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Meet the Team

Executive Team

Debbie Garay


Wade Keller


Duane Knight

Duane is the Operational CFO for KGFS. He is a Certified Public Accountant and a Master of Business Administration with more than 25 years of consulting, accounting, and finance experience with public and private companies in a variety of industries. He specializes in bridging operational

and financial needs to support overall company objectives.

Duane, a Colorado native, loves his family, his rescue dogs Lulu and Tito, golfing, and volunteering for Musana Community Development Organization in Uganda (see

Liz Russ



Renee Gonzales

Office Manager
Renee is the Office Manager at KGFS and has been with the company since 2013. Renee has over 30 years of bilingual office administrative and managerial experience including responsibilities with human resources administration, customer service, and contract management.

Renee oversees all administration responsibilities including assisting with human resources responsibilities. Outside of work Renee enjoys spending time with her family. Renee oversees all administration responsibilities including assisting with human resources responsibilities. Outside of work Renee enjoys spending time with her family.

Maria Aguirre

Bilingual HR Assistant
Maria has been with KGFS since 2021. She is probably the first person you will see and speak with when you come to the KGFS office. She has a positive attitude and great work ethic. Before joining KGFS she graduated from Colorado Mountain College with an Associate of Arts degree and was a retail manager.
She moved to Denver from the mountains in late 2020. She loves to paint, draw, sculpt, travel, and do all the amazing outdoor activities that Colorado has to offer.

Diana Acosta

Contract Compliance
Diana has been with KGFS since its founding in 1995. She has seen the company through multiple levels of growth and change throughout the years.


John Vandel

Accounting Assistant

Mona Abu-Okal

Accounting Assistant
Mona has been working within the Accounting Department at KGFS for five years. She has experience in many facets of accounting and is integral in processing payroll for KGFS. On the weekends, she enjoys cooking different kinds of dishes.

Business Development

Neil Alderson

Business Development Executive
Neil Alderson is the Business Development Executive for KGFS. He has been with the KGFS team since 2020. Neil is a highly motivated, results-driven leader. He has stablished proficiencies in guiding facilities management teams, risk management, and sales with a focus on customer service and a relationship building philosophy.
He believes that relationships, service, and partnerships are the basis for all businesses to retain and grow with success, enhancing the experience for every partner involved. In his free time Neil enjoys spending time with his wife, two sons, and all their sporting activities, taking in all that life has to offer.

Ashley Babiniec

Marketing Manager, Operations Assistant Ashley has taken on many roles at KGFS throughout the years. After moving back to Colorado in 2019, she began working in the Business Development Department in Internal Marketing, as well as assisting with operations. Ashley received her Bachelors of Social Work in 2009, and enjoys utilizing her social work skills
in communicating with people on a micro, mezzo, and macro level to promote KGFS objectives, products, and services. Outside of work Ashley can be found running after her three young children, and camping with her husband and family.


Jimmy Ayala

Senior Operations Manager Jimmy is a Senior Operations Manager with KGFS. He utilizes his policing and leadership experience toward his role in managing, training, and supervising in the operations department of KGFS. Throughout his time at KGFS he has been involved in organizing the operation of our RTD accounts, construction sales, supervising the completion of construction clean projects, managing staff,
overseeing the hiring of potential candidates, and training employees on the vision of the KG quality of clean. Prior to joining KGFS, Jimmy was an Officer and Detective Investigator with the NYPD for 20 years.

Vickie Keller

Operations Manager, Business Development
Vickie has been with KGFS for 7 years as a part of the Operations and Business Development departments. Her goal driven and ambitious personality are a great asset to the team. She has a degree in nursing and specialized in Pediatric ICU for 14 years prior to joining KGFS.

She enjoys long distance backpacking, flying, scuba diving, camping, and spending time with her family.

Mark Colligan

Operations Manager

Alan Orr

Operations Manager

Edith Fong

Operations Manager
Edith joined the KGFS team in 2020 as an Operations Manager, specializing in our partnership with the City and County of Denver. She is the proud mother of three children and three grand kids.
“There is nothing more attractive than a great positive personality, it’s beauty never fades away with time.”
-Edmond Mbiaka

Richard Lopez

Operations Manager DIA Terminal

Jeffrey Klenda II

Construction Division Estimator
Jeffrey is our Construction Estimator with 5 years of experience in the construction industry. His goals include developing our Construction Department and ensuring customer satisfaction across all accounts, big and small. In addition to his primary job functions,
Jeffrey is also passionate about health and fitness, and spending as much time as possible outdoors.

Tyler Seals

Project Manager
Tyler started working for KGFS in June of 2020. He was instrumental in helping KGFS customers continue to do business by combating the COVID-19 pandemic through disinfectant fogging. He now takes on the role of Project Manager. He enjoys that his job allows him to drive around the beautiful state of Colorado,
ensuring that the sanitation needs of businesses in the area are met. In his free time he likes to spend time with his two pugs and fiance on hikes and enjoying the outdoors.

Debbie Garay


Bio coming soon.

Wade Keller

Wade is the Founder and CEO of KGFS. For the last 26 years in Commercial Facilities Management, he has lead the company in growth from 2 employees to over 200 employees, serving over 150 facilities throughout the Denver Metro Area. He is certified in water restoration, carpet cleaning, and fire/smoke restoration. Prior to founding KGFS, Wade received his Bachelors degree in Finance and Accounting from Minot State University, and went on to gain 10 years of experience in retail and hi tech management. Wade enjoys fly fishing, scuba diving, weight lifting, boxing, and spending time camping with his family and 3 grand kids.