When to Clean, Disinfect, Sanitize, and Sterilize

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Know the Difference between Clean, Disinfect, Sanitize and Sterilize

Sometimes, the subtle differences between words can get lost in translation which is often the case with the following words: clean, disinfect, sanitize, and sterilize.

What is Cleaning?

Cleaning is the mechanical act of removing germs and microbes, using soaps or detergents, from a surface, whether natural or inanimate. The action reduces the frequency of germs and lowers the risk of spreading infection.

What is Disinfecting?

Disinfecting something means successfully killing germs and bacteria on objects and surfaces.

Disinfecting something means successfully killing germs and bacteria on objects and surfaces. It is done using chemicals that might or might not clean surfaces, so you must disinfect before cleaning objects and surfaces. 

What is Sanitizing?

Sanitization is the act of cleaning and disinfection to a safe or required level. It works to reduce the number of germs and bacteria on objects and surfaces. When you sanitize something, you clean it and disinfect it to kill germs to the approved level to reduce the spread of infections.

What is Sterilizing?

Finally, sterilization is a method used in healthcare and research facilities to kill and remove all microbes, including bacteria, fungi, respective spores, and viruses from all surfaces and objects. Sterilization has different types that involve the use of high heat and pressure, chemicals, and radiation to eliminate germs. 

Living with the coronavirus has made it very important to sanitize and disinfect surfaces. High-traffic surfaces, such as doorknobs, seats, chairs, and floors should be cleaned at least twice a day or more as needed. You should disinfect the surfaces once every 24 hours to 3 days or more if there is a risk of contamination

Since chemicals are used to disinfect and sanitize surfaces, it is better to contact professionals for handling these processes. They are well-versed in the appropriate methods and possess the right tools to efficiently disinfect and sanitize surfaces and areas, as well as test the disinfection level with advanced testing technologies. Contact us at KG Facility Solutions today for all your cleaning needs!

Air Purification is Key to Office COVID Protection

Whether it’s about boosting workplace efficiency or improving employee well-being, businesses must now pay more attention to enhancing their entire office surroundings. Consequently, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, most workplace quality improvements are being implemented in tandem with office COVID prevention efforts. So, why not invest in a system that protects everyone by eliminating over 99% of airborne SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) viral particles within 3 minutes?

How Air Purification Protects Workplaces from COVID-19

Aerosol research shows that respiratory particles may pass and stay airborne for longer periods, making proper indoor air hygiene a critical component for protection against coronavirus — and when we say “air hygiene,” nothing works quite like air purifiers. In addition to effective air cleaning, purifiers supplement the regular ventilation in offices, keeping viruses at bay.

Types of Air Purification Systems

Enhance Cleaning and Disinfection Workplace Protocols
Air purification technology prevents the growth of bacteria, fungus, mold, viruses, and other airborne and surface contaminants.

ActivePure® is an air purification technology that prevents the growth of bacteria, fungus, mold, viruses, and other airborne and surface contaminants by eliminating them in the first place. The different types of air purification systems offered by ActivePure® include Pure & Clean, Aerus Mobile, Beyond Guardian, Hydroxyl Blaster, AP 500, PureCloud, Guardian In-Duct, and SanctuAiry In-Duct (2,000 | 5,000 | 10,000). For an overview of these COVID-friendly technologies, click here.

Clean Air vs. Office Environment

It’s a universal truth that clean air makes a better, more productive, safe, and healthy office environment. The question is, how? Research from Harvard and Syracuse Universities reveals that the poor air circulating in most offices may be hindering worker performance.

To prove the research, some employees were requested to carry out their usual office responsibilities in a typical office building workplace. But on alternate days, the same employees were asked to repeat their specific tasks (this time with better ventilation). Results showed that employees in the pure air atmosphere outperformed those in the regular office setting by 61 percent. Moreover, the cognitive function improved by more than 100 percent by doubling the ventilation.

Not sure which solution is right for your office COVID prevention and protection? Contact us today.

The Benefits Of Commercial Pressure Washing Services

Commercial Pressure Washing Services Denver

If you are managing or own a corporate building, you know how big an impact your exterior appearance has on your reputation. Commercial pressure washing services will keep your facility looking new and impressive to attract new tenants looking to lease or buy while also maintaining a spotless reputation that benefits the existing businesses inside. 

How Commercial Pressure Washing Services Benefit Your Reputation

The upkeep of a corporate building may seem endless and is one of the most difficult. Each season brings new challenges that can affect the building’s appearance. However, pressure washing services do more than just clean. They also protect your building from becoming seriously damaged.  

Benefits of Commercial Pressure Washing Services Denver
Our pressure washing services can keep your building and surrounding spaces clean, improving your professional reputation.

Benefits of professional pressure washing services:

  • Improve Curb Appeal
  • Prevent damage and costly repairs
  • Create a cleaner, healthier, and safer environment

Improve Curb Appeal

You work so hard to maintain a corporate building and grounds to make it more competitive and attract high-end tenants and businesses to lease or buy space in your building. Pressure washing services ensure that your building makes a great first impression on businesses and consumers. 

Make your building a place where people will feel proud to do business. 

Mold and Mildew

If you manage a corporate building in Denver, you’re not unfamiliar with the problems from wet conditions. You may notice mold and mildew stains on your concrete walls and pathways. As we settle into spring, these conditions will keep feeding the problem if you don’t take action. 

The concrete or stone materials used for most corporate buildings are particularly susceptible to mold and mildew, as it is porous. The surface of your building and the surrounding property is full of wonderful little nooks and crannies that are perfect housing conditions for mold and mildew to thrive. 

Prevent Damage and Costly Repairs

The buildup of mold, mildew, algae, and even bird droppings aren’t just cosmetic problems. If left untreated, they can wear down the building materials and cause rotting and further damage. 

Allowing bird droppings to build up on roof and walls can weaken the whole structure of the building, cause the roof to collapse, and gutter systems to break due to the acidity of the droppings. 

Maintaining Surrounding Spaces

Speaking of birds, they are not the only ones dropping things on your property and ruining the ambiance. People are also dropping things like gum, food, and other garbage. Pressure washing can quickly and efficiently remove spills and stains before impacting your professional reputation.

Pressure washing services can clean all the surrounding spaces:

  • Sidewalks
  • Walkways
  • Courtyards
  • Awnings
  • Parking Garages
  • Loading Docks
  • Dumpster Areas

Exterior Specialty Cleaning Services

Improve Health and Safety

Prevent accidents by pressure washing sidewalks and pathways leading to your building. Pressure washing improves curb appeal and gets rid of harmful and dangerous substances. All the buildup of materials can have negative health consequences. 

Another primary concern for building and property managers is preventing accidents on your property. Grease, algae, mildew, and mold can create slippery surfaces. Pressure washing removes the substances and prevents people from slipping, falling, and hurting themselves on the property.

Pressure washing your entire property will prevent accidents and create a cleaner and healthier environment. 

Pressure Washing Services in Denver

We’ve got a full suite of interior and exterior cleaning services, including professional pressure washing services

Now is the perfect time to spring clean your commercial property. Let’s talk!

Customize Commercial Cleaning Solutions to Your Unique Needs

Customize Commercial Cleaning Solutions For Your Denver Office Building

Every client has unique cleaning needs to satisfy clients and employees. The type of industry you work in may also require unique cleaning solutions. When you look for a commercial cleaning company, it’s important that you hire someone willing to listen and customize commercial cleaning solutions to meet your needs and expectations. 

Why Customize Commercial Cleaning Solutions

When you hire a commercial cleaning company, you choose a partner to help maintain your building, inside and out. The cleaning company you hire will become an intricate part of your operation, so you want to make sure it’s the right fit from the start. Because the cleanliness of your building will impact your reputation, take the time to find a company that is the perfect fit. If a cleaning company is too strict in its methods and can’t adapt to your special requirements and concerns, you’ll never be happy. 

We will customize our cleaning solutions to meet the unique requirements of your business, including being mindful of people, pets, and the planet.

Find a company that can handle all of your cleaning requirements, from day and night janitorial services to specialty cleaning solutions like power washing, floor cleaning, and window washing. 

Unique Cleaning Solutions

A great cleaning company is always thinking on its feet to develop new and innovative solutions to improve the cleanliness of your building and create a safe space for clients and employees. We approach every client with a clean slate, considering each client to find the best solutions. A bank, school, warehouse, corporate facility, or community rec center will all have cleaning requirements unique to their operation. 

Before choosing a company, make sure they listen to your needs and concerns regarding health and safety. However, it’s not all about how you keep your building clean. It’s also about fitting your services to your clients and employees. 

Dependable, Health Conscience Cleaning

In the past, cleaning used to be more focused on maintaining a shimmering building and workplace. However, the requirements from clients have become more nuanced over time. Concerns about green initiatives and harsh cleaning chemicals are becoming more common. Make sure your cleaning company can address concerns about environmentalism and sustainability.  

Cleaning to Accommodate Clients, Staff, and Pets

Client and staff health and safety are a rising concern. While COVID-mitigation protocols and cleaning solutions are essential, don’t forget to account for the everyday needs of the people who come to your place of business. 

If you have staff with allergies or sensitivities to particular products or solutions, make sure you express these concerns and hire a company to accommodate them. The company you hire should have tough enough products to keep the building beyond clean and disinfected at all times, without disrupting the healthy indoor climate. 

Some offices are opening the doors to pets, which can pose additional consideration by your cleaning company. The solutions used should be safe for everyone who enters your building, even pets

Specialty Surface Cleaning

You may also have specialty surfaces and materials that require special attention from time to time. While these surfaces may not need constant attention, the cleaning company you hire should be able to handle every cleaning need you may have, whether it’s daily or annually. 

You never know what the day (or night) will bring. Find a dependable and innovative commercial cleaning company to create a seamless process to keep up with your unique cleaning requirements. 

Customize Commercial Cleaning Solutions for Denver Facility

You don’t have to be a traditional office building to use our commercial janitorial services. We diligently service schools, hospitals, labs, public transportation hubs, government buildings, and much more. Regardless of whether you belong to these or any other industries, we make sure to deliver a level of cleanliness that you can only experience through KG Facility Solutions. That’s the KG Facility Solutions difference!

Contact us today to customize a step-by-step approach to efficiently clean and disinfect your space, improve employee wellbeing, and increase occupant and client confidence in your organization and business.

Giving Janitors The Credit and Appreciation They Deserve

Thank You, Janitors!

Behind every frontline worker is a janitor. Behind every essential industry is an essential janitorial staff. Janitors are an indispensable cog in the wheel that has kept our society going through challenging circumstances, most recently, a global pandemic.

The pandemic has spotlighted the need to clean and disinfect private and commercial spaces to ensure public health, yet somehow, the light never shines on the people who perform these tasks.

It’s time we started singing the praises of these unsung heroes.

Janitors are First Responders

As the saying goes, “No Guts, No Glory”. Yet, janitorial workers across the globe have been quietly cleaning up the guts but getting none of the glory.

Whenever we hear a story about an industry successfully returning to work, janitors were first on the scene to make it possible.

We know firsthand how essential janitors are, and we are committed to creating a workplace that reflects our appreciation, like fair wages and a comprehensive insurance package.

When it was time to open up schools, the janitorial staff stepped up and made it safe to do so. When it was time to return to the office, there they were, cleaning and disinfecting. When the hospitals were overrun, and doctors, nurses, and hospital staff were working beyond capacity, janitors worked tirelessly beside them. When teachers, government workers, grocery store clerks, public transit employees, etc., return to work to provide essential services to the public, a janitorial staff ensures that each environment remains sanitary and spotless for employees and patrons alike.

And when it was time for Frontier Airlines to return to work after being exposed to Ebola in 2014, the KGFS janitors were the ones to answer the call. Our pathogen mitigation and elimination expertise quickly got the Denver headquarters and vessels safe for workers, crew, and passengers to resume work and travel.

KGFS Commitment to Our Team

We know how essential janitors are to the fabric of society. It is a huge responsibility, but janitors get very little credit for their part in public health and safety, whether during a pandemic or day-to-day life.

Because actions speak louder than words, we are committed to creating a working environment where work-life balance is a priority, where our janitors and building cleaners feel valued and appreciated.

All entry-level janitors, porters, and building cleaners are offered an above-average starting wage and a basic insurance package which includes health, vision, dental, and life. There is even an option to add pet insurance.

That said, words also matter. Janitors are everywhere, working in plain sight day and night. Take a few seconds to say thank you.


Spa Cleanliness Is At The Heart Of A Positive Guest Experience

White orchids representing spa cleanliness

Spa cleanliness is crucial to providing a positive guest experience and building a strong brand reputation. The cleaning methods you use are as important as your products and treatments. Prioritize cleaning solutions that provide a thoroughly clean and sanitized environment without disturbing the serene and relaxing atmosphere that guests expect. 

Challenges of Spa Cleanliness

The more people share the environment, the higher the risk. So, the first challenge to keeping a clean day spa is keeping up with the demand.

Achieving Spa Cleanliness
We’ve got a two-step approach to spa cleanliness, targeting surfaces and air.

Almost every surface in a day spa is a high-touch surface area, so your cleaning protocol needs to be thorough and continuous to provide the same level of cleanliness for every guest. 

The second challenge is the natural spa environment. A warm and cozy indoor ambiance is essential to the guest experience, yet, ripe for bacteria and germs to grow.

Clean surfaces are important, but in the age of COVID, you can’t forget about indoor air quality. This brings us to the third challenge, preventing the spread of airborne pathogens and contaminants.

COVID-mitigation and infection control begin with the air we breathe. Air purification is more important than ever, in any environment. 

The final challenge is finding a solution that meets all the challenges without leaving your spa feeling cold and clinical.

Infection Control Services

Our proven two-step process for infection control targets air and surfaces. 

  • Air – We provide a patented and FDA-cleared ActivePure® Technology beyond traditional air purification systems. No chemicals are released and zero Ozone.
  • Surfaces – EPA-certified disinfectants, electrostatic sprayers, and healthcare cleaning protocols add an additional layer of protection.

Custom Cleaning Solutions to Improve Spa Cleanliness

Fortunately, keeping your spa clean and healthy won’t be hard if you have a plan in place. KGFS can customize professional cleaning and disinfection services to fit the demands of your day spa without compromising the ambiance crucial to the guest experience. We handle the cleaning while you take care of your guests.

To learn more, get in touch

The Challenges of Cleaning Fitness and Rec Centers

Cleaning Fitness and Rec Centers

It happens every year. Between the cold weather and New Year’s resolutions, everyone flocks to fitness, sport, and rec centers. The constant turnaround of people all sharing equipment and facilities means that keeping up with proper sanitization and cleaning protocols can be a challenge. Cleaning fitness and rec centers require a dedicated person who can keep up with demand at all times.

Cleaning Fitness and Rec Centers

Even before the pandemic, keeping a fitness center clean and disinfected was a never-ending job.

Cleaning Fitness and Rec Centers Day and Night
Your dedicated onsite porter will find the right solutions and methods to keep your fitness facility clean and disinfected at all times.

The very nature of people being highly active, sweating, and touching everything all the time means you need a dedicated cleaner to ensure that your facility is at an optimal cleanliness level at all times of the day. 

Our day and night time porters clean:

  • Bathrooms
  • Showers
  • Changing Rooms
  • Equipment
  • Machines
  • Receptions Area
  • All Surfaces
  • Hard to Reach Places
  • More

Disinfecting Fitness and Rec Centers

Cleanliness has always been a priority at gyms, fitness, sports, or rec centers. Every member should experience the same level of cleanliness when they come to work out, take classes, and participate in sports. It’s not always enough to have someone come at the beginning and end of the day. You need someone who is there to clean and disinfect consistently. 

While you rely on your members to take on some responsibility by providing cleaning solutions and paper towels to wipe down machines and equipment after use, this is not a reliable long-term solution. 

Proper disinfection requires patience. For a product to work, it needs to dwell on the surface. You can’t just spray and wipe in quick succession and expect the surface to be disinfected. Our team knows how products need to be used to properly disinfect and give you the level of cleanliness that everyone expects.

The Challenges of Cleaning Fitness and Rec Centers

A fitness, sports, and rec center have many challenges. Rubber, wood, and synthetic sports floors, bathroom tiles, showers, carpet, glass, mirrors, climbing walls, and more require professional knowledge of the best ways to clean and disinfect each type of surface and material.

Rec Center Locker Room
Our team will utilize the right products and equipment for every type of surface, from bathrooms to multiple types of flooring. 

The products you use should be tough enough to get rid of all sweat, dirt, bacteria, and contaminants but gentle enough for people to work out without being irritated by cleaning products and solutions or breathing in chemicals. 

KGFS uses EPA-approved disinfectants and products that are people and planet friendly while still exceeding your expectations for clean. 

Cleaning Under Fitness Equipment and Machines

We don’t just focus on the visible areas of the gym, shared spaces, and high-touch surface areas. We also find solutions for those hard-to-reach places, like under machines and equipment. Unfortunately, sliding a treadmill over to the side to clean and vacuum underneath is not always possible. Gym equipment is heavy, but our team finds a way. 

We don’t want to give away all of our trade secrets, but some innovative indoor cleaning solutions may or may not involve a leaf blower! 

The point is, we find solutions to clean every area of your facility, even the hard-to-reach out-of-sight places. 

Day and Night Janitorial Services in Denver

Put the cleanliness of your business into the hands of passionate and experienced professionals. Our janitorial services include a dedicated onsite porter to oversee cleaning and disinfecting, utilizing the right tools, equipment, and products. 

Your day and nighttime porter will become a part of your team, getting to know the unique needs of your facility. They ensure a consistent and professional level of cleanliness by scaling services to peak times and high seasons. 

Talk to us about your needs, and we’ll find the right commercial cleaning solutions

Green Commercial Cleaning Solutions For a Healthy 2022

Green Commercial Cleaning Solutions

Health, wellness, and environmentalism are once again topping the New Year’s resolution’s lists for 2022. While we often focus our resolutions on our personal lives, why not make the same resolutions for your business? The quest for a cleaner lifestyle shouldn’t be disrupted every time someone comes to work. Implement green commercial cleaning solutions in your buildings and offices to align with the high standards of your employees, tenants, and clients.

Green Commercial Cleaning Solutions

We’ve talked about how green commercial cleaning solutions are great for your business image and the environment. However, the pandemic has made every person re-evaluate every aspect of their lives, particularly their work. Many industries have seen considerable turnovers in employment and are having a hard time finding high-quality candidates. This trend means that employees have a wider choice of workplaces, and employers need to consider how to make their business more attractive to the best employees.

Green Commercial Cleaning Solutions For The Office
Make health, wellness, and environmentalism a priority in 2022 with our green commercial cleaning and COVID-19 mitigation solutions.

A Clean Building and Office Attracts Better Employees

Personal new year’s resolutions may not initially seem like they affect your business, but paying attention to what people are putting at the top of their lists can guide you towards new methods and procedures at the office.

Don’t brush off new year’s resolutions as fleeting, but think about how you can use this knowledge to align the goals and values of your employees with the goals and values of your business. It may seem simple, but these days, implementing green cleaning solutions may be the one aspect that sets you apart from the competition.

Green Cleaning Solutions and COVID

Green cleaning sounds great, but is it tough enough to deal with COVID?

While we’d love to tell you that pure, organic lemon juice is a universal cure-all, when it comes to disinfection and eliminating pathogens and contaminants – including COVID-19 – tougher methods are needed while still being as eco-friendly as possible.

Our COVID-19 mitigation solutions focus on air quality and surface disinfection. We use:

  • ActivePure® Technology
  • Utilize EPA certified disinfectants
  • Electrostatic Spraying Applications
  • Long-lasting surface Antimicrobial Technologies
  • Healthcare Cleaning Protocols

Daily Green Commercial Cleaning Solutions

Our janitorial staff will become a part of your team to handle daily (and nightly) cleaning and disinfection. We use equipment that reduces energy, saves water, and are people, pet, and planet-friendly while exceeding your and your employee’s high expectations for a clean working environment.

Hire Professional Commercial Cleaning Company in Denver

Let’s work together to keep everyone healthy, safe, and happy in the workplace in 2022.

Contact us to hear more about our commercial cleaning and COVID mitigation solutions.

Enhance Cleaning and Disinfection Workplace Protocols in 2022

Cleaning and Disinfection Workplace Protocols

Health, fitness, and wellness are among the top New Year’s Resolutions every year. Help your tenants, employees, guests, and vendors achieve their goals by improving the health and safety of your building in 2022. As the year ends, take stock of your current cleaning solutions and make the appropriate changes to enhance cleaning and disinfection workplace protocols.

Cleaning and Disinfection Workplace Protocols

The CDC has created guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting your workplace; KG Facility Solutions can implement the necessary cleanliness protocols for the entire building. Start the new year with a clean (and disinfected) slate – literally!

Our cleaning and disinfection services include:

Enhance Cleaning and Disinfection Workplace Protocols
Start the new year off with new and improved cleaning and disinfection workplace protocols.

Customize Commercial Cleaning Solutions

Every business and building is different. Commercial cleaning solutions should be customized to fit your needs. Warehouses, schools, corporate offices, commercial tenant buildings, transportation hubs, and other facilities have different indoor environments to consider. 

A few things we consider when we put together a commercial cleaning plan is:

  • The size of the building and/or outdoor workspace
  • How many people work or visit daily
  • Identifying high-traffic areas
  • Identifying all the high-touch areas
  • What types of surfaces do you have
  • What types of furniture, equipment, and rooms are in your space
  • Does your business require frequent cleanup of biohazards, or other hazardous materials 

Understanding your specifications and requirements allow us to implement the right solutions, utilizing the right equipment to bring your building to a whole new level of cleanliness.

What Employees Expect From Employers

While we have all-encompassing solutions – from top to bottom, inside and out – employees have a few expectations of their employers beyond our control. Hiring a professional cleaning company to enhance cleanliness and disinfection is key, but providing hand sanitizer stations, proper ventilation and air purification, social distancing, and remote working capabilities are new requirements for employees to feel safe at work.

Commercial Cleaning and Disinfection Solutions in Denver

Start the new year off by improving health and cleanliness of commercial buildings

Talk to us about the right solutions for your building. 

Holiday Party Tips From Your Commercial Cleaning Company

Post-Corporate Holiday Party Cleaning

This year, many companies are making up for lost time and doubling down on holiday parties and festivities. While you’re focused on making the party special for all of your employees, we have a few party suggestions to show appreciation for your day, night, and post-corporate holiday party cleaning company. 

How to Thank Your Commercial Cleaning Company

Following are a few friendly suggestions to make the post-holiday party clean-up a bit easier. Of course, should you go all out, we won’t hold it against you. We’ve got the services and solutions to return your building to a professional and presentable state.

Friendly Corporate Holiday Party Suggestions

  1. Clear Liquor and White Wine Only

The worst stains we face the morning after a corporate holiday party are drink and cocktail stains. May we suggest a holiday party theme with only clear liquids? 

Red wine, coffee, and soda stains will discolor upholstery and carpets, leaving behind a sticky and unsightly mess. While the old “salt and club soda” trick has its merits, it is temporary.

Commercial Cleaning Company
Eat, drink, and be merry! Our team is standing by with the right tools and equipment to clean up after your corporate holiday parties and festivities.

Of course, just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean that it’s not there. We know that better than anyone. Even spills from clear liquids, like vodka and white wine, should be treated professionally to not damage or discolor furniture and carpets.

  1. No Confetti Cannons or Glitter Bombs

We all know how persistent glitter can be to get rid of, even with industrial vacuum cleaners. Long after the party has ended, glitter continues to show up in nooks and crannies, deep in your carpets, hair, and clothing. 

We can’t do anything about glitter in your favorite holiday sweater. However, we have methods and equipment that will suck out those tiny specks of glitter and pieces of confetti. Our crew will wipe away any signs of a holiday party and leave your building and office clean, professional, and ready for business.

  1. No Sticky Finger Foods and Appetizers

You’ll be amazed at where sticky residue from finger foods and appetizers will end up. While covering tables in a decorative tablecloth and using napkins will help, food messes, and therefore germs, can spread to all surfaces, handles, or elevator buttons. 

  1. No Indoor Smoking or Vaping – Of Any Kind 😉

Workplaces have long instituted a “no smoking” policy inside the building, but people tend to skirt the rules when there’s a party. Even e-cigarettes and vapes will affect the indoor air quality and atmosphere. Our Air Purifiers will purify the air at your party, decreasing the spread of germs and pathogens and keeping the air smelling fresh. 

  1. Invite Your Janitors and On-Site Managers to the Party!

Hiring one of our Porters for your party is a good option to stay on top of the mess, promptly take care of all trash, wipe up spills, attend to the restrooms, and make sure that at the end of the night, the room is returned to its original state. We want you to have a happy and merry holiday season and celebrate as much as the current COVID protocols and restrictions will allow. Eat, drink, and be merry! 

Hire A Commercial Cleaning Company in Denver

From holiday parties, construction, and pet-friendly offices, we’ve seen it all. Our commercial cleaning solutions can handle any cleaning challenge, inside and outside of your building. We have the right tools and equipment to clean and sanitize any surface, remove stains and odors, and improve indoor air quality. 

Commercial cleaning solutions:

It’s been a pleasure to partner with you in ensuring that your building, school, office, warehouse, and facilities are all clean, safe, and healthy.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!