protect against harmful pathogens like COVID-19 themselves as well, such as:

  • Social distancing
  • Ensuring that all employees are wearing masks
  • Making sure that visitors and customers are also using masks
  • Regular disinfecting of all surfaces, especially high touch areas
  • Washing hands regularly
  • Frequent deep cleaning of all the surfaces

We are here to help with all your cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection requirements on an ongoing basis. For any more information on our services, please contact us and we will design the perfect solutions for you. We can help improve the indoor air quality and overall wellness on your premises.

Our infection control services were developed long before the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, and we are the experts in this field. With over 25 years of experience, we can handle all big and small commercial cleaning jobs.

Cleaning For Health In Big Working Spaces

If you manage a big workspace, you know exactly how important it is to maintain hygiene levels and ensure that all of the features are in good condition at all times. In the current pandemic situation, these aspects have become even more crucial. 

Effective Janitorial Services for Big Working Spaces

Maintaining cleanliness on a property and ensuring that all of the spaces, features, and surfaces are properly disinfected and sanitized is vital if you want your employees to be comfortable and confident about working in an office setting again.

When you consciously focus on dependable cleaning services, it goes a long way in driving business security, safety, success, and sustainability. It helps to keep your customers and staff safe and enables you to maintain the right image and standing in the market.

Maintenance Tips

It is important to keep a healthy environment for your staff and visitors.

While there are many janitorial services companies, you must find one that will provide a wide range of cleaning, sanitizing, and commercial building disinfection services. Here is a look at the different services that should be covered as part of the solutions:

  • Day and Night Janitorial Services- Your business reputation depends on various things, and the cleanliness of the premises is one of them. Dust and cobwebs in corners, stained floors and carpets, and smudgy or contaminated surfaces are something that your employees, staff members, and customers will notice. The only way to get ahead of all these issues is to hire an operator like KG Facility Solutions that provides 24/7 janitorial services.
  • Using health cleaning and monitoring protocols, KG Facility Solutions will create cleaning and sanitizing action plans based on your property’s specific requirements and schedules. Since we work round-the-clock, we can come in at various times during the day, after office hours, or at night to clean the spaces. This way your employees have well sanitized, well-maintained working areas during the day, increasing confidence in your organization.
  • Commercial Building COVID19 Disinfection Services- With the pandemic threat still present in our current lives and with future health and safety of working spaces in mind, it is necessary to take some additional measures to ensure that all of the areas on your property are sanitized correctly for your employees well-being.

A company that offers janitorial services should also provide a specialized disinfection service. This is never a one-off task and can include recurring cleaning, targeting high touch areas, and disinfection through electrostatic spraying. KG Facility Solutions offers not only this, but a wide array of additional services to create a clean and healthy workplace environment.

KG Facility Solutions is consistently coming up with new and innovative ways to keep your working environment healthy. We use the latest techniques and equipment in health conscious cleaning. When you hire a company that offers all these services under a single roof, it becomes convenient for you to deal with them. With an hourly pricing structure that allows for complete and frequent service, it is a cost-effective solution too.