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Exterior Services

Expert exterior cleaning that instantly improves your curb appeal.

exterior cleaning services

Interiors aren’t the only thing that get dirty. In fact, the outside is where dirt, grime, and most germs come from, which means that the exterior of your facility is going to be the most vulnerable to them. Since there is no second chance to get a first impression and the exterior of the building is the first thing that a person sees, it is critical that yours is kept properly clean at all times. That’s where we come in! 

At KG Facility Solutions, we offer a team of cleaning professionals who are fully capable of transforming any dirty exterior into one that is sparkling clean. So don’t let your exterior fall into disrepair or become shabby when all you need to do is pick up the phone and call us for help.

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Why Choose the KG Facility Solutions Way for Your Exterior Services?


Windows have an unfortunate habit of often appearing cleaner than they actually are until the sun comes out and highlights all the smudges and dirt. With our thorough cleaning process, we can successfully remove any dirt or grime from the windows, leaving behind a sparkling sheet of glass.


Are you struggling to find the time to properly clear snow, mow grass, or do any other grounds maintenance tasks? Or maybe you just don’t have the tools to get the job done. Either way, our team of professionals is always ready to come in and make your grounds look absolutely stunning through our wide range of landscaping upkeep services.

Parking garage and parking lot sweeping

When hundreds or even thousands of vehicles enter and leave your parking garage or parking lot every week, it can quickly become quite dirty. Send the message that you are a facility that takes pride in its professionalism by hiring our team to frequently sweep your exterior areas and keep them free of any dust, dirt, or other debris.

To help make sure that your exterior areas are always clean and ready to impress your occupants, be sure to contact us at KG Facility Solutions today.

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