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How to Protect Your Office from COVID19

Infection Control Solutions

If you’ve had an employee become ill with the coronavirus, you may be wondering how long it can live on surfaces in your building. The good news is that this virus has a very short life span and leaves little behind after it dies, so cleaning and disinfecting will keep your office clean.

Understanding COVID19

The COVID19 is a coronavirus. This virus can cause fever, cough, runny nose, stomach pain, and other nasty symptoms in humans. The single strand of RNA that makes up coronaviruses makes it very hardy so that it can survive on surfaces for hours at room temperature, even without a host. What do you do if your building has been infected with a coronavirus? Here are some simple steps you can take when killing the Coronavirus:

Clean Office
Our team works efficiently to clean and sanitize all high-touch surface areas.

Step 1 – Sanitize All Touch Points

Sanitize all surfaces where coronavirus might be. This will help prevent it from spreading throughout your building. Sanitizing cleaning products can kill a number of viruses, including rhinoviruses and enteroviruses (which cause hand, foot and mouth disease), but only if used at a high enough concentration. In an office environment, cleaning wipes will do a good job of keeping viruses off keyboards and other surfaces that people touch frequently.

Step 2 – Thoroughly Clean and Disinfect Hard Surfaces

Disinfecting kills microbes on surfaces that contain a lot of organic material (e.g., dirt, dust). This includes cleaning and disinfecting hard surfaces like floors, walls, or tables. You should use a disinfectant if you want to kill viruses and bacteria, including Covid19 on surfaces because they are difficult to clean with soap and water alone. The CDC recommends disinfecting hard surfaces with a mixture of bleach and water (1 part bleach, 9 parts water). The virus can live for up to 4 days on smooth surfaces like glass or metal. 

Contact Professionals to Clean Your Building and Protect it Against COVID19

Don’t let your building become contaminated. In order to eliminate all traces of coronavirus from your building, you’ll need to seek out professionals who can disinfect and sanitize every surface of your building, including carpets, furniture, air ducts, and all other hard surfaces. Visit this link to learn more about how KG Facility Solutions keeps offices safe.