How To Restore Your Lobby After A Serious Water Leak

If there has been a water leak in your lobby or you are dealing with a sudden pipe burst, you will need the services of professionals that offer flood cleanup solutions. It’s never a good idea to handle these jobs on your own, because it doesn’t take long for water spouting out of a pipe to flow into other areas and damage various installations and features on your property.

Cleaning Flooded Areas

Cleaning flooded areas requires skill, dexterity, and speed. Only a company that offers commercial maintenance services will be able to do the job satisfactorily. This is how they clean flooded areas of your lobby:

Wet floor sign
Only a team of professional cleaning experts, equipped with special tools, can restore your lobby the way it was after a serious water leak.
  • When you call them, they will tell you to first turn off the water supply to that area as that will prevent further flow of water from the damaged or leaking pipe.
  • They will rush to your location with all the necessary tools and equipment needed to remove the excess water as quickly as possible.
  • They will use wet vacuums and other equipment to remove the accumulated water.
  • After that, they will use high-speed fans and blowers to dry all the spaces.
  • The team that handles flood cleanup will also check your carpets and the underlayment for signs of damage. The water doesn’t take long to seep into the fibers and damage them.
  • They will get deep into the fibers to restore the carpets and remove them if necessary.
  • Once all the areas are clean and dry, they will deodorize the spaces and sanitize them as well. Not only does that eliminate the chances of mold and mildew buildup, but also keeps foul odors away and freshens the indoor air.
  • In addition, they can make sure the damaged plumbing is repaired with a proper assessment and diagnoses of the problem.

Why Hire Professionals For Clearing Accumulated Water?

As mentioned earlier, it’s best to hire professionals for this job. Look for a local company like KG Facility Solutions that offers commercial maintenance services. It’s best to identify a good operator well in advance and keep their number handy, so you can quickly access it in situations like these. They will provide you with quick service and make sure that all the water is removed from your property and that the flood cleanup is handled safely, to industry standards. These professionals are skilled in various aspects of water damage cleanup and will also restore your carpets and rugs to make sure that the actual leakage problem is fixed. The trusted and experienced professionals at KG Facility Solutions can help save your damaged flooring and carpets with specialty floor care solutions.

Your Office Is A Reflection Of You & Your Services. Keep It Clean!

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Several different aspects have to be taken care of to maintain the professional image of your business — one of them is making sure that every single area of your property is clean and hygienic. Similar to how you maintain the indoor spaces of your property, you have to see to it that other areas are well maintained also.

Keep in mind that modern structures have several installations and features, which makes it all the more important to opt for commercial maintenance services. Maintaining the overall appearance of your commercial property will have a positive impact on the reputation and image of your business.

Hire Professional Office Cleaners

While looking for a company that offers janitorial services, ensure that you hire experienced professionals that have the necessary training to tackle such jobs. You can also carry out an online search, which will eventually lead you to multiple operators. Here are a few essential aspects to keep in mind while selecting one:

  • Opt for a company that has years of experience. See how long they have been operational. Companies who have been around for many years have most likely remained successful for good reason.
shiny clean floor
An impeccable office space will project a confident, solid image of your business.
  • See what kind of projects they tackle. A professional commercial maintenance service should not only offer great quality day and night cleaning service, they should also offer a wide variety of other services, such as specialty floor care, window washing, and infection control services, to name a few. Commercial structures vary from residential properties, which makes it essential to hire the services of an operator who can tackle a multitude of large scale jobs.
  • Another essential aspect to take into consideration is the reputation of the company. You should visit their website to determine whether it’s designed professionally and if they have all the necessary information listed. Browse their website for online reviews and customer testimonials. This will give you an idea of the type of service quality they offer.
  • When searching for a janitorial service, it is important to find one who understands the importance of staying up to date with new advances and improvements in the cleaning industry. They should utilize the most current equipment, products, and techniques in their cleaning service. The janitorial company should offer a robust infection control program, corporate environmental awareness, and solutions to improve the overall well being of your business building.
  • Another critical factor is whether or not they offer customized, cost-friendly solutions for commercial maintenance services. Every property owner has a list of requirements, and a well-established and reputable operator will meet them. See whether the packages they offer provide excellent value for money.

Benefits of Commercial Janitorial Services

As mentioned earlier, it’s crucial to maintain every single aspect of your commercial property, as it has a direct impact on the image of your business. Competition levels are incredibly high in today’s market, which makes it necessary for companies to stay ahead of the curve.  Regardless of the quality of your products and services, you need to ensure that your physical location lives up to high standards. Hiring an experienced, professional janitorial company like KG Facility Solutions, is one way to ensure that your office stays clean, healthy, and reflects your standing in the market.

How Long Does COVID-19 Survive Over Surfaces?

Although several businesses continue to follow social distancing by letting employees work from home, this model is changing. Many companies have started on-premises work, and slowly but surely, others are following. Of the companies who have begun on-premises work, many promote mask wearing and social distancing in the office to protect against the spread of COVID-19.

Medical professionals and virologists have stated that the COVID-19 crisis is continuing to grow again, and is something that we’re going to have to live with for a while. One way to contain this is by following social distancing protocols both in public and in our workspaces. Another important way is by disinfecting your office environment.

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a virus that causes infection in your sinuses, nose, or upper throat. Medical experts and virologists state that the disease is caused by SARS-CoV-2, and can trigger respiratory tract infection. It can affect both the lower respiratory tract as well as the upper respiratory tract. It mainly spreads through person-to-person contact, but can also live on the surfaces touched in your office every day. A variety of studies show the virus can live on surfaces anywhere from hours to days, depending on the type of surface, which makes social distancing and office hygiene all the more critical.

Killing Corona Virus from Your Building

The most effective way of creating safer office spaces for employees and staff members is to hire professionals to carry out disinfection services. Although maintaining good hygiene in office spaces has always been important, it should now be a top priority for commercial buildings. Businesses cannot overlook this crucial aspect and have to disinfect their office environments regularly.

A systematic approach used by cleaning professionals to sanitize office spaces will help in killing the coronavirus from every inch of all surface areas. This approach should incorporate:

  • Regular cleanings using supplies proven to kill coronavirus.
  • Detailed cleaning of high touch areas.
  • Highly effective electrostatic sprays where chemical particles are shrunk to microns.

Some cleaning services also offer an application of biostatic coating to create a barrier to inhibit growth of certain pathogens. This systematic process gets rid of all germs and is perfect for fighting infectious diseases like COVID-19.

COVID19 is a dangerous and extremly contagious virus, but a clean, sanatized surface will kill it, easily.

Maintaining a healthy office environment amidst this pandemic is critical. There are several benefits to this, including:

  • It indicates that you are a business that cares about its employees, and are capable of ensuring that your office space is clean and safe to work in.

  • Fewer of your employees will fall ill, which increases productivity as well as profitability.

Since the government has set specific guidelines for maintaining basic hygiene, you can hire Commercial building COVID-19 disinfection service, to ensure that you operate within those requirements. As mentioned above, there are numerous benefits of opting for disinfection services. This has to now become a significant part of your building maintenance services. KG Facility Solutions specializes in cleaning for the health of your building. You can discuss all your specific requirements with KG Facility Solutions. They will also recommend the number of times you should carry out sanitization to maintain safe and germ-free office space, and can add these services to your regular cleaning package. 

Prepare Your Building For Fall By Deep Cleaning These Three Areas

This year has brought unusual circumstances that have affected business in many ways. The needs of every company have been different. Your janitorial needs may have changed, requiring more disinfection services for a deeper clean. Whatever the priority has been for your facility, businesses are continuing to press forward as best they can. While your company may have had to alter the operation of your cleaning service due to more pressing matters, now is a great time to schedule a deep cleaning for all the areas that have been put off. Here are three areas to focus on to prepare your business for fall. 

Floor Care

Your building’s floors are a reflection of your business.

One service that may have been put off this year is specialty floor care. Since floors receive the most traffic in a building, dust, grit, and dirt slowly settle on the surfaces, in turn, ruining their appearance and also creating an unhygienic environment to work in. The floors in restroom areas and kitchens see a considerable amount of water, grease, moisture, and steam, resulting in stains and mildew building upon the surfaces. It’s best to hire professional floor care experts, as jobs like these require a considerable amount of skill and knowledge on the various types of flooring materials and specific tools and equipment needed. Five of the most beneficial solutions used to deep clean common types of flooring in commercial buildings are:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Stripping and waxing restoration
  • Scrub and recoat of vinyl flooring
  • High speed buffing
  • Tile and grout cleaning

These areas can get worn down quickly, and if routine cleaning of these surfaces is overlooked, it can create a poor impression on clients, visitors, and your own employees. Over time, unclean floors can change the air quality in your building’s environment, leading to allergies and odors. Now is the time to revive the appearance and hygiene of your building with specialty floor care services.

High and Detail Dusting

Even though Halloween is right around the corner, it is time to dust off the cobwebs. The needs of your building may have altered, and there may not be as many staff members working on site. With this, now would be a good time for a professional crew to come in and detail dust your building. Cleaning specialists have the tools and equipment needed to thoroughly dust hard to reach areas that can be sometimes neglected. Areas that are not always easily cleaned can include:

  • Light fixtures
  • Tops of cabinets and equipment
  • Tall window and door ledges
  • Vents

Cleaning these areas now will not only improve the appearance and cleanliness of your building, but it can improve the air quality in your building as well.

Window Washing

Just as you maintain all the indoor areas and environments of your property regularly, you need to do the same with all the windows. Maintaining the cleanliness of windows is crucial to the overall appearance of your commercial building. Commercial properties are very different from residential properties. You need the services of a professional cleaning company who would be able to handle large scale projects for your business setting. Find a window washing company who has the experience, equipment, and tools to successfully remove any dirt, grime, or stains from even the highest windows in your building. Maintaining the exterior of your property correctly is crucial in keeping a professional image in the market. Getting your windows professionally washed is a great way to get a clean start before fall.

Whatever your cleaning needs are, the professionals at KG Facility Solutions offer customized, affordable solutions to improve the appearance of your building. You can opt for a one-time deep clean of your floors, windows, and high and detail dusting as needed, or it can be added to your yearly commercial cleaning package. Refresh your buildings appearance this fall with a noticeably clean image!