Is Your Tile Too Dirty for a Power Pressure Washer? Call the Professionals!

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Have you ever used a power pressure washer to clean your tile? Did you find your tile was too dirty for a power pressure washer? If the answer to either question is yes, it’s time to call in the professionals! They can remove all the different types of stains that can affect your tile floor safely and effectively, so you don’t have to worry about them anymore!

Stained Tiles

The best way to avoid stains on your tile is to clean it regularly. If you have heavy dirt, mold, or mildew that has built up over time, it may require professional help. A power pressure washer can remove some of these problems. They use strong water jets to blast away years of accumulated grime and soil from tiles. You should know that not just anyone can operate a power pressure washer, so it’s important to find someone with experience. 

If your tile has been neglected and is covered in grime or oil, you will want to call in professional cleaners. Not only will they be able to deep clean the area more thoroughly with the proper machinery, getting into the grout lines and surrounding baseboards, but they can also remove any heavy stains that you can’t get out by simply scrubbing with a power pressure washer. The power of water mixed with an appropriate cleaning solution can cut through even the toughest grime, making it easier than ever before to have a sparkling clean floor again.

Soap scum is one of the biggest problems that can happen to tile and grout. The build-up of soap scum on your tiles is often caused by too much soap being used, excessive detergent and not enough water, or not rinsing your floors off well enough after cleaning. The experts at KG Facility Solutions use chemicals to penetrate grime deep within the grout lines and use machines specifically made for tile and grout cleaning that uses the force of pressure washing to clear out the dirt, scum and applied chemicals, and then suck the contaminated water back into the machine to an exterior van via a long tube. This ensures the deepest possible clean without leaving any dirt or chemical residue behind.

If you have mold or mildew, it is important to know that cleaning with a power pressure washer can make things worse. Mold and mildew thrive in moist environments, so when you spray water on your tiles, you are giving them exactly what they need to grow. It will do more harm than good. The best option is to hire professional cleaners who know how to deal with these types of issues.

Improperly Applied Sealers and Waxes

It is important to use sealers and waxes correctly. Improperly applied sealers or waxes can create problems with tile, such as pitting, build-up, and corrosion. Sealers and waxes should be used on a clean, dry surface. Apply them in small sections at one time, then wait until they are dry before applying another coat. Waxes provide protection against dirt, while sealers protect against damage from chemicals, water vapor, salts, and other staining agents found in food preparation areas.

If you have tried to clean your tile with a power washer or other DIY method and it is still dirty, then it is time for professional tile cleaning. Our professionals can provide power washing, degreasing, and sealing services in one easy package. They have years of experience dealing with heavy dirt issues and know how to get your tile back to looking like new.

Contact us at KGFS today for more information and rates on our services – we are ready to get rid of those dirty tiles!

Window Washing to Remove Stains: Common Causes and Solutions

Window washing to remove stains from windows might seem like an easy task, but if you don’t know how to do it properly, you can end up causing more harm than good. If your windows have water spots, hard water, or dirt stains that won’t wash off, the problem could be anything from the type of glass your windows are made of to the temperature of your water when you wash them, or even chemical deposits left by other cleaning products that should have been rinsed off prior to your washing.

What Causes Your Windows to Look Like That

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If you’re noticing streaks, it’s most likely a sign that your windows need some serious TLC.

If you’re noticing streaks, it’s most likely a sign that your windows need some serious TLC. Some of the most common causes of dirty windows are bird droppings, tree sap, ground-in dirt, smog or pollution, paint overspray, or heavy soiling from nearby construction. Luckily there are plenty of solutions! One option is to clean your windows yourself with a solution made specifically for glass, or if you want to avoid scrubbing at all costs, we recommend asking one of our pros to come out and do the job for you! The professionals at KG Facility Solutions will also be able to identify any treatments that may be necessary on your windows as well as provide advice on preventing future staining.

Hire a Professional to Clean Your Windows

Hiring a professional to clean your business windows is the best way to ensure that your windows are cleaned properly. When you hire businesses like KG Facility Solutions, you know they will be experienced in cleaning windows. Plus, when you hire an expert, you won’t have to worry about the chemicals or techniques used on your windows. You can let them do their job, while you focus on what matters most in your business. Window cleaning takes time, so it’s best not to waste it  by cleaning it yourself when there are professionals who specialize in window cleaning. At KG Facility Solutions, we provide high-quality commercial window cleaning services.