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Exterior Services

Our exterior cleaning services cover any type of hard outside surface. From sweeping and window washing to graffiti removal and stain removal.

Exterior Services

Our exterior cleaning services cover any type of hard outside surface. From sweeping and window washing to graffiti removal and stain removal.

Professional Cleaners for your Buildings Exterior

Helping you enhance your curbside appeal

Let our team of professional cleaners help maintain the appearance of your property. We know that a building’s exterior surroundings can have a significant impact on the perception of your business or organization. We’ll safely and effectively remove dirt, grime, and other debris from surfaces such as windows, walls, and parking lots, which can help to beautify and extend the life of these structures.

What we Offer

Window washing

Windows have an unfortunate habit of often appearing cleaner than they actually are until the sun comes out and highlights all the smudges and dirt. With our thorough cleaning process, we can successfully remove any dirt or grime from the windows, leaving behind a sparkling sheet of glass. We clean interior and exterior windows several stories high. 

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti vandalism isn’t something any business owner wants to deal with, but it is an issue. We’ve worked with citywide public transportation systems, local government agencies, and private business owners to safely and quickly remove graffiti from various materials and surfaces.

Grounds Maintenance

Let our crew assist you in keeping your grounds tidy! We do trash pickup, sidewalk cleanup, and other tasks including collecting cigarette butts, removing stains from sidewalks, and cleaning up hazardous materials.

Parking garage and parking lot Cleanup

When hundreds or even thousands of vehicles enter and leave your parking garage or parking lot every week, it can quickly become quite dirty. Send the message that you are a facility that takes pride in its professionalism by hiring our team to frequently sweep, pressure wash, and cleanup trash.

Serving our Local Community

What our clients are saying
Laura Motooka

KG Clean keeps our buildings looking great and has for many years. The customer service is excellent. Richard, our Operations Manager, fixes any issue that we come across. Liz, the COO, is amazing. John in Finance sends any report requested super quick.

Gigi Greenlee

We've been working with KG Clean for many years. We stick with them because they are so responsive to our requests and do an outstanding job. Jerry, our account manager is wonderful to work with. I always get a reply back in a timely manner and he is very thorough in his follow ups. T During Covid they've gone over and above with sanitizing and have met our requests beautifully. Like

Lydia Lucero

Was at the light rail, and there was trash on the bench, your fellow employee Antonio came over and offered to clean up the mess, wiped down the bench, and proceeded to have a nice conversation with us. Came back with a day pass he found. Really professional and polite.

Chris Bowyer

We have used KG for years and have always been exceedingly happy with their work! From their leadership to the team who serves our building, we trust that they will do everything possible to make our building look the best it possibly can!!

Jeff Baca

My business has been using KG Facility Solutions for nearly 8 years. The service has been excellent . Always consistent and of the highest quality. I highly recommend KG Facility Solutions to any business needing the very best in cleaning services.