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How To Restore Your Lobby After A Serious Water Leak

If there has been a water leak in your lobby or you are dealing with a sudden pipe burst, you will need the services of professionals that offer flood cleanup solutions. It’s never a good idea to handle these jobs on your own, because it doesn’t take long for water spouting out of a pipe to flow into other areas and damage various installations and features on your property.

Cleaning Flooded Areas

Cleaning flooded areas requires skill, dexterity, and speed. Only a company that offers commercial maintenance services will be able to do the job satisfactorily. This is how they clean flooded areas of your lobby:

Wet floor sign
Only a team of professional cleaning experts, equipped with special tools, can restore your lobby the way it was after a serious water leak.
  • When you call them, they will tell you to first turn off the water supply to that area as that will prevent further flow of water from the damaged or leaking pipe.
  • They will rush to your location with all the necessary tools and equipment needed to remove the excess water as quickly as possible.
  • They will use wet vacuums and other equipment to remove the accumulated water.
  • After that, they will use high-speed fans and blowers to dry all the spaces.
  • The team that handles flood cleanup will also check your carpets and the underlayment for signs of damage. The water doesn’t take long to seep into the fibers and damage them.
  • They will get deep into the fibers to restore the carpets and remove them if necessary.
  • Once all the areas are clean and dry, they will deodorize the spaces and sanitize them as well. Not only does that eliminate the chances of mold and mildew buildup, but also keeps foul odors away and freshens the indoor air.
  • In addition, they can make sure the damaged plumbing is repaired with a proper assessment and diagnoses of the problem.

Why Hire Professionals For Clearing Accumulated Water?

As mentioned earlier, it’s best to hire professionals for this job. Look for a local company like KG Facility Solutions that offers commercial maintenance services. It’s best to identify a good operator well in advance and keep their number handy, so you can quickly access it in situations like these. They will provide you with quick service and make sure that all the water is removed from your property and that the flood cleanup is handled safely, to industry standards. These professionals are skilled in various aspects of water damage cleanup and will also restore your carpets and rugs to make sure that the actual leakage problem is fixed. The trusted and experienced professionals at KG Facility Solutions can help save your damaged flooring and carpets with specialty floor care solutions.