Don’t Throw Your Carpet Away – It Can Be Restored!

Comparing carpet cleaner and carpet restoration services can be tricky because they have such different purposes, but one thing they do have in common is that they’re both designed to save your carpet! Whether you’re looking to clean your existing carpet or restore it to its former glory, read on to learn more about these two options and see which might be right for you.

Common Critical Issues

A fresh and newly cleaned carpet is a beautiful sight to behold, but after a while, those stains begin to build up again. The first order of business in cleaning any carpet will be removing dirt and other particles that have worked their way into the fabric. If you are looking for commercial cleaning services, this process may include vacuuming and steaming. 

Best Services for Your Office

The best way to preserve your office carpet is to have it professionally cleaned and restored.

The best way to preserve your office carpet is to have it professionally cleaned and restored. There are many benefits to having your carpets cleaned and restored rather than replaced, including reduced costs and time-savings. Here at KG Facility Solutions, we offer a variety of methods to clean your carpets – steam cleaning, dry extraction, and hot water extraction, so that you can choose the right one for you. 

If you can’t get all of the stains out with professional cleaning service, that doesn’t mean your carpet needs to be replaced. Some stains, like urine and red wine, can actually be cured with a carpet restoration service. Most people think a whole new carpet will solve their stain problems when in reality, it’s just a cover up. This type of stain removal also has the additional benefits of saving money and making a clean office once again.

Hire a Professional

Do you prefer convenience over quality, time over money, short-term relief over long-term benefits? The decision to hire a professional to clean your carpets will be the best choice for you. A professional carpet cleaning service will take care of any stains and stubborn dirt that other machines can’t reach. Contact us at KGFS today!

Don’t Throw Your Office Carpet Away; It Can Be Restored

Most office spaces have wall-to-wall carpeting in many areas of the premises. While carpets lend a luxurious and elegant look to a commercial space, maintaining these features isn’t an easy task. Many property owners have a tough time managing carpet cleaning, even though they have internal staff to handle these jobs.

Common Critical Issues with Carpets

A tidy and clean office rug will project a solid, impeccable image of your business.

Good quality carpets can last for many years as long as they are maintained well, and you hire a professional carpet cleaner for regular cleaning. However, the deterioration that occurs due to lack of maintenance to properly clean can cause various problems. Some of the common ones include:

  • For high traffic areas like entrances, hallways, and other common office spaces, the carpets can turn old and dreary quickly.
  • They can easily develop stains, and simple vacuuming does not help clean them and keep them in good condition.
  • When soil or debris starts to sink into the carpet fibers, it damages them, resulting in their deterioration sooner than later.
  • Once the stains and dirt set in, it causes fading of the carpets, which becomes irreversible.

Professional Carpet Restoration Services

One of the best ways to avoid all of these problems is to hire an experienced and established carpet cleaner for carpet restoration services. The professionals at KG Facility Solutions are highly skilled and knowledgeable, and they know how to clean and/or restore different types of carpets. Today there is a wide range in the types of fibers used in carpets.

It also means that the products and techniques used to clean and restore these features will be different. Skilled and experienced carpet cleaners will use the right methods and solutions, so that there is no damage to the carpet on your commercial property. A couple of the methods used at KG Facility Solutions include bonnet cleaning and steam cleaning. Bonnet cleaning uses detergent and a machine with an absorbent pad to pick up the dirt and spots, and has a fast drying time. Steam cleaning and hot water extraction clean the carpet quickly using high temperatures to remove stains, dirt, germs, fungi, and bacteria, and depending on the situation, may work better on heavily soiled areas.

You can opt for a one-off carpet cleaning service or make it part of your regular property maintenance packages. When you opt for carpet restoration services by professional carpet cleaners like KG Facility Solutions, you can be sure that they will look great, feel fresh, and last long. Clean carpets also help maintain a better atmosphere and indoor air quality in your commercial building.

Whether it be carpet cleaning, stripping and waxing, or even water damage restoration, KG Facility Solutions offers many services to restore the quality of your commercial building. Hygienic and well-maintained office and retail spaces encourage customers and clients to stay longer. It also helps improve your employees’ productivity, which has a positive impact on your business. As you can see, there are numerous benefits to hiring a company skilled in restoration for jobs like these.