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Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company With These Qualifications

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We’ve raised the bar on the levels of cleanliness that we accept in our offices and public spaces. To accommodate a growing demand for stricter health and cleanliness standards, hire a commercial cleaning company with the right qualifications and experience. 

Stricter Cleanliness Protocols Demanded by Employees

Employees need management to prove that it is safe to come back to the office. Being transparent with the methods deployed by your cleaning crew will ease the minds of worried employees. Employees will also feel more comfortable returning to the office if they know you’ve taken steps to ensure their health and safety. 

Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company With These Qualifications

A cleaning company should be able to accommodate and alleviate fears and doubts about the health and safety of your building. Qualifications to look for in a commercial cleaning company are:

Commercial Cleaning Company


Look for a cleaning company that can carry out all the cleaning solutions and tasks that are right for your company, and who understands the current climate and need for stricter facility cleaning protocols.

  • Do they understand the current climate?
  • Do they have the training and experience dealing with COVID mitigation and other infection control services?
  • Do they use the right tools, equipment, and cleaning products?
  • Do they customize services to meet the specific needs of your building/company?
  • Do they work professionally and wear the right PPE for each job?
  • Do they use products that are both effective and people and pet friendly?
  • Do they provide an array of services in addition to everyday janitorial, for both interior and exterior cleaning needs?

Infection Control Services

Services specifically aimed at alleviating the fear of infection and spreading diseases are one of our biggest selling points. While most companies have services that relate to COVID, they are new to the game, whereas KGFS has been tackling infectious disease mitigation since Ebola. 

We’ve successfully helped major airlines protect their passengers and crew. Past experience with a global health threat allowed us to hit the ground running when COVID hit in 2020. Working with our clients, we quickly pivoted regular janitorial services to include stricter cleaning tried and tested measures without disruption, in addition to staying on the forefront of cleaning technologies to utilize the most up-to-date and effective infection control methods.

Proper Sanitization and Disinfection

Daily news briefs and a plethora of information – and misinformation – are all too available. When you work with KGFS, you can trust that our methods are rooted in fact and science that has been tried and tested to ensure that every area of your workspace, even down to the air you breathe, is truly disinfected. We understand the right products to use and the right method of using them. 

On-Site Janitorial Staff

Our staff becomes an integrated part of your team, customizing services to make sure we meet all the needs of your building. While infection control is top of mind, we won’t neglect other essential cleaning services. Cleaning high-touch surface areas, utilizing proper equipment to clean every type of surface or upholstery, providing exterior cleaning services, and keeping restrooms and kitchens stocked with soap and toilet paper, and other essentials are still getting their due attention. 

A professional staff that keeps your building clean from floors to ceilings and everything in between improves your reputation, credibility, and productivity. 

Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company for Your Building

In case it wasn’t obvious, KGFS has all the qualifications listed above. 

We’re a Metro Denver-based full-service commercial cleaning company. Check out our day and night janitorial and other specialized services. We are able to meet the growing demands for a healthy and safe workspace. 

Get in touch to talk about the right commercial cleaning solutions for your building. profe