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KG Facility Solutions Blog

Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company With These Qualifications

These are the qualifications to look for when you hire and partner with a commercial cleaning company to handle your facility, building, or company.
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Office Renovation for Social Distancing

Post-Renovation Office Cleanup is the Final Step in Remodeling

Have you remodeled the office to accommodate COVID protocols and social distancing guidelines, or have you taken advantage of remote working and empty office space to renovate? Don’t forget about
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Environmentalism Is Good For Your Brand

Why Environmentalism is Good for Your Brand

In recent years, environmentalism and corporate social responsibility have become a major focus for consumers. They don’t just want to buy products and services; they want to support brands whose
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Pressure Washing Dealership

Professional Pressure Washing Services for Auto Dealerships

The car dealership industry is extremely busy. Most car dealerships have several jobs to undertake every day. One of these jobs is maintaining the large surface area that comes with
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Specialized Cleaning Services

Specialized Cleaning Services to Keep Our Denver Public Spaces Beautiful

We all brag about Denver, the city, mountains, and the unmatched 360 degrees of scenic beauty. However, often overlooked are the efforts and coordination of professional and specialized cleaning services
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Cleaning Services for Warehouses

Professional Cleaning Services for Warehouses to Improve Efficiency

A clean workplace is essential in all departments, and warehouses are no exception. In fact, we might even say that a closed environment with a lot of machinery and heavy
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