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An Onsite Porter Adapts Commercial Cleaning Solutions to Your Needs

In commercial settings, having an onsite janitorial service is necessary for any business. Each commercial building has its unique cleaning needs, and no one understands that better than KG Facility Solutions. We have been in the cleaning business for decades, and our cleaning crew strives to ensure that your building’s cleanliness is the least of your concerns.

The Onsite Porter Services by KG Facility Solutions

KGFS’s porter service offers a unique blend of the customer and janitorial services for the regular cleaning and maintenance of your commercial building. Upon an initial consultation and visit of the premises, you are assigned an official onsite manager for your facility. It becomes their job to schedule the daily and weekly cleaning services, keep a check on maintenance activities, and find solutions to cleaning issues.

Janitor Service
Onsite porter and commercial cleaning service

We understand that a dusty entrance, filthy bathrooms, and smudgy windows negatively impact how visitors perceive your business. Our onsite porters manage the essential janitorial services, and they are trained to act as customer service representatives. An onsite porter will mean your floors will be clean, your windows washed, your furniture dusted, bathrooms and kitchens stocked with necessities, and your visitors will never trouble you for basic commodities.

Their scope of duties is not just limited to the daily cleaning of the building. They are trained to sanitize high-traffic areas, restock dish soap, paper towels, and toilet paper, handle trash removal, clear waste, and tackle minor repairs around the building

Final Thoughts

Contact us to discuss how an onsite porter is a perfect answer to your commercial cleaning solutions and how having them onboard will be a blessing for your property management team. Their cleaning skills will create a great impression on your employees, visitors, and tenants.