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Pressure Washing

pressure washing outside

If not treated correctly, the outside of your business can begin to develop some very unsightly qualities. For example, mold, mildew, discoloration, and other imperfections are all very possible outcomes when the exterior is not properly cleaned. That’s why you should get a professional team of cleaners like ours to come in on a consistent basis and give your building exterior a thorough cleaning. 

Although we offer a variety of services to help get this done, our most effective service is pressure washing the exterior. This can help eliminate practically any dirt or debris from the building itself or its surrounding areas, making it safer and looking much more professional as well.

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Why Choose the KG Facility Solutions Way for Pressure Washing


It is quite common for sidewalks to develop scuff marks or other cosmetic deformities that make them look much less impressive. Plus, it might even be a safety issue, depending on what type of debris has stuck to the sidewalk. But when we take a pressure washer to the sidewalk, it will be able to literally give you a clean slate.


With all of the nasty items that get thrown into a dumpster, there is bound to be something that spills or leaks every now and then. This can cause the dumpster to become quite an unpleasant part of your facility, which is why you need to take a pressure washer to it and the surrounding area to help clean them up.

Patios and Pool

You want to make sure that your patio or pool areas are a nice place to sit down and relax. A big part of this is going to be regularly pressure washing the areas to help keep them spotless and allow people to relax in a sufficiently clean environment.


Graffiti has the power to instantly make your business look far less professional. That’s why you need to make sure that you get rid of it as soon as possible by having professionals pressure wash it away.


You can effectively pressure wash most exterior areas, which is why it should not be underestimated as the ideal tool for exterior cleaning.

When you are ready to help effectively clean up your facility exterior, make sure to contact us at KG Facility Solutions.

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