The Dirtiest Areas in Commercial Office Buildings

Dirtiest Areas of Commercial Office Buildings

Staying on top of the dirtiest areas in commercial office buildings is one of the trickiest jobs a building/office manager will face. KG Facility Solutions has a full suite of commercial cleaning solutions to maintain a clean office that looks and feels good. Our on-site janitors and porters are well versed in the areas that see the most action throughout the day, and also the hard to reach areas that go unnoticed by other janitorial and facilities maintenance companies. Your building will be in good hands with our team onboard.

Cleaning Solutions for the Dirtiest Areas in Commercial Office Buildings

Dirtiest Areas of Commercial Office Buildings
The water cooler is one of the most overlooked areas in your office that is collecting a bunch of germs of a daily basis.

Our experience maintaining a wide variety of large commercial facilities makes us uniquely equipped to handle every aspect of a busy office building. We’ve seen firsthand where all the most common problem areas lie and have created effective solutions to tackle every difficult task, surface, and stain. In a building that sees a lot of traffic, some areas need constant attention. The little areas are often overlooked as the focus is on large surfaces like glass doors, desks, reception, restrooms, and floors. These areas may be more obviously dirty, but there are certain small surfaces that get used by multiple people throughout the day, and tend to collect the most germs. Our janitorial staff will pay special attention to the smaller, often overlooked, high-touch areas to maintain the highest level of cleanliness in your building. The dirtiest areas in a commercial office building are:

  • Doorknobs and handles – germs are easily passed around as people move around your workspace entering, exiting, and touching doors
  • Elevator buttons – they are handled by more people than any other surface in your building
  • Office equipment – including the water cooler, coffee machine, copier, and printer; shared equipment doesn’t always have an employee assigned for cleaning
  • Vending machines – these areas should be cleaned as often as a food prep area
  • Desktop equipment and keyboard – this work area has more germs than a toilet seat as is touched consistently throughout the day

Infectious disease mitigation

KG Facility Solutions has highly trained, experienced staff who truly cares about the cleanliness and health of your building. We use the most up to date, professional equipment that can tackle every issue a building may face when it comes to being clean and sanitary. We also take great care to utilize products and methods that are pet, people, and planet-friendly. That being said, we also have methods that can tackle more serious cleaning issues, like infectious disease control. COVID-19 is not our first major health scare, so we’ve been implementing tough cleaning protocols for years and can help you develop a plan to keep your building healthy and free of pathogens and contaminants.

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Infection Control Solutions for Your Facility

Infection Control Solutions

We’re paying more attention to cleanliness and hygiene wherever we go. In turn, commercial facilities are seeking out more aggressive solutions to add to their regular cleaning and maintenance routines to maximize health and safety. We want to help you ensure your employees, tenants, guests, and vendors that your building have taken every precaution and is ready to provide a safe workspace. Our infection control solutions can help you get your commercial facility ready with a preemptive strike against harmful contaminants.

Infection Control Solutions for Commercial Buildings and Public Facilities

The key to proper infection control is excellent indoor air quality, and the only way to ensure that your commercial spaces are safe for use is to sanitize and disinfect them regularly to prevent infections. Our effective infection control solutions aren’t just for pandemic-like circumstances, but are effective in getting rid of any other harmful fungus, bacteria, virus, or pathogen. These are the three steps to our pathogen mitigation program:

Infection Control Solutions
We are systematic in our approach and make sure that your commercial property is cleaned thoroughly, down to the furniture, electronic devices, equipment, and all high touch areas.
  • Clean Air – We use air purifying units equipped with modern and advanced ActivePure® Technology. These air purifiers have been proven to protect your building by getting rid of 99.9% of harmful pathogens in the air within 3 minutes, as well as on various surfaces. This infection control option offers 24/7 protection and is available in multiple products depending on the square footage you need to protect.
  • Clean Surfaces – Just as you need to have clean and pure indoor air, you also need to make sure that all the surfaces on your premises are disinfected and sanitized well and often. As people move about your building, the risk of contamination increases. While our air purifiers get rid of 99.9% of contaminants on surfaces, it is also important to add an additional layer of protection. We use EPA-certified disinfectants, electrostatic sprayers, and long-lasting antimicrobial technologies, ensuring that all the areas and surfaces are safe and sanitized.
  • Testing Our company also uses FDA-certified testing technologies, so you know that the protocols and products we use are in fact working. By using tested technology to objectively measure the cleanliness of your building, we can ensure the effectiveness of our services.

As you can see, we are systematic in our approach and make sure that your commercial property is cleaned thoroughly, down to the furniture, electronic devices, equipment, and all high touch areas. We will create a custom cleaning schedule based on your needs, your property’s layout, and the types of surfaces and features present. KG Facility Solutions has been implementing healthcare cleaning protocols for years before the current pandemic, and has the experience and knowledge to be trusted with infection control services for your building.

All-Around Infection Control in Office Areas

In the current climate, proper sanitization is crucial in commercial spaces to ensure the safety of customers, clients, employees, and visitors. This is what our company helps with. Our team will discuss all your requirements to understand which schedule would work best and cause the least amount of disruption to your business’s daily activities. We offer the best, customized infection control services and janitorial services under a single roof, and hiring us is the most convenient and straightforward way to create safer and comfortable indoor areas for your employees.

How to Maintain a Clean Commercial Building

Maintain Clean Commercial Building

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene levels on a commercial property can be quite a task. Since these areas see a significant amount of traffic, they also need more detailed and frequent cleaning. The key is to always maintain a clean commercial building without getting in the way of your tenants and guests. With a busy commercial building, that requires a bit of planning and strategy.

Effective Cleaning Solutions to Maintain a Clean Commercial Building

Certain commercial spaces see 24/7 use, so we can’t be completely invisible when we clean, but we do our best to flow with the daily routine of your building. Our team will seamlessly blend into the day-to-day flow of the building and will know how to stay out of the way while still providing excellent customer service when necessary. Some areas will need to be maintained regularly throughout the day, and some can wait until after regular working hours. It’s all about working together to come up with the most efficient and effective schedule for corporate cleaning services. Here are some tips to follow:

Maintain a Clean Commercial Building
Consider the types of business that are being conducted in your building and coordinate cleaning services accordingly.
  • Consider the size and nature of business
  • Consider the busiest work hours in the building
  • Consider areas that need more frequent attention, like restrooms and the lobby
  • Consider specialty cleaning services, like window washing, floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, and other exterior cleaning services

Why Hire Professionals For Commercial Cleaning?

Our team works efficiently and comes equipped with the tools and products for every situation. You can opt for janitorial and porter services as well as specialty services. We can also equip your business with air purification solutions to clean and protect both the air and surfaces of your building 24/7, even when the cleaning team is not in your building. This is a good way to ensure that all the essential commercial cleaning service and other tasks are completed seamlessly every single day.

A clean and well-maintained building is crucial to present a professional image and keep your building functioning at its highest capacity. This helps to create a great impression on visitors and clients while creating a better work environment for your employees. Professional cleaning, inside and out, inspires confidence and tells people that you care about your image and your customers’ health and safety.

KG Facility Solutions offers a full suite of cleaning and disinfection services and solutions for commercial buildings – from everyday janitorial services to more specialized and seasonal services like window washing, pressure washing, and infectious disease control. Contact us for more information on how we can help you run and maintain a clean commercial building.

Three Essential Cleaning Services For An Efficient Commercial Building

Maintaining Clean Commercial Facility

The reputation of your company greatly relies on the cleanliness of your building. Well-maintained buildings aren’t just appealing to the eye, they also improve office morale and productivity, keep the entire building healthy and pristine, impress visitors, and enhance your overall reputation. While every building will have unique cleaning requirements, there are three essential cleaning services that every commercial building should have.

Three Essential Cleaning Services

Efficient cleaning solutions will heighten functionality and streamline cleanliness so that your company is always making the best impression. The three essential cleaning services that we recommend are:

Three Essential Cleaning Services
Combine janitorial, porter, and general maintenance services to maintain a clean commercial building around the clock.
  • Janitorial Services
  • Porter Services
  • General Maintenance

While they may seem similar on the surface, we’ve developed these three distinct services to cover all essential areas of cleaning and maintenance that a company will need.

Janitorial Services

Our day and night janitorial services include a dedicated staff that will go above and beyond to ensure that all areas are always maintained and spotless. We stay on top of smudges, spills, dirty floors, and get deep into the corners to create shimmering workspaces. You may not notice dusty vents or greasy smudges on the glass office room doors, but your clients will. Our team will tackle all issues before anyone notices. We cover all janitorial details required on a regular basis, including disinfecting your facility to create a healthy space for all staff and patrons.

Benefits of a Porter Service

Porter services are essential for companies, office complexes, and commercial lobbies that require a bit of customer service to go along with the cleaning services of your custodial team. Some of the items on-site porters will be responsible for include general cleaning, disinfecting of high touch areas, and restocking toilet paper, paper towels, and other refillable items. When there is a constant flow of traffic in your building, having a porter is going to greatly improve customer relations and maintain a highly functional and hygienic building.

General Maintenance Manager

Hiring a janitorial company to clean still won’t restore a building that needs repair, or take care of a water leak, and that’s where our general maintenance services come into play. Hiring KG Facility Solutions means you can have all janitorial services, floor care, infection control services, and general maintenance repairs taken care of by one company. We take great pride in delivering impeccable results to our clients, and our general maintenance services round out our list of three essential cleaning services. Together, these three services will enhance your company’s reputation, providing a clean, bright, healthy, and productive workspace.

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Commercial Cleaning Solutions to Minimize Springtime Allergens

Springtime brings about an extra set of challenges when it comes to commercial cleaning solutions. We are, of course, talking about allergy season. As everything begins to bloom and the windows open up to let in the clean, fresh springtime air, you need to take extra steps to minimize springtime allergens in your building. While sunshine and fresh air are great for productivity and office morale, those pesky allergens can quickly turn your office into a sniffling, sneezing, headache-inducing environment.

Why You Need to Minimize Springtime Allergens in the Office

Tens of millions of people in the United States alone are affected by seasonal allergies. With that many people affected, taking extra precautions to keep your office clean and sanitized will keep allergy-prone employees from suffering during work hours. It’s almost impossible to avoid pollen and allergens that are flying through the air. Still, you can work with your KG Facility Solutions team to add or increase some of our cleaning solutions to help maintain a cleaner indoor environment and reduce allergy symptoms. By taking extra steps with your office cleaning minimizes indoor allergens and also improve productivity in your workplace.

Minimize Springtime Allergens
Our team will keep all high-touch surface areas clean and improve indoor air-quality to minimize allergens in the building.

Allergens and pollen don’t just travel through the air; they can stick to clothing and other surfaces in the office. In a busy commercial building with a steady flow of traffic and doors swinging open and closed, the pollen has plenty of avenues to enter your building and offices and wreak havoc. You always want your building to be clean and comfortable for everyone. Considering springtime allergies and incorporating a plan to improve the indoor climate is a signal to your guests and tenants that you care about their well-being and help solidify long-lasting relationships with tenants of the building. Office managers will have an easier time retaining high-quality employees by having a clean and sanitized office space and reducing employee’s exposure to allergens and irritants.

Reducing Exposure to Allergens and Irritants

With an increase in sniffling, sneezing, and coughing, it’s vital to have a full-time janitorial staff that is always cleaning, wiping, and sanitizing high-touch surface areas, like doorknobs and handles, elevator buttons, handrails, etc. You also need to pay special attention to your carpets and other upholstery in the office, as they can hold on to allergens and irritants. Vacuuming often, as well as sanitizing your carpets by hiring us for a professional steam cleaning treatment, will help remove these allergens and other contaminants. Be sure to include regular carpet cleaning services throughout your building and offices.

Proper ventilation and indoor air quality will be your biggest weapons in the fight to reduce allergen exposure. You should consider solutions that are tough on allergens and germs, but gentle on the lungs. Our ActivePure® air purification products work to sanitize both air and surfaces without the use of any chemicals, and many of those products do not emit our ozone. It’s a solution that is tailor-made to minimize springtime allergens in the office.

We offer reliable general maintenance services to commercial clients in every industry. Work with our team to find the best commercial cleaning solutions for your building or office. We even offer infection control solutions, as well as all interior and exterior cleaning services.

A Tidy Building Will Boost Company Image

Commercial Cleaning

Every commercial property owner or manager struggles with keeping their premises clean. This is because it can be challenging to keep various structures and installations in the best condition at all times. Most high traffic areas on a commercial property can suffer from common issues like dirty and stained carpets and floors, grimy bathrooms, smudgy windows, etc. You also have to work around a busy building, meaning the scheduling and organizing of your commercial cleaning services can be quite a puzzle. Fortunately, we’re well versed in working our services around all the activity that goes on in your facility.

Cleaning the surfaces and high-touch areas in your building, and keeping common areas stocked with essentials, requires a professional team that can work efficiently and effectively to ensure that your building doesn’t just look clean, but is properly disinfected and sanitized. Commercial building disinfection services have become an essential component to the regular janitorial service scope to make sure the environment in your building is healthy for everyone. Our team at KG Facility Solutions not only offers comprehensive commercial janitorial services, but also air and surface infection control, day porter services, floor care, exterior cleaning, post-construction cleaning, maintenance, and other services to accommodate any need that may arise in your building and on your grounds.

Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Services?

You have to take care of several different aspects to maintain the professional image of your business — one of them is making sure that every single area of your property is clean and hygienic. Similar to how you maintain the indoor spaces of your property, you have to see to it that outdoor areas are well maintained as well. The cleaning professionals at KG Facility Solutions have 25 years of experience in the janitorial industry, along with the required tools and training to tackle every aspect of the job to industry standards, such as:

Commercial Cleaning Services
Our team works efficiently to clean and sanitize all high-touch surface areas.
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Concrete Polishing
  • Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing
  • Water Restoration
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Pathogen Mitigation and Advanced Disinfection Technologies
  • Biohazard, Bloodborne Pathogen, and GBAC Training and Certifications

The pandemic has made it necessary to thoroughly clean all areas of commercial properties at a greater frequency and transparency. Along with our wide range of solutions for your facility, we have been implementing healthcare cleaning protocols for years prior to the current pandemic. While we make sure to do our work without getting in your way, your tenants will want to know that you are taking extra steps to keep the building healthy and inform everyone of extra health protocols that may be implemented – including pathogen mitigation, sanitizing, and air purification.

Benefits of Hiring Professionals for Janitorial Services

The appearance and health of the indoor and outdoor areas of your building reflects on how serious you are about running your business and how much you care about your customers, guests, tenants, and employees. Even if you are a reputable company offering outstanding services and products, you still have to focus on maintaining a professional image. Largely, this depends on the condition and hygiene levels of your property.

Hiring the professionals at KG Facility Solutions will ensure any of your commercial building maintenance service and janitorial needs are covered . We exceed expectations in the way we value customer relationships and create innovative solutions for your facility. Since every property is different, each client will have very specific requirements, and that’s where our expertise, skill, and experience come into the picture. We will work with you to customize the best cleaning solutions that work with your schedule and your budget. For details about our range of services, feel free to contact us for more information.

Get Rid of Mold, Mildew, and Discoloration on Exterior Surfaces

Exterior Power Washing Services

Just as you keep the indoor areas of your commercial premises clean and well maintained at all times, you also need to do the same for your outdoor areas. The condition and appearance of the exteriors of your property affect the overall impression that people have about your business. The way your building is presented on the outside will reflect how people assume your building looks on the inside. A clean exterior will give a positive presentation of your building from the start.

Cleaning exterior spaces and surface areas is not an easy task and requires professional equipment to get the job done, as well as the right cleaning products to handle extreme exterior stains, mold, mildew, discoloration, and even graffiti. Exterior surfaces tend to be more textured and rough and need professional attention to make sure that you get deep into every crevice and surface area. This is where commercial pressure washing services come in.

Why Hire Professionals for Pressure Washing?

The skilled professionals at KG Facility Solutions will survey the outdoor spaces and the types of surface materials we’re working with before coming up with a pressure washing plan that will work perfectly for you. Understanding the types of surfaces we’ll be cleaning, from concrete, glass, metal, and stone, along with the size and position of the stains, will help us come up with the most effective solutions. Certain chemicals can remove the finish on different types of surfaces, so it is very important to use professionals who have experience in pressure washing and stain removal on a vast array of surfaces.

Pressure Washing Services
Power washing gets rid of exterior mold, mildew, and stains on all exterior surfaces to keep your building and premises looking clean and professional.

Depending on the number of visits and the expanse of the space, we will create a commercial pressure washing plan that will fit into your budget. This can be on an as-needed basis or done at regularly scheduled intervals. When you get the outdoor spaces cleaned regularly, you will notice that it uplifts the overall look of your commercial building, creating a great impression on visitors, clients, and customers alike. A well-maintained building also helps instill a sense of pride in your employees and staff. As with most things, keeping your exterior surfaces well maintained will also prolong the lifespan, even when it comes to something as seemingly indestructible as your commercial building.

What is Included in Pressure Washing Services?

Our professional exterior cleaning experts have the training, tools, and expertise to clean various exterior surfaces, including the exterior walls of the building, parking lots, sidewalks, pathways and walkways, courtyards, planters, and any other exterior fixture.

Some common issues with the exterior areas of a property include mold, mildew, and discoloration due to exposure to the elements and changing climate, as well as stains due to everyday use and misuse. While you have very little control over some of these aspects, you can opt for commercial pressure washing services to make sure they don’t take over and destroy the image of your building. Mold and mildew may look bad on your exterior walls, but they can also cause your sidewalks and pathways to become slippery. A well-maintained exterior is also an important safety measure to prevent accidents, slips, and falls.

KG Facility Solutions can work with you and your building manager to come up with a schedule for pressure washing. Some seasons are worse than others, so our team knows the best time to get these services done. We are committed to quality, customization, and providing an outstanding customer experience. We are a reputable operator and focus on providing our clients with the best commercial cleaning solutions. In addition to commercial pressure washing services, we also provide comprehensive janitorial services, advanced disinfection technologies, post-construction cleaning, floor care, and other services for commercial settings. You can check out our “Home Page” for more information, and feel free to contact us with your requirement.

Maintain Interior Surfaces with Regular Janitorial Services

Maintaining cleanliness and an infection free environment on your commercial premises is a tried and true method of creating a good impression on your clients, customers, and employees. Every business from every industry has to be consistent with maintaining their property well. Clean interior spaces and surfaces help keep your staff healthier and productive.

Why You Need Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

A shiny, tidy work space interior is a healthy and productive business.

Although it is crucial to maintain cleanliness in commercial settings, these tasks can be quite time-consuming and tedious. While internal housekeeping staff can handle some aspects of the job, only a company that offers professional janitorial services can stay on top of your high-touch surface areas day and night, to ensure that all surfaces, features, and installations are thoroughly cleaned, and stay clean, at all times.

Some commercial buildings can be expansive and spread across multiple stories or buildings. It means there could be some areas with higher traffic and hard to reach areas, making it even more important to use a commercial janitorial service with the man power, experience, and equipment necessary to clean everything regularly. Clean commercial settings are more comfortable to use, and create a better impression, making it easier for you to maintain a professional image. Dirt-free, dust-free, and disinfected surfaces also help improve indoor air quality, which helps to improve the overall health of your staff, boosting their morale and productivity.

Benefits of Commercial Maintenance Solutions

Sometimes, property owners wonder whether it’s a good idea to hire professionals for cleaning their premises and whether there are any advantages to it. There are several benefits to hiring professionals for your janitorial service, such as:

  • They have the expertise, experience, skills, and cleaning products and equipment to handle these tasks to industry standards.
  • They will conduct the job thoroughly and manage everything from cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection of all interior surfaces.
  • A professional commercial maintenance company will be fully insured and bonded, as well as have specialized cleaning and safety certifications to meet any need that arises.
  • A clean facility inspires confidence in your business, improving your overall brand.
  • They will cover all spaces, ensuring that no area is left unclean.
  • A professional will be assigned to your building and implement the most efficient process of maintaining the building to the highest standards

Maintaining your standing in a crowded marketplace is about creating the best customer experiences. A lot of this comes from ensuring that your premises reflects your professionalism. Discuss your requirements with the experts at KG Facility Solutions and they will create a detailed plan that covers all your needs. They will deploy experienced and reliable staff members to tackle all these jobs at specific intervals, with 24/7 availability. Opting for contractual janitorial services is a good way to get cost-effective solutions, with no compromise on quality. Look for a company like KG Facility Solutions that specializes in corporate cleaning services and has a good reputation in the market as they will be particular about the quality and spectrum of services they offer.

Professional Carpet Cleaning for Colorado Businesses and Professionals

Office spaces see a considerable amount of foot traffic, and before long, you’ll notice that your carpeting begins to look stained, dusty, and dirty. However, that isn’t the only thing that happens. Dirty carpets affect the appearance of the indoor spaces and the overall health of the indoor environment.

Carpet Cleaning Services
Professional carpet cleaning is more efficient and cost-effective than having to replace your carpets prematurely.

More moisture and dirt are dragged in during the winter months, which leaves the carpet noticeably stained and dirty, especially in high traffic areas. Dirt, mold, bacteria, and germs accumulating on your carpet can result in breathing problems and other health issues in staff as well as visitors, clients, and customers. A good way to avoid these problems is by enlisting the help of our specialty floor cleaning services

Why Hire Skilled Professionals for Carpet Cleaning?

Many property owners wonder whether it’s a good idea to hire professionals for this task. The common belief is that internal cleaning staff can do an equally good job by vacuuming these surfaces. However, the fact is that just vacuuming is insufficient to get the carpets very clean.

Dust, dirt, grime, food, liquid spills, microscopic organisms, etc., can sink deep into the carpet fibers, creating an unsanitary environment and affecting the condition and integrity of the carpets. Over time, it becomes increasingly difficult to get these stains out. Sometimes, you may have to replace the carpeting, which can add a considerable expense. It’s much more cost-effective to work with our team to schedule professional carpet cleaning periodically throughout the year to maintain a healthy work environment and keep your carpets looking great.

What’s Included in Carpet Cleaning Services?

Professional carpet cleaning is very different from just vacuuming. When it comes to deep cleaning, you have to approach each carpet separately. Not every material is the same, nor is every stain. We have the experience and most advanced commercial-grade equipment to tackle any carpet cleaning need. We use hot-water extraction and steam cleaning methods depending on the carpet material and cleaning need. Hot-water extraction combines hot-water with specialized cleaning agents to lift and remove any stain from the carpet fibers; it then gets sucked up by a strong vacuum. Steam cleaning sanitizes the carpet by using high temperature steam to kill microscopic organisms and remove stains, leaving your carpet disinfected and looking new without the use of chemicals. This level of care with your carpets is part of our service to always keep your building spotless from top to bottom.

KG Facility Solutions is a leading company in this industry, providing customized, professional carpet cleaning services to commercial clients. Our team is skilled and highly experienced in all aspects of carpet and specialty floor cleaning services. We will come up with a plan and solution, according to your needs and budget, to keep all of your floors clean, carpeted, or not.