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The Dirtiest Areas in Commercial Office Buildings

Dirtiest Areas of Commercial Office Buildings

Staying on top of the dirtiest areas in commercial office buildings is one of the trickiest jobs a building/office manager will face. KG Facility Solutions has a full suite of commercial cleaning solutions to maintain a clean office that looks and feels good. Our on-site janitors and porters are well versed in the areas that see the most action throughout the day and also the hard to reach areas that go unnoticed by other janitorial and facilities maintenance companies. Your building will be in good hands with our team onboard.

Cleaning Solutions for the Dirtiest Areas in Commercial Office Buildings

Dirtiest Areas of Commercial Office Buildings
The water cooler is one of the most overlooked areas in your office that is collecting a bunch of germs on a daily basis.

Our experience maintaining a wide variety of large commercial facilities makes us uniquely equipped to handle every aspect of a busy office building. We’ve seen firsthand where all the most common problem areas lie and have created effective solutions to tackle every difficult task, surface, and stain. In a building that sees a lot of traffic, some areas need constant attention. The little areas are often overlooked as the focus is on large surfaces like glass doors, desks, reception, restrooms, and floors. These areas may be more obviously dirty, but there are certain small surfaces that get used by multiple people throughout the day, and tend to collect the most germs. Our janitorial staff will pay special attention to the smaller, often overlooked, high-touch areas to maintain the highest level of cleanliness in your building. The dirtiest areas in a commercial office building are:

  • Doorknobs and handles – Germs are easily passed around as people move around your workspace entering, exiting, and touching doors.
  • Elevator buttons – These are handled by more people than any other surface in your building.
  • Office equipment – Including the water cooler, coffee machine, copier, and printer; shared equipment doesn’t always have an employee assigned for cleaning.
  • Vending machines – These areas should be cleaned as often as a food prep area.
  • Desktop equipment and keyboard – This work area has more germs than a toilet seat as is touched consistently throughout the day.

Infectious Disease Mitigation

KG Facility Solutions has highly trained, experienced staff who truly care about the cleanliness and health of your building. We use the most up to date, professional equipment that can tackle every issue a building may face when it comes to being clean and sanitary. We also take great care to utilize products and methods that are pet, people, and planet-friendly. That being said, we also have methods that can tackle more serious cleaning issues, like infectious disease control. COVID-19 is not our first major health scare, so we’ve been implementing tough cleaning protocols for years and can help you develop a plan to keep your building healthy and free of pathogens and contaminants.

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