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General Maintenance

We take great pride and care in delivering impeccable results to any issue that comes up.

Every business, no matter the size, requires general maintenance solutions that heighten functionality and streamline cleanliness. At KG Facility Solutions, we know that your company doesn’t always need full-scale capital improvements or considerable remodeling so we are here to support you for the smaller needs that are bound to arise between more extensive projects. KG Facility Solutions provides an array of services to tackle every aspect of your facilities.

Our general maintenance offers handyman services excellent when you need small modifications, shelving installed, or furniture assembled. Having a handyman at your disposal will ensure that drywall and paint repairs are taken care of efficiently so that your business looks impeccable. With your offices looking tidy and professional, you are going to boost customer satisfaction and retention.

Our general maintenance team offers high-level dusting and deep cleaning services so that every inch of your office shines. As one of the highest-ranking janitorial service companies in the industry, we are trained in meeting the needs demanded by large-scale maintenance and cleaning jobs. Not only do we
clean carpet and wax floors, but we can handle the heavy traffic and excessive use that workplaces endure.

Whether you have 50 or 500 staff members at KG Facility Solutions, our general maintenance services will play a critical role in elevating your business’ look and feel. Companies that fail to have a general maintenance team on retainer often spend too much time seeking individual contractors to handle one-
off jobs. These workers are unreliable and do not provide you with the same degree of support that you get with a company specializing in the maintenance and preservation of large scale commercial facilities.

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Industries We Serve:

You don’t have to be a traditional office building in order to use our commercial janitorial services. We diligently service schools, hospitals, labs, public transportation hubs, government buildings, and much more. Regardless of whether you belong to these or any other industries, we make sure to deliver a level of clean that you can only experience through KG Facility Solutions. Because that’s the KG Facility Solutions difference!

We pride ourselves in delivering impeccable cleaning service for:

Office Buildings


Health Care


And Much More!

When looking for a company that can remedy any job size, KG Facility Solutions is the number one choice. No matter the problem, do not hesitate to:

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