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Spa Cleanliness Is At The Heart Of A Positive Guest Experience

White orchids representing spa cleanliness

Spa cleanliness is crucial to providing a positive guest experience and building a strong brand reputation. The cleaning methods you use are as important as your products and treatments. Prioritize cleaning solutions that provide a thoroughly clean and sanitized environment without disturbing the serene and relaxing atmosphere that guests expect. 

Challenges of Spa Cleanliness

The more people share the environment, the higher the risk. So, the first challenge to keeping a clean day spa is keeping up with the demand.

Achieving Spa Cleanliness
We’ve got a two-step approach to spa cleanliness, targeting surfaces and air.

Almost every surface in a day spa is a high-touch surface area, so your cleaning protocol needs to be thorough and continuous to provide the same level of cleanliness for every guest. 

The second challenge is the natural spa environment. A warm and cozy indoor ambiance is essential to the guest experience, yet, ripe for bacteria and germs to grow.

Clean surfaces are important, but in the age of COVID, you can’t forget about indoor air quality. This brings us to the third challenge, preventing the spread of airborne pathogens and contaminants.

COVID-mitigation and infection control begin with the air we breathe. Air purification is more important than ever, in any environment. 

The final challenge is finding a solution that meets all the challenges without leaving your spa feeling cold and clinical.

Infection Control Services

Our proven two-step process for infection control targets air and surfaces. 

  • Air – We provide a patented and FDA-cleared ActivePure® Technology beyond traditional air purification systems. No chemicals are released and zero Ozone.
  • Surfaces – EPA-certified disinfectants, electrostatic sprayers, and healthcare cleaning protocols add an additional layer of protection.

Custom Cleaning Solutions to Improve Spa Cleanliness

Fortunately, keeping your spa clean and healthy won’t be hard if you have a plan in place. KGFS can customize professional cleaning and disinfection services to fit the demands of your day spa without compromising the ambiance crucial to the guest experience. We handle the cleaning while you take care of your guests.

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