The Challenges of Cleaning Fitness and Rec Centers

Cleaning Fitness and Rec Centers

It happens every year. Between the cold weather and New Year’s resolutions, everyone flocks to fitness, sport, and rec centers. The constant turnaround of people all sharing equipment and facilities means that keeping up with proper sanitization and cleaning protocols can be a challenge. Cleaning fitness and rec centers require a dedicated person who can keep up with demand at all times.

Cleaning Fitness and Rec Centers

Even before the pandemic, keeping a fitness center clean and disinfected was a never-ending job.

Cleaning Fitness and Rec Centers Day and Night
Your dedicated onsite porter will find the right solutions and methods to keep your fitness facility clean and disinfected at all times.

The very nature of people being highly active, sweating, and touching everything all the time means you need a dedicated cleaner to ensure that your facility is at an optimal cleanliness level at all times of the day. 

Our day and night time porters clean:

  • Bathrooms
  • Showers
  • Changing Rooms
  • Equipment
  • Machines
  • Receptions Area
  • All Surfaces
  • Hard to Reach Places
  • More

Disinfecting Fitness and Rec Centers

Cleanliness has always been a priority at gyms, fitness, sports, or rec centers. Every member should experience the same level of cleanliness when they come to work out, take classes, and participate in sports. It’s not always enough to have someone come at the beginning and end of the day. You need someone who is there to clean and disinfect consistently. 

While you rely on your members to take on some responsibility by providing cleaning solutions and paper towels to wipe down machines and equipment after use, this is not a reliable long-term solution. 

Proper disinfection requires patience. For a product to work, it needs to dwell on the surface. You can’t just spray and wipe in quick succession and expect the surface to be disinfected. Our team knows how products need to be used to properly disinfect and give you the level of cleanliness that everyone expects.

The Challenges of Cleaning Fitness and Rec Centers

A fitness, sports, and rec center have many challenges. Rubber, wood, and synthetic sports floors, bathroom tiles, showers, carpet, glass, mirrors, climbing walls, and more require professional knowledge of the best ways to clean and disinfect each type of surface and material.

Rec Center Locker Room
Our team will utilize the right products and equipment for every type of surface, from bathrooms to multiple types of flooring. 

The products you use should be tough enough to get rid of all sweat, dirt, bacteria, and contaminants but gentle enough for people to work out without being irritated by cleaning products and solutions or breathing in chemicals. 

KGFS uses EPA-approved disinfectants and products that are people and planet friendly while still exceeding your expectations for clean. 

Cleaning Under Fitness Equipment and Machines

We don’t just focus on the visible areas of the gym, shared spaces, and high-touch surface areas. We also find solutions for those hard-to-reach places, like under machines and equipment. Unfortunately, sliding a treadmill over to the side to clean and vacuum underneath is not always possible. Gym equipment is heavy, but our team finds a way. 

We don’t want to give away all of our trade secrets, but some innovative indoor cleaning solutions may or may not involve a leaf blower! 

The point is, we find solutions to clean every area of your facility, even the hard-to-reach out-of-sight places. 

Day and Night Janitorial Services in Denver

Put the cleanliness of your business into the hands of passionate and experienced professionals. Our janitorial services include a dedicated onsite porter to oversee cleaning and disinfecting, utilizing the right tools, equipment, and products. 

Your day and nighttime porter will become a part of your team, getting to know the unique needs of your facility. They ensure a consistent and professional level of cleanliness by scaling services to peak times and high seasons. 

Talk to us about your needs, and we’ll find the right commercial cleaning solutions