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Maintaining Commercial Buildings and Properties to Attract High-End Tenants

Maintaining Commercial Building

Every commercial real estate agent is always looking to attract the best clients. The best client is a corporate entity that adds prestige and credibility to the building and positively impacts the local community. On the other hand, tenants want the building and property to add prestige and credibility to its brand. Maintaining commercial buildings and properties are the first steps to attracting the best tenants.

Importance of Maintaining Commercial Buildings

Maintaining Commercial Buildings
Maintain the physical appearance of the building and property, like washing windows and pressure washing the property, to attract high-end tenants.

Don’t take the physical appearance of the property and building for granted. Take care of landscaping and building repairs and maintenance. If you notice any safety issues, these need to be taken care of before looking for a tenant. 

Consider the curb appeal of the building. Hire a crew to deal with exterior cleaning of all pathways, sidewalks, parking lots, and outdoor seating areas. You’ll be amazed at what pressure washing concrete and other exterior materials can do to the building’s appeal. 

Windows also need to be cleaned. Dirty windows look bad from the outside and create an unprofessional atmosphere inside the building. The right exterior cleaning crew will even be able to safely and efficiently remove graffiti from your building and property.

Attracting a High-End Tenant

When a corporate tenant is looking for a commercial building, the building and surrounding property become part of their brand identity. As a landlord, make it clear to tenants that you take pride in your property by providing essential maintenance, upkeep, and repairs to keep the building looking great inside and out. 

Regular cleaning and janitorial services may be up to the tenant, but you are responsible for keeping the building functioning properly and preventing any deterioration as a landlord. Before listing an available space, and before a new tenant moves in, it is a good idea to schedule a detailed clean to ensure the space is in top condition and makes a great impression. If essential repairs or new construction are necessary for your building, make sure you hire a proper post-construction cleaning crew to quickly return the building to optimal conditions and appearance and make it safe for new tenants.

Commercial Cleaning Solutions for Landlords and Tenants

At KG Facility Solutions, we have indoor and outdoor cleaning services to fulfill the responsibilities agreed upon by the landlord and tenant. We have every essential cleaning and maintenance service housed under one roof and can work with both landlords and tenants to find a seamless process to handle all the building and property needs.

KGFS services include post-construction cleaning, window cleaning, pressure washing, and regular janitorial and porter services like cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces, general restocking, and specialized services to handle floors, carpets, and upholstery. Contact us to hear more about our services. Let’s start by getting your building up to the standards of high-end tenants looking for a new home for their business.