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Keeping Up With Cleanliness and COVID Protocols at Work

COVID Protocols at Work

Are we wearing masks again, are we working remotely, is it safe to return to work? With so many variables (and variants) and ever-changing protocols from local authorities and the CDC, there has been one constant – everyone wants the office to be proactively cleaned and sanitized, regardless of the latest guidelines. Maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness has been the driving force behind KG Facility Solutions since long before the pandemic. We feel confident in our abilities to handle cleanliness and the latest COVID protocols at work.

COVID Protocols at Work

We’ve already talked about employees prioritizing their health and safety above all else. Many have said they will look for other work if their employer cannot provide a healthy work environment. It’s not just about keeping your employees happy and productive at work and no longer about how a clean and organized office will unclutter the mind and boost creativity. In the age of COVID, it’s about keeping your employees, period.

Standard COVID protocols at work include:

COVID Protocols at Work
Our janitorial services are customizable to meet the latest COVID protocols at work and make employees feel safe and protected.
  • Round the clock sanitation and disinfection
  • Specialized cleaning solutions for every surface
  • Continuous cleaning and disinfection of high-touch areas
  • Clean air

Keep Employees Happy and Healthy

Putting strict and professional cleaning and sanitizing protocols in place will make your employees feel confident about returning to work. Show employees that you care, and you will be rewarded with loyalty and productivity. Employee loyalty and satisfaction will make you more attractive to future employees and set you apart as a company that prioritizes your employees, clients, and vendors. Finding, recruiting, and retaining qualified candidates will improve your brand, products, and services. However, before you can start to reap the benefits, you need to implement the right COVID cleaning protocols.

The cleanliness of your office is an important selling point these days, and your best chance at staying competitive.

Professional Cleaning Services

The best way to get a clean work environment is to hire professional cleaners. KG Facility Solutions can put together cleaning and disinfection protocols to meet the high standards that employees expect. Even with a hybrid work model, make sure that employees feel safe and confident about the environment when they choose to return.

We use cleaning solutions that are strong enough to tackle germs and bacteria without causing irritation or environmental damage. It is possible to be tough on dirt without damaging surface areas and materials or feeling like you’re inhaling disinfectants. We are fully transparent and can share our processes so that you can assure employees that you are taking every precaution necessary.

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