Why Environmentalism is Good for Your Brand

Environmentalism Is Good For Your Brand

In recent years, environmentalism and corporate social responsibility have become a major focus for consumers. They don’t just want to buy products and services; they want to support brands whose values align with their own. Your building is part of your reputation for major corporations and how you present yourself to the public. If environmentalism is good for your brand, it goes without saying that making your building green will strengthen green initiatives and bolster your reputation. 

Reasons Environmentalism is Good for Your Brand

By providing sustainable alternatives within your business, you can reach more people. When asked, 70% of consumers say that they favor environmentally responsible brands. Implementing green initiatives in your building is a great way to connect and engage with a larger audience who shares your brand values. 

Customer Loyalty

Shared values lead to customer loyalty. If you make it clear that your business is conscious of its effects on the environment, even more people will resonate with your values. In turn, they may be more likely to invest in your products or services and become loyal customers.

Environmentalism is Good for Your Brand
We offer eco-friendly and green cleaning products and solutions.

Brand Ambassadors 

Consumers are more likely to defend brands that show environmental initiative publicly. You can, therefore, create a more actively engaged community. Having brand ambassadors that promote your brand and speak positively of it when out in public is an invaluable asset.  

Building Management and Environmentalism

Before promoting your environmental efforts, you have to adopt and implement environmental practices into your building management. Consumers love a responsible brand, but they can spot a faker from miles away. If you’re going to make environmentalism part of your brand, do it authentically and consistently. 

Make your building as green as possible. A few easy steps are: 

  • Switch to LED lighting and energy-saving bulbs and reduce overall energy consumption. 
  • Create a recycling program in your building to reduce the amount of waste in nearby landfills and decrease the volume of new materials used in your company. 
  • Adopt eco-friendly cleaning solutions through green products and sustainable equipment. 

Our Facility Solutions and Janitorial Services offer eco-friendly products and equipment, without impacting the effectiveness of our methods. If you want to learn more about our cleaning solutions, contact KG Facility Solutions today.  

We can offer our green cleaning services and solutions to support the green initiatives you’re adopting in your building, and as a result, uplifting your image to your clients, employees, and the public. 

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Professional Pressure Washing Services for Auto Dealerships

Pressure Washing Dealership

The car dealership industry is extremely busy. Most car dealerships have several jobs to undertake every day. One of these jobs is maintaining the large surface area that comes with an auto dealership, including the cars that need to remain spotless at all times. Power washing services for dealerships take care of the facility, parking/sales lot, and all the vehicles. 

How Power Washing Helps Dealerships

Pressure Washing Services for Auto Dealerships
A spotless vehicle and facility will attract buyers and inspire confidence in your product.

Buyers want to ensure that they are getting the very best product from the start, especially with something as important as a car. We rely heavily on our vehicles, and buyers tend to do a lot of research and weigh all their options carefully. While a clean car won’t affect the engine, navigation, sound system, and safety features, it will carry aesthetic weight in the buyer’s decision. A spotless dealership with spotless vehicles inspires confidence and professionalism and will be more attractive to a buyer making a big purchasing decision.

Pressure Washing Services

Pressure washing services can extend across many areas, including the following:

  • Concrete parking lots 
  • Building façade
  • All vehicles  
  • Floors within the dealership’s company building 

Our pressure washing services are a game-changer for dealerships. We can keep your dealership spotless inside and out with the right tools and products, including every vehicle in the lot. Regardless of the types of vehicles that you sell, a spotless first impression will lead to more sales. Even a used car needs to sparkle when a buyer is approaching. 

How you present your dealership and vehicles contribute to building a strong and positive brand reputation. When your business looks clean and welcoming, customers are more likely to leave a great first impression. From here, they are more likely to return to you in the future or recommend your business to their friends and family.

Contact KGFS for Professional Pressure Washing Services for Your Dealership

For more information on high-quality pressure washing for dealerships, visit our online home page today. We’d love to help your business premises look clean and welcoming! 

Specialized Cleaning Services to Keep Our Denver Public Spaces Beautiful

Specialized Cleaning Services

We all brag about Denver, the city, mountains, and the unmatched 360 degrees of scenic beauty. However, often overlooked are the efforts and coordination of professional and specialized cleaning services essential for maintaining our bragging rights. KGFS is proud to provide specialized biohazard cleaning services for parts of the Regional Transportation District (RTD) to ensure Denver’s public and shared spaces stay as beautiful as possible.

Specialized Cleaning Services
Exterior power washing services for tough surfaces and hard-to-reach areas.

Specialized Cleaning Services:

  • Handling and removal of biohazards
  • Graffiti removal
  • Pressure washing
  • Disinfection
  • Daily janitorial services

Biohazard Removal From Public Spaces

Not only do we focus on creating an eye-pleasing environment for the public to enjoy, but we also work to enhance the safety of these outdoor spaces. We perform thorough biohazard cleaning across several open public areas and remove significant hazards that raise health and safety concerns. 

While there are many upsides to public and shared spaces, the downside is dealing with various biohazards. Primarily, biohazards can impact the health and safety of these environments. Both adults and children get sick in public, requiring a professional cleaning crew to handle the mess. Broken glass or used needles are also considered biohazards. 

Specialized Cleaning Services
KGFS provides specialized cleaning services to ensure our public transportation depots and shared spaces stay safe and clean.

Cleaning up after people, in every capacity, is all part of the job, and we do it proudly. However, it does require some specialized cleaning services, thorough training, and strict health and safety protocols. 

Cleaning With Safety and Protection in Mind

It’s important to wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE) when completing specialized biohazard cleaning jobs. We ensure that we use safe disinfectants and chemicals to remove waste without hurting the various spaces and surfaces or causing harm to anybody nearby. Every employee at KG knows how to properly dispose of waste to reduce the impacts of biohazards on people and the environment. Graffiti removal is also a big part of cleaning public areas, and we know the appropriate and safe way to do this while keeping the integrity of the area intact. We are passionate about transforming public services and public transportation stations into clean and beautiful spaces for everybody to enjoy. 

Contact KGFS for Specialized Cleaning Services for Indoor and Outdoor Areas

Here at KGFS, we follow all health and safety protocols. Our team of experts work professionally and proficiently in every job that they do. We pride ourselves on high-quality cleaning services, both for indoor and outdoor public and private spaces. 

If you’re looking for Exterior Services, Pressure Washing, or Janitorial Services for your outdoor or indoor space, or want to learn more about KG Facility Solution’s high-quality, specialized cleaning services, get in touch with us today. 

Professional Cleaning Services for Warehouses to Improve Efficiency

Cleaning Services for Warehouses

A clean workplace is essential in all departments, and warehouses are no exception. In fact, we might even say that a closed environment with a lot of machinery and heavy lifting is more in need of proper cleaning than any other work environment. Implementing professional cleaning services for warehouses can improve efficiency and make the working environment healthier.

Professional Cleaning Services for Warehouses

General cleaning and maintenance in a warehouse will make it easier to keep track of inventory and work more efficiently. The lack of clutter, waste, and debris will make it easier to move around, preventing accidents. Although we are not responsible for the organization of your warehouse, we can help improve the air quality and the cleanliness of the space so that your employees are able to breathe and work safely.

Cleaning Services for Warehouses


We can improve indoor air quality and make your warehouse a more productive workplace with our custom cleaning solutions.

While a warehouse may have large open garage doors to transfer goods in and out of the facility, some warehouses are completely shut off from the outside world. Another factor is the use of heavy machinery, from forklifts to trucks and other vehicles. Our team can help eliminate toxic emissions from the machinery.

Cleaning and Air Quality Improvements

Warehouses are often dusty environments. This is especially true in facilities with untreated concrete floors. Specialty floor care, like concrete polishing, will reduce the amount of dust and dirt in the warehouse, which will lead to improved air quality. A dusty workplace can cause health issues and is generally an unpleasant working environment. Reducing dust with regular cleanings of all surfaces will make for a healthier and more productive work environment. We will also clean employee restrooms, breakrooms, and any other common areas to the highest standards. Periodic pressure washing of any concrete or exterior surface is also very effective in removing stains and grime left behind from machinery and large vehicles, and will give even the dirtiest warehouse an improved image.  

We also have high-grade air purification systems using ActivePure® Technology. The improved air quality will improve productivity and reduce sick days, headaches, itchy eyes, and runny noses.

OSHA Standards Compliance

Professional cleaning services provide facility maintenance and follow proper cleaning protocols. This will help to reduce accidents by eliminating spills and other potential hazards to prevent accidents and injuries.

Keeping up with maintenance requirements will also help your business avoid fines and penalties that can result from having an unsafe work environment. 

Improved Reputation

Having a well-maintained warehouse will help to improve the reputation of your business. The result is a happier, more satisfied workforce and improved employee retention. A warehouse with a good reputation will also enable you to attract the most qualified talent for your warehouse. 

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