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Enhance Cleaning and Disinfection Workplace Protocols in 2022

Cleaning and Disinfection Workplace Protocols

Health, fitness, and wellness are among the top New Year’s Resolutions every year. Help your tenants, employees, guests, and vendors achieve their goals by improving the health and safety of your building in 2022. As the year ends, take stock of your current cleaning solutions and make the appropriate changes to enhance cleaning and disinfection workplace protocols.

Cleaning and Disinfection Workplace Protocols

The CDC has created guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting your workplace; KG Facility Solutions can implement the necessary cleanliness protocols for the entire building. Start the new year with a clean (and disinfected) slate – literally!

Our cleaning and disinfection services include:

Enhance Cleaning and Disinfection Workplace Protocols
Start the new year off with new and improved cleaning and disinfection workplace protocols.

Customize Commercial Cleaning Solutions

Every business and building is different. Commercial cleaning solutions should be customized to fit your needs. Warehouses, schools, corporate offices, commercial tenant buildings, transportation hubs, and other facilities have different indoor environments to consider. 

A few things we consider when we put together a commercial cleaning plan is:

  • The size of the building and/or outdoor workspace
  • How many people work or visit daily
  • Identifying high-traffic areas
  • Identifying all the high-touch areas
  • What types of surfaces do you have
  • What types of furniture, equipment, and rooms are in your space
  • Does your business require frequent cleanup of biohazards, or other hazardous materials 

Understanding your specifications and requirements allow us to implement the right solutions, utilizing the right equipment to bring your building to a whole new level of cleanliness.

What Employees Expect From Employers

While we have all-encompassing solutions – from top to bottom, inside and out – employees have a few expectations of their employers beyond our control. Hiring a professional cleaning company to enhance cleanliness and disinfection is key, but providing hand sanitizer stations, proper ventilation and air purification, social distancing, and remote working capabilities are new requirements for employees to feel safe at work.

Commercial Cleaning and Disinfection Solutions in Denver

Start the new year off by improving health and cleanliness of commercial buildings

Talk to us about the right solutions for your building.