Improving Indoor Air Quality Without Opening a Window

Improve Indoor Air Quallty

We don’t consider the air we share until it starts to affect our physical and mental health. Poor indoor air can cause irritation, headaches, exacerbate allergies, and spread disease more easily. Feeling physically under the weather will lead to poor job performance, fatigue, and even depression. The air we breathe is a major factor in our physical and mental wellbeing and vital to our job performance. While “open a window” tends to be the go-to solution, it’s not always possible in large commercial buildings. If your indoor air quality isn’t as good as it could be, and bringing in outside air isn’t an option, improving indoor air quality without opening a window is not only doable, but should be prioritized.  

Identify the Source

The first task is to identify the source of pollutants. Every part of your building could be contributing to poor indoor air quality, like:

Improving indoor air quality


Improving indoor air quality combines a good air purification system and regular professional cleaning and maintenance.

  • New construction
  • Unclean floors, upholstery, carpets
  • Dust
  • HVAC systems
  • Moisture and humidity
  • Cleaning and maintenance products and solutions
  • Office pets
  • Smokers
  • External factors

Eliminating the Source

You’re probably tempted to go straight to an industrial-strength air purification system, but before we get to that, there are a few cleaning and maintenance steps that need to happen.

Sometimes the source of the air pollution is obvious, like with new construction, including new floors, upholstery, and carpets. It’s important to have a professional post-construction clean-up crew that will work safely following all OSHA protocols while getting your building ready for occupants and business to resume.

Specialty floor care, where each type of upholstery, carpet, or flooring material is handled correctly to get rid of any irritants or pollutants that are degrading the indoor air quality, is another necessary step to improving the quality of the air.

Regular Cleaning Services

Dirt, dust, mildew, and mold are all sources of poor air quality, and they will continue to be a problem until the end of time. Unlike post-construction cleaning, carpet cleaning, and even window cleaning, you need a professional janitorial crew to stay on top of every surface and high-touch area in your building. Employees, building managers, vendors, clients, and guests are continuously tracking in dirt and other pollutants on their shoes and clothing, touching everything as they go. It’s a never-ending cycle; fortunately, so are our day and night janitorial services.

Working day and night to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness throughout your building is only as good as the equipment, products, and cleaning solutions. Using harsh chemicals may ensure proper sanitation and sterilization but can lead to more irritation. At KGFS, we take great care to use the most efficient methods to clean a building, from using the proper equipment for each task, surface, and material and using eco-friendly, pet-friendly, and people-friendly products to avoid causing more air pollution but create a clean, healthy, and harmonious atmosphere.

Commercial Office Cleaning


We use green cleaning solutions and product options so that our regular janitorial services aren’t causing poor indoor air quality.

Air Purification Systems

Good indoor air is as much about planning and implementing strict cleaning protocols as installing air purification systems. So, let’s talk about the air purification systems that we recommend.

Our team services and maintains numerous commercial and public buildings in the Denver area, including warehouses, schools, businesses, and corporations. Knowing how vital indoor air quality is to the health of a building and the occupants, we stand behind the proprietary ActivePure® Technology system that:

  • Destroys over 99% of all surface and airborne contaminants
  • Eliminates over 99% of airborne SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) viral particles within 3 minutes
  • Reduces viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants
  • Provides a better-than-HEPA air filtration system
  • Is based on NASA technology and recognized worldwide as Certified Space Technology

We have several small stand-alone plug-in units designed to remove contaminants in small areas, and systems intended to attach directly to your HVAC systems.

Improving Indoor Air Quality in Your Building

We customize our commercial cleaning services to meet the needs of every client and building, from regular cleaning and maintenance to specialty cleaning services, to our proprietary air purification system to improve the quality of indoor air and help prevent the spread of disease.

KG Facility Solutions has a full suite of services; contact us today to raise the bar on a clean and healthy work environment.

Do You Have Faith in the Indoor Air You Breathe?

Covid cleaning

The airborne threat of COVID-19 is real and has resulted in all businesses having to rethink the way they sanitize and disinfect their indoor commercial spaces. As businesses reopen their physical locations, it’s time to start thinking about the long term solutions and systems needed to keep staff and customers safe.

How to Combat the Threat

It has become all the more necessary for businesses to focus on keeping their workspaces comfortable and hygienic for their employees and staff members. This includes maintaining a well-sanitized environment free of harmful pathogens, including COVID-19.

Every single business must see to it that they partner with a professional, experienced facility solutions company to ensure all indoor spaces are healthy and safe. Implementing tools to protect against pathogens will help secure the wellbeing of your entire commercial property and its indoor environment.

Start With the Indoor Air You Breathe

While disinfection of the surfaces of your building should continue, it is extremely important for businesses to be conscious of airborne transmission as well. Unhealthy air quality in your building can contain mold, mildew, and odors, as well as spread bacterial and viral pathogens, including COVID-19. New, innovative solutions have become available for everyday use to protect your building from harmful contaminants.

One excellent solution you can implement to ensure your building has healthy air quality is the Aerus air purification system. Aerus utilizes ActivePure® Technology, a patented cell which sends out supercharged oxidizers back into the air, seeking out and destroying contaminants. This air purification system not only neutralizes airborne contaminants and pathogens, but will also settle on and disinfect the surfaces of your building. ActivePure® Technology continues disinfecting as people move throughout your office space, offering unprecedented 24/7 air and surface protection from pathogens, bacteria such as C-diff, MRSA, viruses, fungi, sick building syndrome, and of course COVID-19!


ActivePure® Cell Technology

Scientifically Proven to Mitigate the Spread

This type of air solution is safe for people and pets, and can be easily installed on commercial properties for businesses who want ultimate indoor air protection. Aerus purifiers come in many sizes and can be installed as simply as plugging the unit into an outlet. The treatment area can be as small as 250 square feet, up to as large as 20,000 square feet. This air purifying technology has been thoroughly tested and researched.

ActivePure® Technology is used by NASA and was awarded the Certified Space Technology seal by the Space Foundation. It was recently found that ActivePure® Technology can eliminate COVID-19 in as little as 3 minutes! Additional information about this technology and its impressive outcomes have been recently published in and

KG Facility Solutions has partnered with Aerus and is ready to equip your business building with this extra layer of protection for your facilities and staff. There are several different pricing tiers to match the needs of your company. By utilizing this air purification solution and continuing to disinfect high touch areas, you can rest assured you are creating a healthy environment for your business.