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Commercial Janitorial

Dependable health conscience cleaning that drives business safety, security, success, sustainability and the entire wellbeing of you facilities, staff and customers.

Your company’s reputation sits atop many different pillars, one of which is the cleanliness of your building and staff. Dirty floors, dust settling in the corners, smudges on glass surfaces, and especially contaminated surfaces might not be something that you notice but your clients sure will. So you want to get ahead of these issues by hiring a reliable custodial service to come in and keep your office building spotless.

This is something that will benefit your operations from every angle. Not only does it help give customers a great first impression of your business but it also helps employee productivity.

At KG Facility Solutions, we’ve had decades of experience turning shabby or dirty businesses into beautiful shimmering workspaces. Since 1995, our team of expert cleaning staff has been going that extra mile to provide you with only the most innovative, thorough, and green commercial janitorial services. So when you enlist our services, take comfort in knowing that you’re putting the cleanliness of your business into the hands of passionate and experienced professionals.

Let's Get Started


Let us help you create a cleaning process!

Have a Plan

Create a careful step-by-step approach for how to efficiently disinfect your spaces. Plan to operate in a way that helps to improve employee wellbeing while also increasing occupant confidence in your organization.

Implement Health Protocols

LEED Certification Experts - Through our cleaning and monitoring protocols we have helped many of our current customers maintain and achieve LEED certifications. Our protocols can help add up to 9 points to your LEED score, which can mean the difference between Gold and Platinum.

Health protocols were part of our DNA long before the COVID outbreak. Our rapid response team cleaned the Frontier Airlines headquarters and Aircraft when during the Ebola outbreak.

Industries We Serve:

You don’t have to be a traditional office building in order to use our commercial janitorial services. We diligently service schools, hospitals, labs, public transportation hubs, government buildings, and much more. Regardless of whether you belong to these or any other industries, we make sure to deliver a level of clean that you can only experience through KG Facility Solutions. Because that’s the KG Facility Solutions difference!

We pride ourselves in delivering impeccable cleaning service for:

Office Buildings


Health Care


And Much More!

If you are interested in turning your commercial building into a cleaner and more impressive environment, then make sure to:

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