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Post-Renovation Office Cleanup is the Final Step in Remodeling

Office Renovation for Social Distancing

Have you remodeled the office to accommodate COVID protocols and social distancing guidelines, or have you taken advantage of remote working and empty office space to renovate? Don’t forget about the post-renovation office cleanup. It’s not enough to send in your regular office cleaning crew. Post-renovation cleanups require some additional tools, techniques, and certified technicians. 

Cleaning Up After Renovating the Office

Most of us are getting back on our feet, and offices are resuming their normal workdays. Suppose you’re one of the many employers who have adopted a hybrid work model, and business has more or less resumed to normal. In that case, you may have recognized this as the prime opportunity to renovate and remodel without disrupting office productivity. 

Post-Renovation Office Cleanup


Our crew is OSHA-certified and will ensure it’s safe to return to the office after a renovation.

Now that the renovations are done, you need to ensure that the space is safe for employees to return. After all, the new changes most likely had to do with employee health and safety, so the final step is important. 

Post-Renovation Office Cleanup

We customize our services to meet the needs and requirements of every post-renovation cleanup. Our services include:

  • Tailoring the cleaning process to your needs
  • OSHA-certified technicians
  • Daily progress reports
  • Quick and timely completion

Our team has decades of experience cleaning up and making an office space clean and healthy. We will make sure to remove all construction dust from all surfaces, provide interior and exterior window cleaning, and disinfect all areas for your new and/or improved space. Your employees can feel confident about coming back to work, knowing that proper safety and cleanliness protocols have been utilized. 

Full-Service Office Cleaning Solutions

Post-construction cleanup, infection control, and COVID-mitigation protocols are just a few of our specialized services. However, we are a full-service commercial cleaning company. Regular day and night janitorial services are part of keeping your facility clean, sanitized, and healthy beyond the construction. 

These days, employees require extra attention and efforts to keep the air and office space not only clean, but sanitized, and our team has the experience and the knowledge to handle the task. 

Our team becomes a part of your team. Together, we’ll implement the best services and schedules to improve the cleanliness of your facility and gain the confidence of your employees. 

Day and Night Commercial Cleaning Solutions

We’ll be happy to start with a thorough and professional post-construction cleanup and talk about how we can partner with you to continue to keep your facility as clean as possible. 

Give us a call!