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Porter Services

Day porters are often the unseen heroes of a facility. They maintain cleanliness, restock and support the image of your facility.

Porter Services

Day porters are often the unseen heroes of a facility. They maintain cleanliness, restock and support the image of your facility.

Integrating top-notch janitorial services and exceptional customer service

Our expertly trained staff members often wear many different hats. This is especially true when it comes to our coveted porter services. We provide you with a member of our KG Facility Solutions personnel who is there to act in the role of an onsite manager for all your custodial needs.

As part of this service, the day porter is available on demand to take care of routine messes and spills, ensure that your facility is fully stocked, all main areas in your building are consistently clean, and high-touch areas are kept as clean as possible. This includes areas like doorknobs, elevator buttons, front desk surfaces, and any other common surfaces. These cleaning services help improve not only the appearance but also the safety of your facility and anyone who enters it.

Benefits of Day Porter Services

Our day porter services are especially beneficial for office lobbies, business complexes, and any other facilities that are in need of both cleaning and basic customer service assistance.

You can take comfort in knowing our thorough cleaning processes use completely safe methods. We avoid using any fuming or corrosive chemicals, and our products leave zero residues behind. You can have confidence that you are giving your facility’s employees and customers a clean space.

Serving our Local Community

What our clients are saying
Laura Motooka

KG Clean keeps our buildings looking great and has for many years. The customer service is excellent. Richard, our Operations Manager, fixes any issue that we come across. Liz, the COO, is amazing. John in Finance sends any report requested super quick.

Gigi Greenlee

We've been working with KG Clean for many years. We stick with them because they are so responsive to our requests and do an outstanding job. Jerry, our account manager is wonderful to work with. I always get a reply back in a timely manner and he is very thorough in his follow ups. T During Covid they've gone over and above with sanitizing and have met our requests beautifully. Like

Lydia Lucero

Was at the light rail, and there was trash on the bench, your fellow employee Antonio came over and offered to clean up the mess, wiped down the bench, and proceeded to have a nice conversation with us. Came back with a day pass he found. Really professional and polite.

Chris Bowyer

We have used KG for years and have always been exceedingly happy with their work! From their leadership to the team who serves our building, we trust that they will do everything possible to make our building look the best it possibly can!!

Jeff Baca

My business has been using KG Facility Solutions for nearly 8 years. The service has been excellent . Always consistent and of the highest quality. I highly recommend KG Facility Solutions to any business needing the very best in cleaning services.