Professional Porter Services For Great First Impressions

Professional Porter Services

If you run or manage a large commercial building that sees a large volume of visitors day in and day out, it can be hard to keep things straight. High-traffic areas like lobbies, reception rooms, and other entrance ways can quickly become chaotic if you don’t have a maintenance and cleaning strategy in place. Our professional porter services are designed specifically to meet the challenges of a busy commercial facility, combining strict cleaning protocols and customer service.

Benefits of Professional Porter Services

You may associate a porter with an upscale hotel, standing in the lobby waiting to assist arriving (or departing) guests. We view porters as an invaluable member of your customer service and safety team, carefully coordinating the continual cleaning and maintenance of all high-traffic areas and ensuring that everything is always stocked and tended to, to keep occupants happy.

Professional Porter Services
Professional porter services combine cleaning and customer service.

Dedicated On-Site Manager

We assign an on-site manager to your facility that will get to know your building and business intimately. The manager will work proactively to ensure that all needs are met in a timely manner so that no tenant, occupant, employee, or customer will want for anything.

Having a dedicated on-site manager will make a great first impression by ensuring that the lobby, entrance, restrooms, and common areas are always spotless and perfectly maintained. We utilize the most innovative cleaning solutions for all surface areas and use green and eco-friendly cleaning solutions that add to the health and sustainability of your building.

Any way you look at it, taking advantage of our porter services is going to improve your reputation and make life a lot easier, knowing that essential cleaning and maintenance is in good, capable, and professional hands.

Finding Help

Want to learn more about how you can keep your workplace clean and safe? Reach out to KG Facility Solutions to learn more about how our professional porter service, refined by over 25 years of experience, can improve the safety and cleanliness of your workplace today!

How Professional Window Cleaning for Commercial Buildings Can Benefit Your Business

Professional Window Cleaning

Commercial windows can quickly get dirty if not regularly maintained. You can avoid this with services from a company that offers professional window cleaning for commercial buildings. Not only will you have clean windows, but you’ll also improve your building’s curb appeal and reputation. How? Because clean windows make a building look more professional. 

Professional Window Cleaning for Commercial Buildings

Using a professional window cleaning service has several advantages. 


A professional team has the proper training and know-how to handle tall buildings without the risk of injury. Utilizing the best cleaning and protective equipment and following safety measures ensure they are prepared to tackle the task with care. A professional company will also have appropriate liability insurance, protecting both themselves and your business.

Professional Window Cleaning
Sparkling windows make a great impression on pedestrians and commuters and make you look more professional.


Skilled workers armed with the right equipment guarantee a job well done. Experienced workers know how to use their equipment to thoroughly and efficiently provide window cleaning service with spectacular results. 


When you hire professionals, you get professional results inside and out. You can be sure that your job will be completed with a focus on quality results, affordable solutions, and minimal disruption for your business, even on hard-to-reach windows. 

No Micro-Managing

When you hire a crew to do professional window cleaning for commercial buildings, you also buy the peace of mind that comes with knowing the job will be done right. You won’t have to micromanage the workers, as they’re trained and experienced professionals. Building managers have plenty of responsibilities without having to add managing contractors to their list. We know that, which is why we work extra hard to make sure you have nothing to worry about. You’ll get your windows cleaned with very little effort on your end. 

KGFS has a complete suite of commercial cleaning solutions, including window washing. Coordinate with our team on bi-annual or quarterly window cleaning, and it will get done without you having to think about it; it will simply be a part of our seamless service of maintaining and cleaning every area of your building, inside and out.

Give us a call today to talk about our commercial cleaning solutions. 

Cleaning Services for Schools to Comply With COVID Protocols

Professional Cleaning Services for Schools

Keeping schools open and getting back to a normal curriculum with in-person classes has been one of the biggest challenges for everyone involved, from school boards, teachers, parents, the CDC, and other governing bodies. The health and safety of our kids and teachers have always been a major concern, but now more than ever, we need to take every precaution to ensure that the school year is safe and productive. Disinfecting services and professional cleaning for schools are just one piece of the puzzle for complying with the new rules for the next school year.

Even during normal times, keeping schools safe and clean for students and teachers alike is a challenging task. While teachers, students, and parents are all trying to coordinate learning schedules, as well as comply with safety guidelines, knowing that there is a professional team working around the clock to clean and sanitize every surface and high-touch areas is a big burden off their shoulders.

Professional Cleaning Services for Schools


Professional, dependable, and thorough cleaning of services are a big piece of the “bringing kids back to school safely” puzzle.

Depending on the school district, social distancing and face covering requirements may be more relaxed for the upcoming school year. KGFS disinfecting protocols can help protect the entire school from not only COVID-19, but also the usual germs, viruses, and bacteria that are spread in a “normal” school year. By investing in professional cleaning for schools, you can help ensure that teachers, students, and the wider community are safe!

Cleaning Services and Air Purification for Schools

We’ve been working with public and private educational institutions, providing regular day and night janitorial services. However, our services go well beyond regular cleaning and maintenance and can easily be adjusted and upgraded to comply with new post-pandemic health protocols for the new school year. Services to consider for your school are:

  • Daily and Nightly Janitorial Service
  • COVID-19 and other Infectious Disease Control 
  • Air Purification
  • Specialty Floor Care
  • Window Washing
  • Pressure Washing

It’s important to pay extra attention to high-touch areas and ensure proper sanitization of every surface. An easy and scientifically proven way to maintain 24/7 disinfection of your school is through our air purification system. Our air purifiers come in many different units to ensure all room sizes in a school building can be covered and are as easy to use as plugging the unit into the wall. The air and surfaces of the building are then continuously disinfected as supercharged oxidizers remove fungi, bacteria, and viruses, including over 99% of COVID-19 virus!

We will also focus on all the other areas that need tending. Just because we’re in unusual times doesn’t mean that kids won’t still be dirtying up all the usual areas, tracking in mud and dirt, spilling on the floors, placing their gum where it shouldn’t be, and scribbling on desks and other school property. Some things will never change.

Preparing for the School Year

Before the school year begins, we can deep clean the school, as well as install air purifiers. We can apply specialty floor cleaning services for the auditorium, sports floors, hallways, and cafeteria. We even tackle any flooring with carpets or other upholstery, like the school theater and theater seating. Exterior services are also important, like cleaning the windows and remove dirt and buildup on outdoor surfaces. We can even remove tagging and graffiti from any school property, from lockers, desks, walls, bathroom stalls, etc. We take care to use the right solutions for every material, removing only the graffiti with no damage to the surface.

During the School Year

During the school year, our daily and nightly janitorial services will stay on top of all high-touch areas, making sure everything is regularly disinfected and cleaned. We will also provide routine maintenance on our air purifiers, and offer quarterly, or as needed, cleaning of flooring and exterior surfaces.

After such a trying year, providing your staff with clean and sanitized classrooms, cafeterias, gymnasiums, libraries, teacher and student lounges, and offices is the least we can do to keep everyone feeling good about coming into school. As we said, it’s just one piece of the puzzle, but it’s an important one, and you can rely on our team to be professional, dependable, and thorough.

KG Facility Solutions

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding how you can benefit from a company that provides professional cleaning for schools, contact KG Facility Solutions today. We offer as few or as many services as is needed for each unique school building and district. Our company has been assisting Front Range community establishments for over 25 years, providing impeccable customer service and unparalleled results to facilities of all shapes and sizes. 

Benefits of Steam Cleaning: Enhance the Health of Your Building

Carpets are great — until they get dirty. Soiled floors detract from the ambiance of the room, leaving people with a bad impression. In a busy environment, such as corporate and government buildings with high foot traffic, it can be difficult to keep carpets looking good. Take advantage of the benefits of steam cleaning to sanitize your carpets and return them to their former glory. 

Benefits of Steam Cleaning

There are several reasons why you should have your carpets steam cleaned on a routine basis, rather than sticking solely to a routine of vacuuming. Here are just some of the many benefits of steam cleaning:

Benefits of Steam Cleaning
Taking time to sanitize your workspace will boost your staff and business health.

Kills Germs and Pathogens

Carpets are host to a wide range of microscopic creatures that you can’t see. Allergens, like dust, lay waiting to strike and cause your watery eyes to act up. Pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and tiny mold spores can all be hiding in your carpet unseen to the naked eye. Due to the extremely high temperature, steam sanitizes surfaces by killing bacteria, viruses, and allergens, leaving you with a fresh floor free of germs and other undesirables. 

Eco Friendly

The high heat of steam provides plenty of cleaning power, with no harmful chemicals to harm carpets or cause reactions in people with chemical sensitivities. This makes it an environmentally friendly cleaning option. 

Eliminates Odors

The steam cleaning process kills odor-causing bacteria and cleans up dirt, stains, and other items in the carpet that lead to odors. Once steam cleaned and dried, you’ll notice that any previous lingering odors in your carpet are no longer present. 

Deep Cleans

Steam cleaning reaches deeper into the carpet than other cleaning methods, allowing it to pull out dirt, grime, and germs that other processes would leave behind. This makes it incredibly effective at removing stains. 

Improves Indoor Climate

Steam cleaning kills mold, sanitizes, eliminates odors, and removes stains and dirt. Removing pollutants, pathogens, and other elements will improve the air quality in your building. The result is an improved indoor climate and healthier occupants. 

Steam cleaning carpets is just one of the many services we provide to our clients. We take great care to find the most effective solutions to keep your commercial building clean, healthy, and presentable from floor to ceiling. Give us a call today to hear more about our commercial cleaning services.